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UPS EDI Support

Good morning, We have finished setting up our own UPS account and integrating our negotiated rates. We did all of this to enable EDI support with UPS to make customs processing easier. Could someone please point me in the right direction for how to e...

Maximum Weight Error Carrier Code 1015 - DPD

Hi There - has anybody been recieving Maximum Weight Errors when trying to generate DPD labels through API? We have been recieving these and have an open ticket for weeks that shows no signs of solving. About 40-50% of all our labels return this thro...

Luke by New Contributor
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Amazon shipping not generate labels

Hello, Recently we noticed that we cant generate Amazon shipping labels and gettin always the same error :No eligible service offerings received. You may be after the cutoff time for collection. Try moving the ship date to the following business day....

How set "hold for pickup" on a shipment

According to "Hold for Pickup" is a supported additional feature in ShipStation for Purolator shipments, but I have not been able to figure out how to do it. This is something we co...

artooro by First-timer
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FedEx OneRate Returns

So Shipstation makes it quite clear that FedEx One Rate can't be used for returns. This is a real pity. I don't understand why it cannot just create a return label with the send to and recipient swapped. Has anyone found another way to make this work...

RTMartin by New Contributor
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UPS Canada billing and label issues

We have been complaining to ShipStation since Early fall 2020 about how all of a sudden our UPS labels are converting to cm and kg.We submit the details in lbs and kg, UPS bills is in lbs and inches. The issue gets worse because the back and forth fr...

Matthew by Occasional Contributor
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Custom Integrated Label

We are an online store using Etsy and Shopify. We ship via Parcelforce (Mainly) with some exceptions depending on postcode We are interested in having a custom label/pickslip written to pull all the information that we need including the shipping lab...

Shipping Presets - Missing shipping service

Has anyone had the issue where a shipping carrier disappears from the option drop down list in when creating or viewing shipping preset groups?We use Endicia , however now when we try and edit shipping presets or add another preset group Endicia has ...

ATC by First-timer
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end of day forms

New to shipstaionCan anyone answer a question i have about end of day forms. I use Royal Mail here in the uk, my question is if i buy the postage/ dispatch the item on a sunday, will the items that sunday be moved into the end of day form for the Mon...

Kdcards by First-timer
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Allowing non-supported carriers tracking details

Original post by user Joe Cooper We're doing an integration for a warehouse management system used by a few of our clients which are fulfilment centres. We opted to use ShipStation as it supports a wide amount of platforms so their customers can easi...

Royal Mail Intergration update 17/09/2020

Original post by user A R Watts Has anyone else experienced problems with the latest Royal Mail integration update, we have had issues with service upgrades and the use of certain services. Signed For, Saturday Delivery and Next-day delivery.

Cubic rates?

Original post by user Office ITS I'm new - but why can't I see USPS Cubic Priority Mail rates or select Cubic Priority in my rate calculator?

Digital Customs Docs - specific countries only

Original post by user Scott Hunter After a recent parcel had a misadventure to Spain and back, I thought I'd make a suggestion here. Said parcel was meant to be heading for Brazil using DHL Worldwide Express (UK based account) and we have PLT active ...

Arrange FedEx Pickups

Original post by user Jeremy Earls Hey All, I have FedEx integrated into my ShipStation and one of my Ship From locations doesn't have a regular FedEx pickup. Am I just totally missing it or is there no way within ShipStation to setup a pickup? Does ...

SarahATX by Moderator
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UPS Canada Integration next to impossible!

Original post from user Peter Peng Anyone have success with UPS integration? It's really frustrating because they ask for your account # and also multiple numbers from an invoice Control ID Invoice Date Invoice Number Invoice Amount There is a trial ...

SarahATX by Moderator
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GlobalPost International - Shipping up to 70lbs?

Original post from user Ginger Kaiser GlobalPost is available in my Shipstation Account. When the package weighs more than 4 lbs the following message is received: Selected service is not compatible with other settings (package type, weight, size) Gl...

USPS Claim Auto-fill

Original post by user David Durham It would be a great idea to implement a way to file a USPS claim with 1 click. All customer information and item information instantly transfers. BOOOM! Get Ship "claims" Done! This would be especially helpful consi...