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Scan to Print

I would like staff to be unable to print a label for an order if items are not verified - either by scanning or manually clicking verify. When using the "scan to print" feature you cannot even tell that an order has not been verified and therefore ca...

KMM by Occasional Contributor
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Prestashop integration in KG

I checked and can see that the integration with Prestashop is currently set to import all weights in pounds. Could you add an integration option in kilogram for prestashop. THANKS

Florian by First-timer
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International shipping

It would be great if commercial invoices generated by platform for export shipments would be correct.1/ when customer uses discount code, in value declaration forms it is not reflected nor is there a field to make simple adjustment. Currently have to...

Deeper user permissions is crucial

It's a must for a company to be able to block other users from being able to import data out of shipstation. Sheep station must offer a deeper user permission to allow or not allow a user from importing data. This is a basic feature every company wit...

erez_art by New Contributor
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Hello - It would be great if you had a space for UPS ACCOUNT numbers in customer profile. Sometimes we create manual orders and forget to add their UPS number and then customers get upset when we charge them for shipping. Seems like an easy fix if yo...

unshipped items report

It would be great if there was a report that showed the total quantity per sku of each item that has not yet been shipped.

hlbi by New Contributor
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Uploading other customs documents

It would really be helpful if we can upload other customs documents when generating labels. For example export declarations. Instead of resorting to go to the carrier's website to create labels and upload documents there, please allow up to upload th...

Multi Location Fulfillment

I would ideally like to have the ability to allow for orders that are imported via shopify that contain multiple locations to appear in their own separate locations.Currently when an order contains different item locations are imported as if they are...

Alen_D by First-timer
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Delivery Transit Times Reporting

I'd like a report that calculates Delivery Transit Times on a per order basis. I did pull Order Date, Ship Date, and Delivery Date. However you cannot utilize any automated calculations, especially because the reporting generates a time stamp in each...

LisaF by New Contributor
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Etsy - Internal Note field

Etsy's "Message to Buyers" field (& sometimes some number 1s), are coming through to the "Internal Note" box on Shipstation all of a sudden - guessing an API v3 change? I removed the field from printing on my packing slips, but is there a way to unli...

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