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Given the nature of our business, we are constantly updating our inventory locations when we receive new product into our warehouse. However, at this point, the only way to do this in ShipStation is to delete all of our current products and their locations and re-upload everything via a CSV file. This is a very cumbersome process, and I'm sure other businesses have ran into the same issue. At this point, the only way to do this manually through ShipStation is to scroll through a massive drop-down menu of randomized locations. I would like to request the ability to either manually input for inventory locations, or at the very least, to be able to organize the drop-down menu of locations alphabetically. Could this update please be added into the ShipStation portal? Thanks!


Totally agree with this user.     This is a great hindrance when receiving inventory-    This field should be searchable or at minimum in alphabetical order.    It is neither.   

Hey there @davidkuntz and @maratincf


Thank you joining our community and for making this post! 


This feedback is taken seriously, and we appreciate you sharing your perspective.