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Fulfillment Enhancements

It would drastically improve our workflow if we had the ability to fulfill order for our BtB clients as a fulfillment provider, rather than having to connect to their individual selling channels. As a business that processes orders for other business...

uptospeed by Occasional Contributor
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Shipment status in API response

Hello.I contacted your API team for this and they encouraged me to ask for this here. According to this (

Tracking Shipping Mistakes

ShipStation needs to have a functionality to track the incidences of shipping mistakes per user. If a customer calls back and says they are missing something, or something was wrong with their shipment, I would like to be able to record these notes o...

lincolntran by Occasional Contributor
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Change Ship Date

ShipStation should allow me to change my shipment date per order. If I work on a Saturday, I do not want my customer to think that their order will ship on Saturday.

posts by First-timer
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Automation feature thats missing

If you want a customer's PO number to appear on a stamp, for instance on FEDEX, You need to add it manually to the"Custom Field 3". You'd be shocked to find out that you cannot set up an automation for this.What should happen is, you should be able t...

JerkFit2 by Occasional Contributor
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A quick and easy Restore Button

The older version I was able to restore an order that was lost in the mail. The newer version there is no way to restore the order without creating an entirely new order. Basically, the older version is much more user-friendly while the newer version...

mg3 by First-timer
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GS1-128 / UCC-128 labels

Some customers require parcels and pallets to be labeled with GS1-128 (UCC-128) logistics labels.It would be helpful if ShipStation could produce these labels.Specifications can be found here.

NickTSI by First-timer
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text based notifications for updates

I think it would be useful to have text based notifications for server down and server back on line for critical updates, texting is much faster way to communicate.I found the server down today which is not usual and cannot print out my orders becaus...

RCW by New Contributor
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Popup notifications block buttons

The popup notifications (ex: "Purchasing Label From Carrier", error messages, etc) block you from clicking the print button or copying the tracking number in the right corner of the shipment window until they go away. Can they notifications been move...

track order activity

It would be better if there is a way to track which user put info in Note to Buyer of internal note and who tagged the order in the order activity. We want to know who and when tag the order and put the notes there since sometimes someone tagged wron...

qianf by First-timer
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Printing Setup Suggestion

When you go to the printing setup, you have the option to pick 4"x6", 8.5"x11" etc. which is nice. The problem is, you cannot specify your settings for each individual category. My specific problem (see attached screenshot) is that I need my printing...

Barcode With Order Number Values

It would be great if we could have the option for any of the barcodes generated in ShipStation to be set to the order number values and not the Quick Ship special character values. The order summary report that has barcodes for each order cannot be s...

Replacement order solution

If a Package gets lost or damaged- it should have a button to send a replacement order. there is a create another shipment button in the order but you can add a product and when it prints packing list is clear,please create a replacement order soluti...

Show the amount paid to insure shipment

I'm filing a claim for a lost package with USPS. They are requiring proof of the amount paid to insure the package. When I look at the order details page for that order, I can see the total cost and the insurance amount. The total cost is actually th...

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