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Import Amazon Canada FBA

I was in live chat and was informed that Amazon Canada FBA will not import into shipstation. I found that indeed there is no setting in the amazon settings under the Canada connection to "import FBA orders" . Please say it aint so. This should be sta...

Trouble with images in packing slip template.

I have tried numerous things. I have tried adding a logo to the branding page, linking from Imgur, and also linking from elsewhere. [Image Logo] does not work or anything else for that matter. Not only are the images impossible to outsource but so is...

Inbound shipment

I run a laboratory that I need to send clients labels to send product to our business. How do I create labels to send to my clients if they don't have shipstation.

rcarey44 by First-timer
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Option to select a custom carrier?

Is there a way to designate something like "Company Truck" or "Local Delivery" as a carrier option when choosing a carrier?We deliver quite a number of orders ourselves and, while I know I can mark the item(s) as delivered, there is no tracking for i...

sales223 by New Contributor
  • 3 replies
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Collaborator Access

It doesn't look like there's a built in option, but it would be phenomenal to be able to collaborate with other shipstation accounts. We are bringing in a new item into our shopify store, that will be directly fulfilled by a partner brand. Issue bein...

bflattum by First-timer
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Allow changes to order lineitems

I've never understood why Shipstation does not let me make changes to order lineitems. I CAN do this for orders created manually, but not to orders pulled in from my store. This would be helpful overall, but especially since Shipstation does such a m...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Email about new ShipStation Connect Version Today

Today I received an email that said a new SS connect is out with "new features"... is this trap? Has anyone installed the new version and not lived to regret it? Printing was never an issue for me so I'm surprised to see a new version of connect came...

ARCreef by Contributor
  • 2 replies
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International tracking

I sent a package internationally and it was first sent to one of those USPS central locations, and was supposed to go to the international destination from there. However, the tracking number shows "Delivered" to this central location a week ago (Jul...

szwanger by New Contributor
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🚨 20+ Amazon Orders That Never Synced

In the debacle that is the Amazon integration, I woke up to an email from Amazon letting me know I had orders that hadn't shipped. Sure enough, there are over 20 orders from last Friday that never synced from Amazon into ShipStation. Keep in mind, I'...

adam90 by Occasional Contributor
  • 19 replies
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Add a carrier

Hello Dear Ship Station Support Team, Please add a new carrier Jumppoint Standard Service for Hong Kong. As it isn't convenient to mark as shipped with "Other"carrier, as the information should be updated correctly at the marketplace. Thanks!

yborzilo by New Contributor
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