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delay in order shipment notification

I've been emailing customer support back and forth for almost 3 weeks now with not much help at all- we're getting delays where a label was purchased in ShipStation, but did not update as fullfilled in Shopify/notify the customer until two or 3 days ...

UPS from Shipstation Rate Chart

I've noticed that the UPS rates provided by Shipstation are lower than the usual daily rates published by UPS. Having a published chart showing the rates for each weight/zone would be useful information for anyone using shipstations that offers "free...

rlewis by New Contributor
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WooCommerce Live Rates Integration

WooCommerce accounts for more than 30% of all E-Commerce Stores. Why is there still not a plug-and-play live shipping rate integration? I've seen previous posts, but it's time that those who require these features are given what they ask for. You gav...

AmirKhan by Occasional Contributor
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CN23 document missing from Royal Mail labels

I've raised this with support but they are taking ages to get back and I can't work without this resolved. Hoping maybe someone here as come across this and found a fix. As the subject says, the CN23 documents are missing in my international Royal Ma...

About get rate insurance

I found the insuranceOptions parameter in the label creation process, but I did not find any insurance related information in the getRate API. Is there a solution?

Justin54 by New Contributor
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Bug - dimensions not populated for UPS Package Types

We are using UPS Large, UPS Medium and UPS Express Pak packaging. When you select one of these, the dimensions do not update, so the rate is wrong unless your package weight happens to be greater than the dimensional weight would have been had the di...

RobC by Contributor
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Shipment fees - Now charging for label creation?!

Having just checked my recent bill, I was surprised to see new charges I was not aware of "shipment fees" for creating labels.I was never informed about these new charges, was anybody else aware of this change?This is going to near double the charge ...

jk47 by Occasional Contributor
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Issue with Create Label API

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to bring to your attention an issue we're experiencing with the Create Label API's test mode. Despite setting the test label parameter to true, we're getting incorrect data with a 200 status code.Could you please lo...

gkennedy by First-timer
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Carrier Eligibility Error

Good evening,I have had zero luck with support so I was hoping a member of the community could help me out.I have integrated SS with my Amazon account however when I try ship with any of the Amazon Buy Shipping carrier options I get the following err...

claytons by New Contributor
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Unable to add the UPS account as carrier

I have a Bronze subscription plan, and I have been trying to add a private UPS account as carrier on my shipstation account, I keep getting an error that says "There is a non-technical issue with your request, in order to resolve you will need to con...

Hazmat options

We went through all of the trouble to get out HAZMAT authorization to ship through UPS, only to find out that there are no options to ship HAZMAT through shipstation. We will likely be migrating out UPS business through Worldship so we don't slow dow...

EVRI Not available as a Buy Shipping Option

Support have just told me that there is no support for this. How can they preted to be Amazon friendly when they dont have connections for the two Prime approved carriers (EVRI and DPD). We will have to use another platform if this is not fixed.

Unable to add the UPS account as carrier

I have been trying to add a private UPS account as carrier on my shipstation account, I keep getting an error that says "There is a non-technical issue with your request, in order to resolve you will need to contact UPS customer service at 1-888-851-...


It would help minimize the number of calls per customer order if the '/shipments/getrates' API method supported accepting multiple carrier codes (for example, as a comma-separated list), or even a special value to return all carriers (for example, '*...

vikram by New Contributor
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Shipments in "Limbo"

Hello,So our company has our own UPS account. We recently disabled UPS by shipstation. Now when I go into shipments to check for limbo orders, any shipment that was in transit that shipped through UPS by shipstation is now showing up as limbo, but wh...

Shay by New Contributor
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Shipstation doesn't work with CloudFlare?!

Shipstation doesn't work with CloudFlare?! Whenever we enable bot mode on CloudFlare shipstation can't connect to our woocommerce/wordpress website....I asked chat for the ip's shipstation uses but they provided amazons json file

dailce by First-timer
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Please add QR code Returns!

QR code Returns would be such a convenient way for our customers to return items to us. Not everyone has printers and the means to attach a printed label to a package and send it back. We have run into the situation multiple times were our customers ...

Amazon Buy-Shipping Issues When Splitting Shipment

Hello,When using "Amazon Buy-Shipping" - we sometimes run into issues when we have to split the order into multiple shipments. For instance, if we have to split an order of six items into three shipments, we can usually use "Buy-Shipping" for two ord...

JG95 by Occasional Contributor
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UPS by Shipstation for France?

We have a USA Shipstation account and a France Shipstation account.Unfortunately, for our France account there is only a Colissimo by Shipstation option and no UPS by Shipstation like our USA account.Can Shipstation get together with UPS in France to...

Option to select a custom carrier?

Is there a way to designate something like "Company Truck" or "Local Delivery" as a carrier option when choosing a carrier?We deliver quite a number of orders ourselves and, while I know I can mark the item(s) as delivered, there is no tracking for i...

sales223 by New Contributor
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