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Learn how to build API

Greetings I am a service provider and have an API team, but really need to learn this myself. I have gotten far enough in postman to make a get request for all orders, and an individual order. But struggling to learn. Any suggestions how to learn thi...

Scale Not Reading Correctly- Ongoing- Frustrating

So we're a long time SS user. We've had the same scales for several years- older Mettlers that do a great job. A little over a month ago, the scales just stopped passing a weight back to SS. We contacted support, who had us take a video, as this is i...

admin69 by First-timer
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scan orders to batch

Hello-Looking for a way to bulk upload orders to a batch---i export my orders, then organize them in the spread sheet, and i want to batch them based on how i sorted in in my spread sheet. I can not find a way to do that in shipstation.it would be gr...

JM_Group by First-timer
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Printer's Plan Integration

Is anyone else using PrintReach Printer's Plan for order integration? We are sending our shipping rate back to Printer's Plan and our shipping config file is set to mark up the shipping cost but it doesn't and just sends the actual rate.

Create pick lists for ALL orders over 500

I know this has been posted before, but it needs to be posted again:Please let us generate pick lists with no order limits. Right now the maximum number of orders for which we can create pick lists is equal to the number of orders that can be display...

DCB by New Contributor
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Ability to do PARTIAL UPDATES of orders via CSV

This seems like it would be such an easy feature to implement. If I want to add something to a Custom Field in bulk to a lot of orders, there is no easy way to do it. I would LOVE to just import a CSV with the internal OrderID and the text I want and...

dave12 by First-timer
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Phone Number Error Code

We are experiencing an issue with any phone number that is inputted with brackets, it throws an error message with GLS Canada only and has to be manually edited by someone in our warehouse. Canada Post and FedEx seem to be accepting any format. Is th...

sales139 by First-timer
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Order tabs

Newbie here. On the Orders page, there is what I assume is the default tab called "All" which displays all orders. How do I create additional tabs next to "All" and use them to separate orders into helpful tabs? I understand there is a Batches option...


UPS from Shipstation setup issues

Hello!After setting up the Carriers from Shipstation, the UPS option wasn't on the list. So I clicked on "Update ShipStation Carrier Services to enable new carriers and service options", which takes me to the setup pop-up to add UPS. BUT even though ...

drinktche by New Contributor
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Combined order functionality issue

We recently had an issue where 4 orders were combined instead of the intended 3 orders. The combined order was "marked as shipped" and a customer provided tracking # was added. Later, I realized that 1 of the orders needed to be removed and shipped e...

matt19 by Occasional Contributor
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Custom Shipping Preset - Hotkeys

I have mentioned this multiple times to Support, however there is still no to fix. The Custom Shipping Presets Hotkeys feature does not work with Mac.. On the legacy version you could use control as the first key, but now with the new version you can...

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 8.47.26 AM.png

Resolved! Save customer's shipping account?

Hello!I create all our orders manually (i.e. we're not integrated with an ecommerce store), and some of the customers to whom we ship regularly have their own UPS or FedEx accounts that we can use for billing. I'm looking for a quick & easy way to cr...

Does anyone here use Netsuite?

We are using Netsuite and have a middleware called Pipe17 that connects all of our sales channels and data mappings onto Netsuite. Pipe17 is the middleware that also ensures that all of the records that automatically get created in Netsuite are accur...

olsatools by New Contributor
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UPS Express Mini Box not available in Shipstation

So we have been using the UPS Express Mini Box (8 x 6 x 3") for at least 6 months now. It turns out to be a really convenient size for small parts that need to be shipped by air/international and is often less expensive than the UPS Express Small Box...

Cthermo by New Contributor
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4x6 Label Issues Started Today

Starting today, when printing to 4x6 Shipping labels (with no changes to our configuration or drivers) labels are now starting 1in down the label and pushing over to a second label. We are also experiencing an issue where it will print an inch down t...

Charging for Duties

Seems ridiculous to me that Shipstation can't charge for import duties upfront on Shopify and display that exact price in real time to the customer. Easyship can. Only reason I'm not using Easyship is because their UI is garbage, but will continue to...

Clean up label design (address blocks)

Your FedEx label looks messy. Return and Ship To address blocks have blatant spaces when any fields are empty. For example instead of: Mike Smith 123 Main Street Seattle, WA 98207 it looks like: TO:Mike Smith 123 Main Street Seattle, WA 98207 Why the...

rocinante by New Contributor
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API Documentation and error.

Hi everyone,I'm new user for ShipStation, we received a exception sometimes with Deserialize json object probably any record broken at production. I running in my dev test with the same configs files and I don't receive any exception after run to man...

LucasDj by New Contributor
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Shipping Manifest Report

Is there a way to sort the Shipping Manifest Report? When I export it to an excel file I get an error message saying that all merged cells need to be the same size. If I unmerge the cells it wrecks the report. It would be nice to also generate this r...

Magento 2.4.4 Shipstation live rates

I am trying to get live rates on my magento 2.4.4 storefront to enable users to select the shipping that would best suite them. As of right now I have done everything in the documentation to enable this feature but its not showing up in my storefront...

TSFUSION by New Contributor
  • 3 replies
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Inventory Management

Whats the point in Inventory Management if it doesnt update stock on the selling channels that the orders come from?It means that you have to update all selling channels daily with stock levels??

amazon.com.au MCF integration

Hi team, Please extend Amazon MCF integration to amazon.com.au users. MCF is available in the Australian marketplace and should be catered to the same way as it is for US, UK & CA users. Cheers

deskka by First-timer
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Walmart order with phone number integration

I would suggest to have phone number on Walmart integration, whatever Ebay or AMZ the order both have the phone number showing on the shistation and it is very important to prepare a shipment.However, walmart order integration does't support this fea...

dora by New Contributor
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These prompts are switched

Anyone else? using shipstation connect: When i tap shipping label, a packing slip prints and when i tap packing slip a shipping label prints.

krap by First-timer
  • 1 replies
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QBO integration with Connex broken

We have been using SuncWithConnex for the past year with some success. In October there was some changes with their service that made it worthless. Instead of automatically sending orders, we now have to keep a special tab open in our browser and man...

IDScan by New Contributor
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Hack to change Ship Date

Currently my ecommerce site lists a future ship date for some orders (imported from Amazon), and so the ship date in Shipstation is incorrect. I'm trying to find a hack to automatically change the ship date to "Today" - there is no attribute in Autom...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
  • 1 replies
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