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Heads up using Shipsurance

We've been using Shipstation for probably 5 years now and we had to finally file a claim on a package. We used Shipsurance because it is a cheaper option, and it's integrated with Shipstation. I want to give a huge warning to anyone using them becaus...

PSD by New Contributor
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FedEx OneRate Returns

So Shipstation makes it quite clear that FedEx One Rate can't be used for returns. This is a real pity. I don't understand why it cannot just create a return label with the send to and recipient swapped. Has anyone found another way to make this work...

RTMartin by New Contributor
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UPS Simple Rate does not work anymore

Rates are not showing correctlyI have had a ticket open with shipstation for 3 weeks and they cant seem to find the cause!This is all I get:"I appreciate your patience, Please be advised that we are still working on the rate discrepancies you are see...

nick by Occasional Contributor
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API calls to Get Rate fail

Using the example from the website. Make a call for "fedex" or "ups" to get rates. The POST request with valid authorization and payload returns internal ShipStation error data. All my GET requests work fine where I get my lists of carriers on the ac...

dlazar by New Contributor
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How can I set up UPS daily pick up?

I pay around $13/week for Fedex daily pick up.I wonder how can I do that with UPS(shipstation). Before I asked to ShipStation tech support, and it looked like they don't know well about it. Thank uyou.

cs by First-timer
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ShipBob Integration

When will the ShipBob integration be ready?When you click on "connect" in ShipStation it says it is currently being updated but there is no other information.

SeanC by First-timer
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WooCommerce Live Rates Integration

WooCommerce accounts for more than 30% of all E-Commerce Stores. Why is there still not a plug-and-play live shipping rate integration? I've seen previous posts, but it's time that those who require these features are given what they ask for. You gav...

AmirKhan by Occasional Contributor
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2023 Postal Calendar

Shipstation online still has the 2022 postal calendar listed, but nothing yet for 2023. Since shipstation Shipped Items report only functions on shipping days for those particular carrier, I need a current calendar. As an example, it was MLK Jr. day ...

bhaynie by First-timer
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FedEx 3rd party shipping and reference fields

When shipping via Fedex ship manager, there is a way to add reference/PO info to the shipping label, looks like this:Is there a way to add the reference info to a shipment created in shipstation instead (we would prefer to do these in shipstation but...

mlwylam by New Contributor
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Packing Slips for Amazon Sales

Hi, We are a new-ish Shipstation user but a long standing Amazon Seller. We have moved most of our shipping to shipstation. We still print our packing slips on Amazon as this is what we have always done in the past however there is a benefit to us fo...

DnG by New Contributor
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UPS Express Mini Box not available in Shipstation

So we have been using the UPS Express Mini Box (8 x 6 x 3") for at least 6 months now. It turns out to be a really convenient size for small parts that need to be shipped by air/international and is often less expensive than the UPS Express Small Box...

Cthermo by New Contributor
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Cubic rates?

Original post by user Office ITS I'm new - but why can't I see USPS Cubic Priority Mail rates or select Cubic Priority in my rate calculator?

SarahATX by Moderator
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Shopify Checkout Shipping Rates

Hi allI'm new to Shipstation and while testing it with a trial order I have noticed an issue that I am not sure how to deal with. In the checkout page the only option available is 'pickup' I'm thinking this may be because I have no courier or rates s...

Scouser by First-timer
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Shipstation By UPS Account Locked out 30 Minutes

Every time I try and print a label through my account for UPS it says my account is locked, AFTER taking my money for Checked all FAQ's and even did the live chat. The live chat was extremely unhelpful as they pawned me off onto

Cubic Pricing error or integration problem?

I am not being offered cubic pricing when creating a label. Sizing is 6"x3"x4" - which according to would be almost $2 cheaper than priority.. Am I supposed to do anything extra to be offered this? We use pirateship and it comes up... but ...

samosetmg by New Contributor
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Seko White Glove

Does Seko White Glove offer assembly? It looks like Seko offers it: I am unsure if Shipstation offer it.


Just received this notification today. We pay enough already to Shipstation... If Amazon is the true source of the fee, I'd love to get those details from Shipstation... and I'll retract... otherwise this is just greed on the part of ShipStation.

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.54.37 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.54.37 PM.png
john16 by Contributor
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Missing or invalid shipper name

I have a UPS account with negotiated rates that I seem to have successfully added to my SHIPSTATION account. The negotiated rates do show and everything looks fine until I select the option to print the label, I get the message that says: "Missing or...

UPS - International electronic transmission

We have had an increasing number of UPS international shipments get hung up because, despite including the required three copies of the commercial invoice in an envelope on the package, it gets flagged for manual processing and they email/call saying...

scmsteve by Contributor
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New User - Error Message

Hello. I'm a new user of ShipStation and I get the following error message when trying to print a shipping label."There was a problem with the request in its current state. (400, b78e6437-d117-4a47-9354-98830dd00f28)"I don't know what that means and ...

Standalone USPS connections

USPS wants us to use a standalone account, not the reseller account.If this can't be done with Shipstation, we will have to move to different software.

steve27 by New Contributor
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Option to select a custom carrier?

Is there a way to designate something like "Company Truck" or "Local Delivery" as a carrier option when choosing a carrier?We deliver quite a number of orders ourselves and, while I know I can mark the item(s) as delivered, there is no tracking for i...

sales223 by New Contributor
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