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FedEx "Unable to register meter" Error Message

Symptoms You receive the error "Unable to register meter: Shipping address provided does not match our records" when getting rates or creating labels with FedEx services. Diagnosis To create FedEx labels, ShipStation must register each Ship From Loca...

How do you add Notes from Buyer to a packing slip?

Question How do you add Notes from Buyer to a packing slip? Answer Hi Laura, To add the Notes from Buyer to your packing slip, you just need to add the [Notes from Buyer] field replacement to your packing slip template. How and where you add that to ...

Packing Slip - Notes from buyer.png Packing Slip - Notes HTML.png Packing Slip Result.png

How to Create a Landscape Packing Slip

How to create a packing slip template that prints in a landscape orientation. ShipStation’s packing slip templates print in portrait mode. There is no setting to change the orientation to landscape, but if you can edit your packing slip template HTML...


How do I resolve Authentication failed Error?

Question Why am I seeing and How do I resolve the " Authentication failed" error? Answer When you get the Authentication Failed error there can be two main culprits to account for. 1. Your stamps password was changed and needs to be update...

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