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feature request

Is it possible for different shippers on my account to have their own preference for label size? I switched to zebra printing but many of my drop shippers use full size paper and like to see the packing slip.

LeslieAJ by New Contributor
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UPS recurring charge

Hi I pay for recurring weekly UPS pickup, however I had to reach out to Shipstation to see how much I am paying. It took a few weeks, multiple emails and phone calls to find the answer. It would be really nice to have that information somewhere in my...

Transportation management

It would be great if ShipStation could scrape the carriers I have set up, to select the best shipping rate to use for an order. It would save a lot of fulfillment time if the best option was served up instead of having to search for it.

Write back a tracking number to Magento DB

Hello! When customers create a shipping return label via our branded Shipstation Return page (https://track.shipstation.com/f/r/k/Cot58e11h4eN9bTs0MPMl%2FQdxnxV7eHQtSm7%2BHvfhO0%3D), we would like to have that return label tracking number written bac...

Shipstation alternatives

I've seen a few posts talking about switching, but not a lot of suggestions, so maybe people can post here on what they have or are thinking of switching to.I'd like to switch and not support a company that treats it's customers like this, but I have...

sales436 by New Contributor
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Split orders

This is horrible for anyone who splits orders. First, it doesn't allow me at all to split orders for multiple address shipments from Woocommerce, which has been a big problem for me but at least I could work around with Shipstation and split the orde...

LeslieAJ by New Contributor
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Shipping calculator has lost a key functionality

I've been struggling to get ShipStation support to understand that this new version (not ready for prime time) is missing a key functionality. It used to be that once I selected USPS Priority Mail, I would hit the shipping calculator and get a window...

tony11 by Occasional Contributor
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Orders stuck in Pending Fulfillment

Within SS I sent 2 orders to Amazon FBA. Amazon has had the orders for 5 days now, and still not fulfilled them. So, within SS, I canceled the fulfillment. An hour later, I checked on Amazon, and indeed the orders are canceled on their end (so, that'...

Address Validation Failed

I received an error message when trying to ship a package from the USA to Ñuñoa, Santiago in Chile. "Address Validation Failed, We weren't able to validate this address. This may cause delays in your delivery." I contacted the intended recipient and ...

Can we please get a real bug report system?

This is NOT a real bug report system. Everyone is reporting bugs in what is effectively a "feature request" discussion board! This is crazy. There are a TON of bugs with V3. Why hasn't a REAL bug reporting system been set up to handle V3 yet? This is...

alec1 by Occasional Contributor
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End of Day Print uses wrong printer the FIRST time.

When printing an End of Day form, if the default printer selected is the wrong one & it is changed to the correct printer, the print still happens with the originally selected printer the first time you print (which means I end up printing a junk End...

alec1 by Occasional Contributor
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split orders need to show product values

When orders are split, the product values do not show, so the only way to determine how much insurance coverage to get is to go back into my e-commerce app, search for the order, manually add up the values of the products, then return to ShipStation ...

delslp by Occasional Contributor
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New store - Not able to connect to Amazon

Any one else having an issue connecting there shipstation to Amazon , i keep getting this error code : Something went wrongThis Developer is not currently eligible for new authorizations.Error Code: MD9000 Yes i opened a live chat and the rep said it...

BOOK2 by First-timer
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Re-enable V2 already

There are so many complaints about V3 and customers are using your forums to discuss switching to various competitors. Maybe it's time to allow going back to V2 while the problems are fixed in V3?

i think bugs on New Layout

i tried the new layout I like but few bug doesn't show when the other shipper ship and it doesn't detect the Dymo scale so i went back to the old layout hope it get fixed before the new layout get forced out to use itanyone else have the problem?

Implement webhook

I am trying to implement webhook payloads. I want to know more details of fields for following data. Sample data for webhook payloads is given in the following URL: URL: https://help.shipstation.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025856252#UUID-1a4971f4-8fb5-f...

ept by Occasional Contributor
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