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Has anyone switched from ShipStation to Veeqo? We have been a long time ShipStation user and we are testing Veeqo. We would like to know what features ShipStation has to offer that Veeqo does not offer.

OH2U by First-timer
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Square Sync Broken

Square Sync is Broken, and the conversation with the customer support agent is outrageously off-base, and NOT helpful. I'm ready for a refund and to look in a different direction. They've asked me for screenshots, which I've sent, to which they've re...

gphotomom by New Contributor
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Shopify Customer Notification

The ShipStation email template and design is very limited and it makes it hard to tie in with other branded emails that are created in Klayvio for Shopify.What I would like to do is once ShipStation has assigned a tracking number to the order in Shop...

View history of fill time SLA

We would like the ability to run a report, or have some way of viewing the history of the fill time SLA. These metrics would be helpful to give us a better overview on how often our company is meeting the goal (or not) of fulfilling orders in a 72 ho...

Screen Shot 2024-04-18 at 4.06.47 PM.png

Bug Report: Split and recombine fails with error

HelloWe are encountering an error when we split a shipment using Split and then recombine the shipments.6 package order of 2 different products.We first split the order as a,b,c,d,e and f but later found we can combine the packages as ab,cd,e,f. So t...

Sliceworx by Occasional Contributor
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This page isn't working Error 401

Every time press login from the homepage or if I get to login page working around in the help section, it still leads to the same screen. I'm not sure if my browser is trying to autofill an address and is just getting rocked or if the site isn't reco...

address.png not working.png

Address validation - Revert

I don't know where the address validation feature gets its data but we routinely have it switch our correct validation coming from shipperhq from residential to commercial and vice versa. There WAS an option to "revert" this back to the correct type ...

Ede by New Contributor
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New Feature Requests

We ship out a lot of Amazon packages each week, about 2,000. We have been shipping everything on Veeqo. They have a few things that make shipping a bit more simple. I was hoping we could get these features added to ShipStation so we can return to usi...

Relocate the "Tags Successfully Updated" Pop-Up

The "Tags Successfully Updated" Pop-up NEEDS to be relocated, Or at least Lowered,It pops up over the Close Order Window "X" so we either have to wait for it to "Time Out" and close itself,or requires an extra click that is a waste of time when proce...

AfterHrs by Occasional Contributor
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Shopify Exchange Feature

I am writing to request your support for integrating the new Shopify Exchanges feature within Shipstation. As detailed on Shopify's official help page (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/refunds-returns/exchanges), this functionality is critic...

ogmoto by Occasional Contributor
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Mark Orders as Shipped in Bulk

I'm using this feature "Mark Orders as Shipped in Bulk" as seen below:I can see that this feature doesn't have the "Notify Customer" and "Notify Marketplace" options.If I use this feature, does it notify customer and marketplace?Or what's the default...

Grizwolf by New Contributor
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How to track inventory for eaches and cases

Hello,We have SKUs that are sold by the each as well as the case. So for instance, "SKU A" may receive a purchase for a quantity of 1, but we may receive a wholesale order for 1 case (30 eaches). Each unit has an individual UPC, and then the pre-asse...

JG95 by Occasional Contributor
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Pick List showing INVENTORY location

I am not sure what the logic is for the inventory locations on Pick Lists being taken from a seperate location than where the inventory is stored, but I think this should change.We upload specific inventory amounts with the locations of that inventor...

matttty by New Contributor
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Zapier get tracking number

Is there a way to schedule a zap to 1x a day to look for orders based on specific criteria to use in another action? I have the zap scheduler as the trigger and I am having some difficulty setting the API request. I have tried https://ssapi.shipstati...

TL-11 by New Contributor
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Auto Generate and e-mail reports

It would be fantastic if you could auto-generate a report, like the shipping manifest, at a specific time every day and then e-mail it to key team members. That way, we would get daily updates and wouldn't have to dig through the platform. I'd love t...

jbain by First-timer
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[Feature Request] Add GST for Tax Identifiers

Seeing as GST is a tax identifier used in the following countries:AustraliaCanadaIndiaMalaysiaMaldivesNew ZealandPapua New GuineaSingaporeIt should be a tax identifier we can use and it's not currently an option. This is a deal-breaker for myself and...

Thor by First-timer
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