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Limiting order details for user

Goal: Have a warehouse picker print labels and shipments for orders with redacted order details. Some of this is already possible, but additional fields need to be hidden.Requirement: For the user with these permission, hide order details such as bil...

asherg12 by First-timer
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Inventory API

I would love to be able to connect ShipStation and my stores through APIs where the inventory levels are updated on either end if changes are made or sales happen. Is there any plan to make this happen in the near future? Thanks!

Square online store "Pending" integration

At the moment ShipStation doesn't recognize "Pending" orders from Square online stores, and I'm not able to switch the progress of each order to a status that it does recognize without setting it to "Shipped". For some reason it seemed to work fine a...

HotTees by New Contributor
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Add Batch ID to Packing Slip Template

We'd like to have the Batch ID available as replacement field to add to the packing slip template to help us manage our batches and orders and verify that batches have been printed. We have run into issues (last week even) where an entire batch skipp...

Labeling for split shipments

I would like to suggest when large orders are split into several different shipments, that each label have "1 of 6" or 2 of 9" or something to let the carriers know there is more than 1 bundle/package in the shipment so that fewer packages get lost i...

Automate Phone number for customers

We are getting orders from Mirakl but they don't provide customer's phone number. Fedex requires phone number so we have to input our phone number for EACH order manually.Is there a way to automate and populat all orders with a specific phone number ...

Integra by New Contributor
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From Address/Warehouses Management

Hello, We fulfill for many stores through Printify. Many of the stores we fulfill for want their own address for the return address. After a couple of years doing this our ship from locations, 'warehouses' in the API, have become bloated to the point...

Multi Parcel Packages

I'm not sure how this forum works but if the shipping reports could provide the dimension and weight data for multi-parcel orders that would be incredibly helpful in gathering data.

Janile by First-timer
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Manually Mark a Shipment as Delivered

We often have instances where UPS doesn't update their system properly and one of our shipments remains as in progress indefinitely because we can't mark the shipment as delivered Manually. Please fix it so that we can mark a shipment as delivered ma...

Address Correction Popup

I recently shipped an order and replacement order to a customer who did not receive the packages despite two carriers indicating they delivered. Upon investigation I learned that the address verification feature changed the house number on the addres...

Michel by First-timer
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Failed Store Import

It would be a great feature to add an email notification for when a store error occurs so that we know that we need to import it again or contact shipstation to do a manual import.

comment by First-timer
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Ship from locations - organization

we tend to do a lot of ship from locations when returning items due to different systems used in the past. The ship from locations in the back end is organized, but when selecting it from the order screen, they are completely out of wack. the ability...

CSSigSol by First-timer
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Orders vs. Shipments and 1st carrier status.

Hello,Currently, when our fulfillment centers print labels, all orders then become shipments and a UPS status is generated as "label created". The problem with this is that the order is not yet actually a shipment until the box is packed and the labe...

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