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Export automation rules

We have 85 automation rules in our account that have been built by several different administrators. Today, if I want to switch to a new carrier or rate plan, I have to wade through all 85 rules to make sure I'm not breaking anything. This creates a ...


Bundle Product Import

I was so happy to find that they finally added a feature to do a bundle product import! So nice. But there is one big part that is still missing. I had about 150 skus that needed bundling so this was a big project.I started by importing all the skus ...

mcaliber by New Contributor
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Branded return portal - Add customization

It would be great if the return reasons could be customised. Also an option for the customer to confirm that the product is brand new, unused, in the original packaging, etc before proceeding with the return

MaryL by First-timer
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Shopify Re-sync Order Changes Besides Just Quantity

This is related to other posts about the Shopify Exchanges feature, but another way to put it is to allow the order details inside ShipStation to resync with the order details inside Shopify. Currently, the only changes that resync are changes to qua...

Durak33 by Occasional Contributor
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Royal Mail Tiered Pricing

Hi,Royal Mail tiered pricing is a feature that needs to be expedited. This is an innovative pricing structure from a courier that would benefit anyone with a Royal Mail account that ships varied weights of products. Please hurry. Thanks.

Harry_Able by Occasional Contributor
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FedEx SmartPost

I use our FedEx account, along with the UPS and USPS. I can see the regular residential, commercial and express rates in the Rate Browser, but if I want to check SmartPost, it's not there. I can only see the rates for it if I go back to the rate calc...

aschreck by Occasional Contributor
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Split ship - auto allocate tags

Heya,Hoping to get a feature on shipstation in the near future.I have orders, with multiple items with their own unique tags and when you use the split ship function, the tags don't automatically transfer to their respective items.Would be great for ...

Please add YUN EXPRESS

Please add YUN EXPRESS in your carrier list. It is a pretty big carrier. I need to use "other" from your list when I ship with them and it stuffed up my Amazon orders and trackings.Thank you.

Pumayana by First-timer
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about customizable amazon orders

In the custom listings we have just created, the customer selects the color products he wants and creates his order. when shipstation downloads this order, we only see the sku of the order, but we cannot see the colors chosen by the customer. is ther...

HU by First-timer
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Issue Marking an Order Shipped

I have been using ShipStation for years but since I have switched to the new layout there is a bug when marking an order shipped if a label was voided. For example if I make a batch of orders and one of the products should have been drop shipped or w...

Update 'Deliver By' Date via Shipstation API

Hello, currently using Shipstation, it is possible to update nearly every property related to an order via the API. With the recent addition of being able to set a 'deliver by' date via the Shipstation UI, it would be very beneficial to also be updat...

Uploading Products

Asked a question via customer service and was told engineers will see this so here we are: I am having an issue with uploading products on my account via API for a platform; I noticed that there are about 10 to 20 products that get uploaded each day....

Deliver by date?

What is the new delivery by date field that appears at the top of the order summary? Is there a way to assign this with automation rules? Can it be used as a variable for Shipping Strategies to ensure that rate shopping considers both cost and delive...

oeban31 by Occasional Contributor
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Automatically remove $0 customs declaration items

When we have international shipments, orders with $0 line items are causing errors for customs declarations. These are skus that are not actual items, but instead are things like the size of a shirt under a bundled product. It would be helpful to hav...

Changing currency

This has to be a feature in Shipstation. Sometimes, when we ship parcels abroad, the commercial invoice needs to be in the currency of the country.I'm shipping a parcel to Italy with UPS, but there is no way to change the currency to EUR.This would b...

nigpom by First-timer
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Email Templates

Hi there, I would like to request additional field replacements on email templates on ShipStation. I would like to have Tracking Link and the Source of the order (not the Store Name). Thanks!

Jovs by First-timer
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ShipStation More Integration Please!!!

Finally, the TikTok shop integration is out, and I am excited to see how well it can work. However, can ShipStation develop more integration for different marketplaces, for example, Temu, Shein, Shopee, etc. I know the fact that these marketplaces ar...

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