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setting up a user

It would be nice if a client could have access to their store in shipstation as a user and not be able to see all my other clients. I have 20 different stores set up and are all visible which prevents us from allowing the user permission to access th...

Adding Carriers to Manually marked a shipped

Option of Veyer Logistics to the drop down menu when marking an order as manually shipped.The reason for the request is that "Other" is not an approved carrier for Amazon. We are using Shipstation to update Amazon with the shipping details. In order ...

AlexLeahy by New Contributor
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Marked as shipped not sending tracking info

Again, I have had this issue for months now. Shipstation has done a virtual meeting with me where I showed the issue and they were going to show the video of the recording to a higher tech team. The last communication I have received was from May 9th...

Scan to Verify Tag

It would be great to be able to add a condition for scanned/verified. Currently its a very manual process to tag each order scanned/verified. Please make it so that we can create an automated rule to add a tag to an order once the shipment is scan/ve...

DaraS by First-timer
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Reprint label WITH packing slip

I find it to be a huge disadvantage to be unable to reprint a label WITH its pack slip.Yes, you can print them separately but I have multiple orders that didn't print out (due to a printer issue) but because they are considered to be "printed already...

smedina by New Contributor
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TFL ( The fulfillment Lab ) integration

Hello,We want to integrate TFL ( The fulfillment Lab ) as a fulfillment provider under shipstation account. But we're not getting that option, so we have reached to your support and they've suggested us to post this integration request here. As TFL i...

Package Size Reports

It would be great if we could generate a report, or customize one, that show the box sizes used. When streamlining our supplies, we are interested in which boxes we use the most, and how often, etc. Right now, we don't have a way of easily obtaining ...

Notes To Buyer Field API Field

We do not have a plan that allows for custom shipping list templates and can only print out the Notes to Customer field. I am trying to make an API post to add a string to that field and it is not available through SS API. Can the devs please make th...

TL-11 by New Contributor
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Shopify order fulfillment

When an order is split in Shipstation because an item is not available, Shipstation marks all the items in Shopify as fulfilled.It would be much better if Shipstaion was able to mark only the items that were shipped as fulfilled in Shopify so items s...

Alan235 by First-timer
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Globalpost international fees

I'm wondering how GlobalPost fees to ship to Canada compare to the fees UPS charges to ship to Canada.I occasionally ship from US to Canada using my own UPS account. In addition to Duties and GST, there are also:• Entry Prep Fee• Brokerage Fee• Disbu...

MCogswell by New Contributor
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Support for Tindie marketplace

Hi, Tindie is a huge marketplace for goods, similar to Etsy, but more oriented towards technical and electronics projects.We would like a shipstation integration for Tindie - https://www.tindie.com/What can we do to help make this happen?Thank you.

sales287 by First-timer
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Shipping Description

I'm having an issue where I input the shipping description for shipping methods and Shipstation or the carrier is automatically inputting days into my description. For example, I set up quick ship for 3 days and standard shipping for 5-7 days. Someth...

Shipstation Error.JPG
JessieN by First-timer
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Add UPC field to Product API

In the Products API the UPC field is missing. This is an essential field to be able to scan items in most shipping systems and we need to be able to track and update it.Please add the UPC field to Product Get and Update API actions.

UPS Ground Saver with own UPS account

We currently are not able to use our own negotiated rates for UPS Ground Saver and would like this feature to be available. Currently for heavier boxes our rates are lower than the Shipstation rate. This is impacting our ability to utilize all shippi...

bgh9135 by First-timer
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Shipstation API help

I was wanting to task for support or request to add a feature to API. I have a certain need for me to take certain orders that have shipped via API and pull the shipping cost so I can bill for shipping later. I also really need to pull the number of ...

Tom2024 by New Contributor
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Marketplace Notification Failures

Sometimes we create shipments more quickly than Amazon wants to accept them, which results in our orders appearing unshipped to Amazon and Shipstation receiving a 429 error back. Then our account at Amazon gets a wrist slap for not shipping orders in...

MJ by First-timer
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Global Post Tracking Link Updated Needed

I use the shipment notifications, they are great! But now with using Global Post, when a customer click the tracking number the link goes to USPS. Yes, USPS picks it up but the tracking is thru Global Post not USPS. So when the customer clicks the tr...

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