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Integration for CS-Cart newer than 4.6.3 NEEDED

CS-Cart 4.6.3 was released October 31st, 2017 and they're now on 4.17.2 with Multi-Vendor versions now (like ETSY with multiple sellers).CS-Cart has dramatically grown since 2017 and many software owners are in need of a new module that'll support th...

agtred99 by First-timer
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Deleting and Editing Customers

Is there anyone that has come up with a way to edit and/or delete customers?What do you do when a corporate customer closes a location and you want to remove the address so it is not chosen on accident? Or what do you do if their address needs an edi...

pgbm by First-timer
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Allocated Order Issues

I am having issues with multiple SKU's that show inventory allocated but have no orders with any allocations for those SKU's. At the end of the day, I have no orders left in our system to process. There are still numerous SKU's that show inventory al...

mhenahan_0-1708703382356.jpeg mhenahan_1-1708703398307.jpeg mhenahan_2-1708703413566.jpeg allocation2.JPG
mhenahan by New Contributor
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Multi-Order/Batch Picking

It would be useful to be able to take a multi-bin cart down the picking line and have the app tell us the next item location and cart bin for each item in the current pick batch. Additionally, having bar-codes on both the pick location and the cart b...

bloom77 by First-timer
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Email address change on shipped order

The previous Shipstation software allowed you to correct the customers email address after that order was shipped. The new software will not allow that. The customer order came over with an incorrect email address on it via customer imput. After prin...

Please add QR code Returns!

QR code Returns would be such a convenient way for our customers to return items to us. Not everyone has printers and the means to attach a printed label to a package and send it back. We have run into the situation multiple times were our customers ...

Shipstation Inventory

Does anyone have any tips on how to best track inventory with Shipstation Inventory management. Shipstation inventory only tracks inventory once an item is shipped (label created). I am looking for a system that can track inventory once an order come...

Eli11 by First-timer
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Self-Service Cache Flush

Please Consider a "Self-Service Cache Flush" button within the ShipStation application. This would avoid the need to go through the help channels which could delay the resolution when the store does not update.

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MBuis by New Contributor
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Packing Slip for #10 Windowed Envelope

Hello everyone,We are wanting to print our packing slips on 8.5" x 11" paper, tri-fold them, and when placed in a windowed envelope, the ship-to address shows through the window. This will help save manual writing time. Any help on a custom template ...

Canada insurance request

When I started to use Shipstation, there was a option of insurance, Xcover. It is good, has a much lower rate than the carrier's. It is no longer available now, so I have to ship the valuable goods by other shipping providers. When can I have to opti...

Monthly Fee

Shipstation needs to have a plan in between the Starter and Bronze plans that would cost $19.99 a month for 250 shipments. This would be a great fit for smaller growing business'. Thank you,

water80 by First-timer
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User restrictions - custom views

Looking for a feature that would customise the view per user, specifically restrict users from seeing any other user on the account when they access an order.We currently have 2 fulfilment companies' setup as users, with limitations.I can restrict it...

dropdown in order view.jpg

Help Images

Hello is support still offering help?Has anyone had issues with product images not loading on shipstation?

FazStore by Occasional Contributor
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Can I put two boxes in one shipment?

I have flat rate shipping on my products and was wondering if I can combine two packages into one shipment? Currently when I get an order for two or more items I split the shipment and then I just create separate shipments. Generally space does not a...

Rethink the KG & Grams separate boxes

Return to a single weight box for entering and viewing weights. Kg and Grams are the same thing, 1500grams = 1.5kg, also easy to read as 1,500 kg. There is not need to display it as 1kg 500g (or in ShipStations logic kg 1 , g 500). The coding can eas...


When choosing "bill recipient" or "bill 3rd party", who pays for the Parcel Guard insurance on the shipment?

R2D2 by First-timer
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UPC Codes Disappearing From Product Records

Hello,We have several different Shipstation accounts. One of our accounts that processes about 200-300 shipments per month has chronic issues with product records changing. For instance, saved image URLs and UPC codes will vanish from the product rec...

JG95 by New Contributor
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New Layout More Steps to view promo code

In order to view the promo code I need to scroll through The Order Summary then click on details to view whether or not they have a promo code or I need to print the packing slip. Before the update you could see the promo code below the customer addr...

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