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API Update Subscription

Need a reliable way to know about updates/changes to integrations without needing to check the blog manually. There isn't even an RSS to subscribe to.Ideally email list or transactional email to users.Hate getting caught with bugs we could have preve...

Mobile pick list solution

We need a solution for our pickers...some kind of scan list based on a group of orders selected. all the products from these orders would be put on a list with an image & sku, size info & the pickers would go around looking for this product, once fou...

info120 by First-timer
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To Export Phone numbers even if they put the phone number under billing information instead of shipping information

TrustMD by First-timer
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Restrict Accounts to Stores

We have multiple accounts setup and each is specific a store. We assign the account via automation but if a user needs to edit Service (or edit service in a batch), the list is not just listing generic services. It lists the services by account, maki...

LBSLP by First-timer
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Product barcode labels

I'm looking for a way to print product labels with a barcode and/or SKU for our customers. This way, when they receive product in their warehouses, they can easily identify what is in each box.

RachelH by First-timer
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Printing the maniest

I couldn't find where to print the manifest when we had our first order. The bot, while usually helpful, gave me the wrong in formation and said to go to the Shipments tab and click on Manifest in the sidebar. This is wrong as the Manifest is under t...


Pull Payment Method

This provides next level integration with Webgility and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.1. Pull payment methods into ShipStation from Big Commerce, Shopify, eBay, etc2. Allow Shipstation to map Payment Methods if needed for further integrations.Current...

Optimize by First-timer
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Option to Automatically add necessary funds

Option to automatically add needed funds using card on file or selected card when printing/creating a label rather than the label creation failing due to insufficient funds. This option would then work more like having a account linked ins...

Atomic by First-timer
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Large Image on Order Page Request

On the individual order page, there is a tiny image showing the product. It would be nice if we didn't need to 'hover over' the image. But instead, a large version of the image could be a permanent box on the right hand side. The operator can glance ...

bode by Occasional Contributor
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The old system used to show us quantity when more than 1 in big bold number so we could see it. The current system uses a small dark circle without any attention grabbing, so easily missed and it's now on the left side in the box with the product. So...

ship station circle.JPG

updating Customs declarations fields

Hi Shipstation.When my warehouse staff comes in they usually scan the order que for internationals then missing Harmonization codes both in the Orders level and the product level and then check to make sure the description on the order is ok.As we ha...

toysheik by Occasional Contributor
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Rate Browser

I have used ShipStation for over 7 years and the Rate Browser function is something I use many times a day.With the new Legacy version, I am no longer able to use the Dropdown that lists all of the saved "Ship From Locations", instead it asks for a z...

todom by First-timer
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Sort inventory locations

Hello, I would love the feature for being able to sort the inventory locations when trying to add inventory to a product manually through Shipstation. The current ordering is based on location creation date which isn't useful at all unless you create...

g90 by New Contributor
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Rule to Select Cheapest Shipping Option

We get a large # of orders when we have special events and it is time consuming to look at orders and select the cheapest shipping, especially on orders over 1lb. It would be helpful if we could create a rule for a store to select the cheapest shippi...

paola by First-timer
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