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When attempting to add funds to a or One Balance account in ShipStation, an error occurs with the reason "Suspend".



This error is returned to ShipStation by the postage provider after ShipStation sends the add funds request. This occurs when there is an account-level issue with your connected postage provider. It may be due to an expired payment method on the account, a fraud alert on the account, or some other billing related issue (including an issue with the credit card attached to the account).



You must contact your postage provider to resolve the issue. 


  • For a account, contact 866-634-4708 to discuss and resolve the issue.
  • For a ShipStation USPS One Balance account, contact ShipStation Support to discuss and resolve the issue.


If the issue is with the credit card attached to the account, you may need to then contact your financial institution to resolve the issue.


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How we can have ShipStation without Too many problems with I do not need them




While a is an integrated part of any ShipStation account, you certainly are not required to use it. You can connect many of your own carrier accounts including UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and many more. You can view the list of available carrier or postage provider integrations on our Carrier Integrations section of our online help center. 


If you want to ship using USPS services, however, you will be required to use either or Endicia (which is a Stamps-owned provider). Or, you can use the ShipStation Carrier Services (also called "One Balance") USPS services, which is managed by ShipStation. 


I hope this is helpful!

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