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Shipping options

When I select "Recipient" or "Third Party" in the shipping options side bar, the drop down disappears!! Can this be fixed? Am I doing something wrong? I end up having to exit and restart orders 3-4 times to get the drop down to function correctly!! A...

Mapping Customs Orders to CSV

Is this really so hard? You could fix this by just allowing us to use some variants from the CSV file more than once. For example, using the product name or description for the customs description. Or using the price to reflect the price in the decla...

thomas5 by Contributor
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Verify to scan and print

For the verify step...Where do I generate a SKU barcode (to add to the physical product) that I can scan to verify the correct product is being picked correctly?

dans1 by First-timer
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split order feature

I am feeling lost with the new layout and the split order feature. It used to be I could split an order and it displayed, essentially, as a new order on my order page so I could readily see what needed to be shipped. This made filling backorders a br...

New version driving me insane

Today it printed a 15 oz package as 4 oz, twice. Everything was fine on the panel, it just spit out the wrong label. Then a 3 oz package first class printed as 0 oz. Every single order has a problem.

info583 by New Contributor
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Any ETA on fixes to the serious V3 issues?

@Moderator-Davis When can we expect some real communication about improving the new interface? Simple 'we hear you and are glad for the feedback' posts are not actual communication. Release notes after the fact are not helpful when there are ongoing ...

_Mia_ by Occasional Contributor
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Amazon Fulfillment

So I am testing shipstation to send our store orders to Amazon for Fulfillment.Let's say I have 100 units of SKU A at Amazon warehouseI have sold 1 unit of SKU B on my site SKU B is just a set of 4 units SKU A. So when I sell SKU B I need to created ...

ab00007 by First-timer
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Shipstation needs to provide more features in shipstation. Shipstation needs to add where you can do more than one pallet per order. Currently it only lets you ship one pallet per order. Shipstation support advised you would need to split the order i...

mgabriel by First-timer
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Resolved! Amazon Buy Shipping Error

We installed the Amazon Buy Shipping carrier option today, but we're getting an error. Where do we accept the terms and conditions? When selecting Amazon's UPS shipping option, we can't get a rate. Instead, it shows:"The Amazon Terms and Conditions w...

john16 by Occasional Contributor
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Undo "Mark as shipped"

I am able to undo "mark as shipped" for orders that were fulfilled by my warehouse, but not for orders where I printed the label myself. Can someone explain that logic to me? Why can't I undo it for all orders?

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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UPS - International electronic transmission

We have had an increasing number of UPS international shipments get hung up because, despite including the required three copies of the commercial invoice in an envelope on the package, it gets flagged for manual processing and they email/call saying...

scmsteve by Contributor
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Historical Imports - Preventing New Orders?

Hello community! We opened a Shipstation ticket about this 6 hours ago but haven't heard back after our initial conversation. We've done some additional research since then and want to see if these forums might produce a faster response than our foll...

Kalaubre by First-timer
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Unable to update Amazon Orders

Hello all, since earlier this morning I have not been able to updated any Amazon orders. At first, when I hit the refresh button, I was receiving this error: An error occurred attempting to update orders: 429, but since have began to receive this err...

Real-Diva by New Contributor
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Per item weight on Packing Slips

Looking to have the Packing Slip mapping corrected to show the Weight on the packing slip as the per item/per case weight. Today it tallies the total weight per sku based on how many of the sku was purchased. I am looking to show the per unit weight ...

Amazon Buy Shipping API error when creating label

We have used ShipStation to create our Amazon integrated shipping label and packing sheets for both SFP and standard orders for the past couple of years, it is a great solution for us. Amazon links directly to our Royal Mail account and Shipstation l...

Jason110 by First-timer
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Package Preset as Automation Action

Our company ships items that are too large to combine. They ship as single units, but we must go in and split this shipment into multiple packages manually. We would be grateful if there was a way to automate this task, like setting an order with X q...

ChrisCross by Occasional Contributor
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Default printing options in Shipstation Connect

Since using the new design for shipstation, "ShipStation Connect" forgets the default printing settings for packing slips and labels.Packing Slips should print on our laser printerLabels should print on our label printerNevertheless, since upgrading ...

john16 by Occasional Contributor
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Magento 2.4 extension not working (Solved)

Trying to integrate Shipstation with Magento 2.4.4. The extension is version 2.3.1 from the Magento marketplace. I'm getting the following error in the admin area. Deprecated Functionality: error_log(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($message) of type...

Swappart by New Contributor
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Please Add APC Overnight Shipping Courier UK

When joining Shipstation we were told APC overnight was being added as a courier option and would be available within the next few months. However, many months later, the courier is still not available. Please could you add APC Overnight as a courier...

Andrewb by First-timer
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