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Jane Ship Option

It would be very helpful and more convenient if we could see an integration with Jane Ship: Where Jane pays for the shipping and takes it out of our payments.

KaylaT by Occasional Contributor
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split shipment customs declarations

Anybody else having the issue with customs information not transferring when processing a split shipment? This is an easy code fix from a developers standpoint. This is pretty disappointing that a large company like shipstation can't fix this.

MIKE28 by Rookie
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Allow Adhoc Label + Packing Slip Printing

See my image, it's pretty straight forward. I dont want to go into the settings to be have to print label + slip for each order.I need the printer to print like this:Label + Slip, Label + Slip, Label + Slip Instead of Label, Label, Label, Slip, Slip,...

Shipstation suggestion.JPG
Jarmabox by First-timer
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