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Shipstation adds 1 lb shipment

Are any of you having trouble with Shipstation adding weight to the weight you enter when shipping a parcel?UPS is virtually our sole carrier and the only carrier we have integrated with Shipstation. We started noticing that the quoted price on Ships...

Adding Amazon Buy Shipping Giving Me Error Message

I've had nothing but issues with Amazon BUY SHIPPING over the last few weeks with multi-item orders. Since I haven't received any resolution from customer service, I decided to remove the Amazon Buy Shipping connection and re-add the Amazon Buy Shipp...

RLB by First-timer
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cant buy UPS lable.

start yesterday afternoon, I try to buy UPS label, it shows label cost, after I click the " buy and print label", nothing happens, after tried a few time, the order get marked 'shipped" but there is no label,no tracking, I have to click restore ,to u...

OZard by Occasional Contributor
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Square space Online store - UPS optimization

Online store in squarespaceUsing UPS for ship station shipping to all 50 states from the Albany, NY area I sell a perishable product that needs to be delivered in the continental US in no more than 2 days. my square space store is automatically set u...

pieman by First-timer
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schedule pickup DHL

If I create a shipment today, and try to schedule a pickup tomorrow, I can't, because when I select tomorrow's pickup date, today's shipment doesn't appear. If I wait until midnight, I can see the shipment, but when I select the same date for pickup,...

lmpsr49 by First-timer
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Resolved! Carrier still showing after deleting

Hello, I'm totally brand new here. I added fedex as an carrier, and then I deleted the whole connection. Going to my website, I still see the FedEX options. It is been since yesterday and it is still there. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks

Symb_to by New Contributor
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Canada post shipping manifests

Hello Canada post has recently updated their systems. with the new "update" the shipping manifests will no longer scan at the post office. and all orders must be scanned in my hand. this is taking the employees hours of their shift just to scan in my...

Bwarman14 by New Contributor
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USPS surcharge not showing on label but I paid them

How do you get in touch with someone. This isn’t the first time either. I ship fishing poles that have a new $15 surcharge. I just paid $24.95 for what used to cost around $10. The delivering post office want $15 from my customer as they show that I ...


Just received this BS notification today. We pay enough already to Shipstation... If Amazon is the true source of the fee, I'd love to get those details from Shipstation... and I'll retract... otherwise this is just raw greed on the part of ShipStati...

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.54.37 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.54.37 PM.png
john16 by Contributor
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Option to select a custom carrier?

Is there a way to designate something like "Company Truck" or "Local Delivery" as a carrier option when choosing a carrier?We deliver quite a number of orders ourselves and, while I know I can mark the item(s) as delivered, there is no tracking for i...

sales223 by New Contributor
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Add a carrier

Hello Dear Ship Station Support Team, Please add a new carrier Jumppoint Standard Service for Hong Kong. As it isn't convenient to mark as shipped with "Other"carrier, as the information should be updated correctly at the marketplace. Thanks!

yborzilo by Occasional Contributor
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Tracking of unshipped or stuck orders

Hi community members,I have a task to control if orders were shipped from our warehouse within a certain period of time (2 days for us).I made a script which uses the order's tracking information, and when it still sees "Label Created" or "Not Shippe...

Laurel39 by Occasional Contributor
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We've been having issues with labels purchased through Shipstation. High adjustment amounts after the label purchaseI am not sure if it is intentionally Shipstation shows lower rates for and then, after the label is purchased, y...

EB-mx by New Contributor
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Missing or invalid shipper name

I have a UPS account with negotiated rates that I seem to have successfully added to my SHIPSTATION account. The negotiated rates do show and everything looks fine until I select the option to print the label, I get the message that says: "Missing or...

Regarding Orders By Shipping Carrier

HI Team, I am getting different count for Orders By Shipping Carrier "UPS" and "UPS by shipstation""UPS" and "UPS by shipstation" are two different carriers.On shipstation dashboard have different number of orders as compare to api for example date r...

Amazon Buy Shipping and Shipstation

I noticed that Amazon Buy Shipping is now available in Shipstation (finally!!) but it doesn’t seem to work. When searching for carrier rates using Buy Shipping, I get an error back that says “One or more providers reported an error. Phone_number must...

DHL Parcel for UK

Hello, can you advise when the DHL parcel integration will be available in UK. I thing ship station may loose customers to the competitors due to lack of this integration features. I have been chasing this more than a year now but it never comes in t...

Gee golly, stop forcing new UPS accounts and ads! Really?!

How in the world do you justify forcing us to create a UPS account....when adding a new Stamps account? We ship USPS and can't, won't, and don't ship UPS. Yet here we are with a shiny new UPS account in ShipStation.Don't even bother asking why we're ...

2022-06-30 10_04_55-ShipStation - Brave.png
CICR by New Contributor
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Shipping options

When I select "Recipient" or "Third Party" in the shipping options side bar, the drop down disappears!! Can this be fixed? Am I doing something wrong? I end up having to exit and restart orders 3-4 times to get the drop down to function correctly!! A...

Something similar to the FedEx package Return Program

We need an easy way to create non-order-related returns. We travel and exhibit at various conferences and often ship products to the venue. We need an easy way to take along pre-printed labels to send back whatever product we don't sell. That being s...

info140 by First-timer
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