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Purchases no longer showing up as "postage"

I've been using Shipstation for years and use a credit card to earn points etc. These purchases have always come through as postage or shipping as far as the cc was concerned. There's a way it's coded on the backend for this purpose. But as of the ne...

Amazon Buy Shipping - Cost per label Removed

Has anyone else spotted the Amazon buy shipping intergration page was updated on 31st Jan, and has removed the reference to the 25p or $0.30 per label surcharge, its also not on when adding the API.Have opened a case, but i stumped the people at othe...

andy1 by Occasional Contributor
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High Cost Shipments

If an order has a transportation cost above a certain amount (ie $200) it would be nice to have some sort of message pop up indicating that a different carrier should be used. This would be helpful to alert our numerous warehouse employees that they ...

tschat by New Contributor
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Enable Royal Mail SMS notifications

Hi,I searched the help section to find out how to instruct Royal Mail to send SMS notifications to the customer regarding their delivery. I found this Royal Mail – ShipStation Help UK. which shows ShipStation have added a additional Royal Mail featur...

IanMac by New Contributor
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webhooks are sometimes bunk.

Using the on_items_shipped webhook. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont. Which is pretty convenient. example of the response (by curling the resource url): {"shipments":[],"total":0,"page":1,"pages":0} So, I guess I have to make a cron that just ru...

doug4 by New Contributor
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Email Lock on account

How can Email Lock be removed from account?Account Setting > User Management : Status is “Email Lock” All the rest of my account info there is correct. I receive billing invoice emails to this email, but have not been able to receive copies of shippi...

carriej by New Contributor
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Chat support? Email support? ANYTHING?

I've been with Shipstation for years, used to be a cinch to contact support. Now I can't find ANY WAY to do it. I've wasted 20 minutes going through their stupid help pages just looking for ways to contact help IN ANY WAY. I find these pages that tal...

Searching for tags on shipments

We use tags on orders requiring special handling etc, but once the order has a label made, it moves to Shipments.Tags are not visible in the Shipments grid and we can't sort by tag in the shipment grid.How can I search shipments for tags?Thanks to an...

SSkeptic by Occasional Contributor
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Address verification after moving order from On Hold

Why is it that when we split orders for unavailable items, once we move them from On Hold to Awaiting Shipment, we have to do an address verification for every single order the moment we create a batch? It has recently been a recurring issue. It's es...

oxzgen5 by New Contributor
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Mapping a SKU to Shipping Paid by Customer

Within our POS system (Lightspeed), we have SKUs set up for charging for shipping. By carrier and service level. Examples: First Class Mail , or UPS Ground.Within the “Order Details” tap these SKUs are currently showing as “Product” under Order Summa...

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 2.01.59 AM.png Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 2.02.20 AM.png
FastFixCO by New Contributor
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Heads up using Shipsurance

We've been using Shipstation for probably 5 years now and we had to finally file a claim on a package. We used Shipsurance because it is a cheaper option, and it's integrated with Shipstation. I want to give a huge warning to anyone using them becaus...

PSD by New Contributor
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UPS Simple Rate does not work anymore

Rates are not showing correctlyI have had a ticket open with shipstation for 3 weeks and they cant seem to find the cause!This is all I get:"I appreciate your patience, Please be advised that we are still working on the rate discrepancies you are see...

nick by Occasional Contributor
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zebra tc51

HiI have a zebra tc51 that runs android.is there a way to be able to scan the items in an order via this scanner and once its all scanned, it should print a label or confirm its done and ask if i want to print a label etc...the tc51 is a great androi...

orders37 by New Contributor
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Actual shipping costs on Packing Slip

Hi! I am looking for a way to add the shipping costs to a custom Packing Slip template I created. I need to add the actual cost as displayed in ShipStation when I have set the package dimensions and weight and purchase a label. Is that possible? If s...

seth1 by Occasional Contributor
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Scan packing slip to confirm packing

Hello,I do a lot of my orders via the mobile app as i am out and about a lot. Only problem with this is the shipstation connect software. The amount of times it randomly crashes, ends up stalling, and i have to get back to my pc and end the task and ...

API calls to Get Rate fail

Using the example from the website. Make a call for "fedex" or "ups" to get rates. The POST request with valid authorization and payload returns internal ShipStation error data. All my GET requests work fine where I get my lists of carriers on the ac...

dlazar by New Contributor
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Wow! I'm earning badges!!

Isnt that great! I got a participation badge, just for loggin in! Ok, maybe after they finish this useless stuff they'll get around to answering our questions and fixing maybe some of the low-hanging fruit, like idk, making the API give you what you ...

doug4 by New Contributor
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Square/PayPal invoicing integration with SS

Is ShipStation ever going to have some sort of integration with a processors invoicing solution?Not only do I have unto 100 orders of day flowing through my ecom store, but I also do A LOT of custom things that require us to send an invoice. It would...

Create a page break between packing slips

I created a custom packing slip that works perfectly when printing individually. However, if I select multiple packing slips, they combine into a PDF so that they completely overlap with each other. How do I create a page break so that they each star...

Untitled design.png
jaimes57 by Occasional Contributor
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