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invalid billing adjustments

got the email today that we were supposedly charged incorrectly from may-june. upon viewing my billing history i noticed DOZENS of adjustments that i was not even notified about. the reasons are not valid - up-charged for incorrect dimensions, weight...

matt9 by New Contributor
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Important Shipping Charges Update From Shipstation

Has anyone else received the below email and is Shipstation going to prove where they undercharged us?Dear valued merchant,We would like to bring to your attention an issue regarding shipping charges that occurred in May and June 2023. Due to a techn...

steven10 by New Contributor
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Automation Rules

I had an instance where a customer experience associate changed an address for a customer. The initial address was imported and was assigned 1 day ground shipping service due to the zip code. The customer requested the address be changed to a zip cod...

lise by First-timer
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Zebra Labels need to be Flipped

Currently we print directly to our Zebra printer. The only issue is they print upside down. All of the information at the top (weight, etc) is printed directly over the UPS printing of our labels. If the labels could be flipped, it would work perfect...


Scan to Verify Workflow needs improvement

Does anyone else think the Scan to Verify Workflow is backwards? For starters, if you want to use a barcode scanner to retrieve your order for verification, you would need to have a packing list with the barcode at the bottom (otherwise you would hav...

lincolntran by Occasional Contributor
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Mark as shipped Bulk - Error

Is anyone else getting an unidentified "error" when attempting to bulk upload tracking numbers? I've had this issue for over a month now and no one is helping me from shipstation, despite it being "escalated" and being told it is "of the highest prio...

brianna by First-timer
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Custom Pick List Title

I'm surprised that there is not a feature to label a pick list in shipstation. Something as simple as putting the name of the pick wave would help to differentiate them when multiple are printing at one time. Would this be a useful feature for other ...

Please add Sendle to Canada

I was advised that Sendle integration is only available for US accounts at the moment. Please add it to Canada accounts as well, since the API integration works similarly. Thanks!

holyzkyo by First-timer
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Order Number List to API

I want to pass a list of order numbers to ssapi and retrieve a list of the given orders. Similar to how ssapi.shipstation.com/orders works, but instead of only passing a single order number, I want to pass a list of order numbers.Calling the API once...

tommvi by First-timer
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Adding pickups to Weekly Digest email

I reached out to Shipstation support and they informed me that it is not possible at the moment to add pickups (or marked as shipped orders) to the weekly digest email. I would like to have manually marked as shipped orders to be added to the Weekly ...

Scan to Verify Column

It would be helpful to have a scanned/verified column in the Orders (Awaiting Shipment) Section. It exists in the Shipping section and shows a green thumbs-up, but that does not help our situation by verifying something is verified before shipping.Ou...

Resolved! Why is Unknown Carrier in the "D" section?

Can we put this in alphabetical order, please? This unknown carrier was recently added and/or moved to the "D" section.Why? Ultimately, I don't use 99% of these. Would like in the future to remove them. Or at least make the box be able to type and fi...

2faroffroad by Occasional Contributor
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Inventory Managment

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone could help me with the ability to change the 'on hand' and 'available' under inventory. For example, we have 1854 available for one of our products, but I want to change the 'on hand' to 1750. We would like for SS to de...

Screenshot 2023-09-15 085005.jpg
BrandonT by New Contributor
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Ability to sort or filter on the Batch Assignment

I have a subscription box business and occassionaly add something that has a sizing component. I manually add the orders to a sizing batch. It would be great to be able to filter out the order that have already been added to a batch to make this a fa...

Auto Split Orders based on Order Item Properties

When will a feature be available that will automatically split order based on line item properties? Specifically when looking at the source of the inventory location for that specific line item. If we have orders that have multi-location fulfillment,...

jnielsen by First-timer
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Re-Arranging Custom Shipstation Views

We use quite a number of custom views to switch between different types of orders and be able to process them quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, you can't rearrange the custom views. Once you fill up the row with custom views, new ones go into a...

steve14 by New Contributor
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The fact they are not responding to chat is BEYOND INFURIATING. Sadly, ShipStation keeps going downhill. I am looking into both Pirate Ship, Shippo + Ship Hero to compare. SS is the most expensive; and they do not pass on shipping discounts (unlike o...

glam by Occasional Contributor
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CHAT -- no one is responding - DAY 5

The fact ShipStation is NOT responding to chat is BEYOND INFURIATING. Sadly, ShipStation keeps going downhill. I am looking into both Pirate Ship, Shippo + Ship Hero to compare. SS is the most expensive; and they do not pass on shipping discounts (un...

glam by Occasional Contributor
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International Shipping Errors -- Again

I can not print international shipments-- what is going on? This has been happening on and off all month. I'm so over it. We had issues on Friday, printed several. Now we can't print international again becuase we keep getting odd error messages.No o...

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 1.12.22 PM.png
glam by Occasional Contributor
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