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Tips for Writing a Great Idea


A great idea post is one that clearly explains how your idea will benefit you or solve a specific problem so that our Product Team understands both your needs and your goals. A well crafted idea is also more likely to gain the support of the community, which in turn allows our Product Team to better understand the impact your idea will have.


Writing Tips


Tip #1: Write a clear title that summarizes your idea. 


Others in the community should be able to identify if their idea is similar to yours just by reading the title. They can then review it and add their replies and kudos. This also helps our product team more easily identify your idea!


Here are two examples of clear titles:


“Automatically split items into shipments based on rules”


If the idea is about an integration, like a store or postage provider, include the name of the integration in the title. 


“Import Shopify cart attributes to custom fields”

Tip #2: State your idea in the opening sentence or paragraph. Then, elaborate with details below. 


Here's an example: “We have many products or orders that come in that cannot fit into one box. ShipStation should have the ability to automatically create multiple shipments in an order based on rules we set.”


Tip #3: Explain the challenge you hope to address with your idea and what the ideal outcome would be. 


Here's an example: “Ideally, when my staff arrives in the morning and imports the orders, any order that requires multiple shipments will already be split and other rules applied for service and package type. So, all my staff needs to do is print the packing slips and pick the items for each shipment.”


Tip #4: Describe how you would use this feature or how you think it should function to serve your needs.


Here's an example: “I’d like to indicate in ShipStation that certain products always ship in multiple boxes, so if an order imports with that item, the order automatically has 3 shipments and the service, package, weight, and dimensions are already set. Then, I can filter based on multiple shipments and create these labels in a batch all at once.”


Tip #5: Attach a screenshot to help illustrate your point. 


Tip #6: Post the idea in the category that best describes your end goal. 

For example: Orders & Shipment Management, Insights & Reporting, or Printing & Documents.


Tip #7: Don’t create a new post if your idea, or one very similar, already exists! Instead, add kudos and comments rather than creating a new ideas post. This ensures we have a realistic view of the support an idea has.





Sarah H.
Austin, Tx