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Product import not fully imported

I tried importing my products using the csv file and although the skus are imported, the SKUAlias aren't.I made sure the format is exactly as required by creating the SKUAlias manually and exporting the csv to copy the formatting but when I import it...

Shipstation API Change "To Buyer" field

What endpoint lets me access the "To Buyer" property of an order? I am able to access the "giftMessage" property of the Order model, but I can't seem to find anything that would let me add a "to buyer" note like I have in the picture here. I have ch...


List All Location Availability

It seems at least one of the main purposes of ShipStation is to ultimately send orders to the location that has available inventory. I constantly find myself having to memorize which of our 6 locations has the inventory or slowly scroll through the S...

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ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (May 1-14)

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