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Publish list of error codes

It would be very helpful if Shipstation was willing to put a blog post together with a list of errors and their causes.This would enable our team to familiarise ourselves with those errors, and better troubleshoot issues.

services1 by New Contributor
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Shipsurance sum by item- Needed to scale

I see there's an automation for shipsurance to insure a specific sku, but there's no automation rule for it to insure the sku with a specific sum. That's done manually. In order to scale with shipstation, we would need an automation rule that is able...

James77 by New Contributor
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Bulk Update Ship date

Hello, please have a feature where you can bulk update the ship date option so that i can pre print 150 shipping labels from 3 days back. This is such a simple feature but its not there T.T

.WEBP Image Support

We thought we were behind by miles just changing over to .webp images on our website this Fall, and I was shocked when I saw they weren't being supported in ShipStation. Products with .webp images are just blank in the pick list.We can't pack orders ...

Automated Lowest Rate Among Carriers

It would be nice to have Shipstaiton pick the cheapest rate based on weight and region between the available carriers. For us fedex is 80% cheaper than UPS, but sometimes UPS is cheaper for us. In some areas, USPS Priority Mail/Regional Rate is cheap...

info675 by First-timer
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End of day form for GLS

GLS is newly integrated to Shisptation which is a good thing for us. However, due to the high lever of parcels we are shipping using this carrier, there need to be an "End of day form" available for this carrier, as is it for all (or almost all) the ...


Customer Record Hyperlink

Would be great to offer a hyperlink from the order level that would take you to that specific customer's history within ShipStation. Hovering over the recipient name will show past purchases, but there is no way to quickly jump to the record to see m...

JMaggard by First-timer
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Feature Request - Weight Validation

We sell food products that have a packaged weight. We would like to have a validation that takes the expected weight of all items and compares that against the actual shipment weight. We have had orders where an item was missed and it was obvious whe...

SBJ by First-timer
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shipping from another multiple country

We have a warehouse in USA and UK, we want to use one log in to manage both sites but when it comes to add new couriers like Royal Mail they are not available in the list. How do we work this one through ?

Blind Copy on Delivery ONLY

Can we please add the option for the Shipper to only receive a delivery confirmation email and not another email when the package is shipped. Because the shipper doesn't need a notification when they ship since we are present for this action. But we ...

brodino by First-timer
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Combined order numbers in reports bug

Here's an example where I have two orders combined. One order has one item and the other two items. I can search for either order number in the Orders tab and find the combined order, which is great.If I use the Order Detail report, Orders raw data r...

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 2.33.27 PM.png Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 2.46.48 PM.png
douglsmith by Occasional Contributor
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Time Stamps for Internal Notes

Hi, Time stamps for notes on an order management software is crucial. I dont understand how it has not been integrated?! Please add this functionality as it allows backtracking and checking internal handling of orders, issues and client communication...

1F1H by First-timer
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Branded Returns Portal Shipping Options

Hello,Currently, the branded returns portal only allows for one option for the shipping method.Having only one option for the returns portal isn't a very cost-saving option for businesses. It may be easy for the customer, but the costs of shipping ar...

beth by Occasional Contributor
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