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Filter by Shipping Service

Currently, you can only filter by MAPPED service or Marketplace value. This is problematic if a customer later wants to upgrade shipping, and someone on our team changes their shipping service to FedEx Express, for example.There's no way to filter ou...

Report Item Sku With DIMM and Weight

I need a report that will give me the item SKU and the Dimension/Weight of the box it was shipped in.I will use this report to keep my shipping cost accurate mainly for calculated international shipping. We sell thousand of items and this would be th...

PSX by First-timer
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Barcode Value - OpenAPI

I want to be able to pull the value associated with the ShipStation packing slip barcoder via API, so I can replicate it on our internally generated labels.There is currently no API to pull this data.Here's an example of the data that is stored with ...

Need a way to see who added tags

Hi, if possible it would be nice to see who added the colored tags on an order. Adding this under shipment activity would be great. There is a bug where sometimes notes don't save on our orders but the tag always stays. If we knew who added the tag t...

zhuang by First-timer
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Print a packing slip before a label is printed

I usually prepare my shipments before sticking on the labels, and handwrite the name of the client so I know which label is for which package. Frustratingly its not possible to print the packing slip before the label, which causes issues with my work...

coalfield by Occasional Contributor
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Need a bulk action for mark as paid!

Let's say I have 10 consignment orders. So, no they have not paid, so they are sitting in "Awaiting Payment'. Why do you make me mark every single order individually?! I want to choose those orders and click "mark as paid". I don't need to put the sh...

Site update/Sync

It would be helpful if Shipstation had an option to Sync/Update more often than every 12 hours. Currently Shipstation updates/Sync every 12 hours and this causes miscommunication with our warehouse and inventory management tool. This creates a gap be...

pricing information on sales orders

we are currently using a 3rd party warehouse to ship out orders for us. We would like for them to not see the pricing information for each order. can we create log in for them to use that doesn't allow them to see pricing?

kevinDM by First-timer
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More Frequent auto syncing options?

We receive 1000s of orders daily and print out in a couple of batches per day - it take absolutely ages for the orders to sync through with the current 2 hour auto sync - it would be great if we could set a reduced time for order syncing to speed thi...

CH01 by New Contributor
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Store Stuck with ODBC Import

Occasionally, during a morning ODBC import of orders the orders do not load and ShipStation help tells us our store is "stuck". When this happens it takes 3 - 6 hours for ShipStation to resolve. We have three suggestions: Fix the issue that causes th...

mkneasel by New Contributor
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USPS Special Handling

It is crucial for our company to have an option for "live animals" special handling through the postal service. If it is an option that is required of the postal service and offered by the postal service then why isn't ShipStation offering it if they...

Quick Label - Send Customer Email Notification

It would be extremely helpful if shipment notification emails could be sent when creating a quick label, not just with automated orders through a store. In addition to automated order labels, our business utilizes the rate calculator to create quick ...

Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 9.51.40 AM.png
nm by First-timer
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Automation of Merging Multiple Orders

Would be a huge benefit if there was a way to automate orders from the same customer in the same store to one order. Example:John Smith places an order of 1 apple at 11am. order go to shipstationJohn Smith places an order of 3 oranges at 3pm orders g...

Green by New Contributor
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Alter aging times/ days.

Hello, I would like to suggest a feature that alls users to change the aging timing to exclude days. I do not work Sundays and nether do my shipping partners so nothing is shipping Sundays but it makes orders place Saturday to be shipped Monday look ...

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