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50% increase in price in 30 days?

So, let me get this straight, since my company is performing well enough to start negotiating rates directly with carriers such as UPS and DHL to achieve better rates than what ShipStation by default provides, I am now going to be penalized for this ...

Shipstation Price Hike.png
service10 by Contributor
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Globalpost international fees

I'm wondering how GlobalPost fees to ship to Canada compare to the fees UPS charges to ship to Canada.I occasionally ship from US to Canada using my own UPS account. In addition to Duties and GST, there are also:• Entry Prep Fee• Brokerage Fee• Disbu...

MCogswell by New Contributor
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Adding Carriers to Manually marked a shipped

Option of Veyer Logistics to the drop down menu when marking an order as manually shipped.The reason for the request is that "Other" is not an approved carrier for Amazon. We are using Shipstation to update Amazon with the shipping details. In order ...

AlexLeahy by New Contributor
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DHL Economy

Hello,Do you know if DHL Economy will be available for France ?I saw that it was available in Germany and I don't understand why only express is linked in France... ?Thanks a lot, Pierre

PJITD by New Contributor
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UPS Ground Saver with own UPS account

We currently are not able to use our own negotiated rates for UPS Ground Saver and would like this feature to be available. Currently for heavier boxes our rates are lower than the Shipstation rate. This is impacting our ability to utilize all shippi...

bgh9135 by First-timer
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Adding customer shipment providers - MUST HAVE

We use a shipping provider that is approved by Amazon and also able to be selected in Amazon, but Shipstation doesnt give me the option to send their tracking information. Amazon is very strict when it comes to shipping information, and I need to be ...

AlexLeahy by New Contributor
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Resolved! When will Amazon Shipping Service integration work again?

When will Amazon Shipping Service integration work again? I'm not talking about the Amazon Buy Shipping API, but the actual Amazon Shipping service which was online from 2019-2020 then they took it offline and are now bringing it back. They said they...

goparts by New Contributor
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FedEx SmartPost

I use our FedEx account, along with the UPS and USPS. I can see the regular residential, commercial and express rates in the Rate Browser, but if I want to check SmartPost, it's not there. I can only see the rates for it if I go back to the rate calc...

aschreck by Occasional Contributor
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Royal Mail Tiered Pricing

Hi,Royal Mail tiered pricing is a feature that needs to be expedited. This is an innovative pricing structure from a courier that would benefit anyone with a Royal Mail account that ships varied weights of products. Please hurry. Thanks.

Harry_Able by Occasional Contributor
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UPS from Shipstation Rate Chart

I've noticed that the UPS rates provided by Shipstation are lower than the usual daily rates published by UPS. Having a published chart showing the rates for each weight/zone would be useful information for anyone using shipstations that offers "free...

rlewis by New Contributor
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Unable to add the UPS account as carrier

I have been trying to add a private UPS account as carrier on my shipstation account, I keep getting an error that says "There is a non-technical issue with your request, in order to resolve you will need to contact UPS customer service at 1-888-851-...

Please add YUN EXPRESS

Please add YUN EXPRESS in your carrier list. It is a pretty big carrier. I need to use "other" from your list when I ship with them and it stuffed up my Amazon orders and trackings.Thank you.

Pumayana by First-timer
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Insurance costs going importing into Squarespace

Hi, how to get the costs ShipStation calculates to go to Squarespace to charge the customer the total costs of shipping and insurance. Today, only the shipping costs are being charged within Squarespace even though I have it configured to calculate. ...

UPS Simple Rate does not work anymore

Rates are not showing correctlyI have had a ticket open with shipstation for 3 weeks and they cant seem to find the cause!This is all I get:"I appreciate your patience, Please be advised that we are still working on the rate discrepancies you are see...

nick by Occasional Contributor
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UPS Simple Rate

I would really love to utilize ShipStation as a one-stop solution. Unfortunately, most of my packages ship with the UPS Simple Rate and I don't see that as an option with ShipStation. Any plans to add that and a possible timeline?


my UPS rep says this will be the most cost and time efficient service for small packages from canada to the us but shipstation doesn't currently support the option they are telling me. Any one else had this experience or is currently using express sa...

Marc1 by New Contributor
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Royal Mail Charges

Hi All,Signed up to Shipstation and we've started testing the service. We generated label within ShipstationStandard large letter Royal Mail pricing is £1.86The invoice for the parcel from Royal Mail that we received is £2.57 This equates to a 32% in...

WOODBROS by First-timer
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update UPS return address

We have been using UPS third-party service through shipstion, but when we moved from Virginia to Texas, we had trouble if the package needed to be returned to the sender, the package still went back to our old Virginia address. We contacted shipstati...

HBTX by First-timer
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About get rate insurance

I found the insuranceOptions parameter in the label creation process, but I did not find any insurance related information in the getRate API. Is there a solution?

Justin54 by New Contributor
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delay in order shipment notification

I've been emailing customer support back and forth for almost 3 weeks now with not much help at all- we're getting delays where a label was purchased in ShipStation, but did not update as fullfilled in Shopify/notify the customer until two or 3 days ...

WooCommerce Live Rates Integration

WooCommerce accounts for more than 30% of all E-Commerce Stores. Why is there still not a plug-and-play live shipping rate integration? I've seen previous posts, but it's time that those who require these features are given what they ask for. You gav...

AmirKhan by Occasional Contributor
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CN23 document missing from Royal Mail labels

I've raised this with support but they are taking ages to get back and I can't work without this resolved. Hoping maybe someone here as come across this and found a fix. As the subject says, the CN23 documents are missing in my international Royal Ma...