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FedEx SmartPost

I use our FedEx account, along with the UPS and USPS. I can see the regular residential, commercial and express rates in the Rate Browser, but if I want to check SmartPost, it's not there. I can only see the rates for it if I go back to the rate calc...

aschreck by Occasional Contributor
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WooCommerce Live Rates Integration

WooCommerce accounts for more than 30% of all E-Commerce Stores. Why is there still not a plug-and-play live shipping rate integration? I've seen previous posts, but it's time that those who require these features are given what they ask for. You gav...

AmirKhan by Occasional Contributor
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Multiple UPS by Shipstation Accounts

I would love to be able to connect a second UPS by Shipstation account to our Shipstation account. We currently use our own UPS account and UPS by Shipstation; we get good rates on large packages with our own account and good rates on small packages ...

Seeking workaround for Etsy Package Dimensions

It appears that Etsy requires package dimensions on their listings; however, does not require dimensions in shipstation for first class packages. Because Etsy does, package dimensions keep importing on our orders and causing the shipping r...

3PL help

Hi, we are a company in Canada with a 3PL in USA. We can't connect a USPS account because it is 2 different countries? This should be a feature, since we can add multiple locations.Please help!

GLWH by First-timer
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Cubic rates?

Original post by user Office ITS I'm new - but why can't I see USPS Cubic Priority Mail rates or select Cubic Priority in my rate calculator?

SarahATX by Moderator
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Standalone USPS connections

USPS wants us to use a standalone account, not the reseller account.If this can't be done with Shipstation, we will have to move to different software.

steve27 by New Contributor
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Amazon Buy Shipping and Shipstation

I noticed that Amazon Buy Shipping is now available in Shipstation (finally!!) but it doesn’t seem to work. When searching for carrier rates using Buy Shipping, I get an error back that says “One or more providers reported an error. Phone_number must...

Transportation management

It would be great if ShipStation could scrape the carriers I have set up, to select the best shipping rate to use for an order. It would save a lot of fulfillment time if the best option was served up instead of having to search for it.

TheSource by New Contributor
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Fedex and the package value

Hello It is my understanding that Shipstation decided not to pass the shipment value information to Fedex. Therefore when you ship via Fedex using Shipstation and the shipment is lost and the value was over $100, Fedex liability would be limited to $...

sales22 by New Contributor
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Errors with Loomis Express Courier

I have found 2 bugs with the Loomis Express Integration. The first is that I cannot void a label that has been created. I get the following error The second is the rate calculator does not work. I have attached a picture of that as well.

shipstation loomis void label error.png shipstation loomis rate calculator error.png