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I wish you could provide integration with They are really good service and i hope you could help me with this as i use it very often byt the only way i can send parcel using them is by exporting the CSV file from shipstation. I am sure this will generate new sales for you as many people uses parcel2go every day. parcel2go is unique as they offer all services to any people so you do not need to register with new individual carrier, only with parcel2go and all job is done by them. All we need is to be able to communicate with their API to send parcel and address details to my account. Thanks ! info data: API: DOCS:
YES! This would be amazing! The rates on Parcel2Go are so much better than we can get by setting up our own accounts with couriers and makes life so much easier by having lots of carrier options for every shipment.
First-timer (legacy)
We really need this. Many of the shipping providers we use are not available as direct integrations on ShipStation but are available through Parcel2Go. We like ShipStation but right now its not giving us all that much value as we have to go to Parcel2Go for many of our shipments.
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Much needed
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This would help a lot with the limitations we have with the available shipping couriers within shipstation.
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