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Complete order without shipping label

It would be great if my team could complete orders that are being picked up by the customer without having to manually go to the orders tab and go through the "other actions", "marked as shipped" process. Can there be an option for "no shipping label...

Alert for no progress for a shipped item

It would be great if you had an alert set up if a tracking number doesn't get scanned or progresses. We have an issue with our warehouse where they will create a label and sometimes forget to ship the package, or if a package is lost and doesn't move...

scott32 by First-timer
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Multi Box Automation

I know this has been posted before but it would be so helpful. It would save so much time for my company to have an automation rule that allows for orders with multiple boxes to be automated. Just throwing this out there again. Does anyone know of a ...

zn by New Contributor
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Order/Product Picking Sister App

We offer our customers a variety of color and model options. When we open ship station in the morning, we use that data to write down what colors that need to be prepared for shipment. It would be amazing to have a mobile app that is like a check lis...

Pine9 by First-timer
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Shipping cost

The shipping cost isn't exposed in ShipStation. This means that we are unable to update the shipping cost with our contracted FedEx rate when we mark the order as shipped through our API. This also impacts the Shipping Cost report, and other ShipStat...

ISCABVI by New Contributor
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Assigning selling channels to users

We would love to be able to assign selling channels to individual locations - for example, we want to have manual label creation available from our HQ, but not from the retail locations.

jarbo by First-timer
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Bulk delete Alerts

We imported a bunch of orders from our old store (Magento 2) during migration to Shopify. As a result, we currently have 133k alerts based on our previous 3 years of order history. At the moment, we ca only dismiss 50 alerts in bulk. I have been a pa...

Option to bulk update warehouse locations

In the products tab of ShipStation, when you update a location on an individual SKU, there is a check box at the bottom that you can select to apply that new location to all orders that currently exist in ShipStation. If a location is updated and tha...

Old Ship Date Filter Criteria

Shipstation used to have a "Ship Date" filter criteria available, as recent as November 2023 according to this article:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 132110.jpg betweencriteria.jpg
DrTechy1 by New Contributor
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Search results direct to order

When searching orders, if the results return one order which is the case 100% of the time as we scan a barcode with the order ID it then shows the results which is only one result. This then requires the user to click on the one result to open the or...

facuna by First-timer
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