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How do you add Notes from Buyer to a packing slip?



Hi Laura, 


To add the Notes from Buyer to your packing slip, you just need to add the [Notes from Buyer] field replacement to your packing slip template. 


Packing Slip - Notes from buyer.png



How and where you add that to your template HTML is up to you. If you just want a simple paragraph in your packing slip footer section you could do this:




<p align="left">Buyer Notes: [Notes from Buyer]</p>




Here is how that looks in the footer section of the default template:


Packing Slip - Notes HTML.png


and here is how it would look on the packing slip itself:

Packing Slip Result.png



Hope that helps!


How can we add the buyer note when we are Bronze Shipstations? I can't believe it isn't by default, it is such an essential feature.

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