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I want to automate certain orders to ship Fedex Home with Indirect Signature Required, but that doesn't seem to be an option in automation. I'm only seeing "Direct Signature (Fedex Only)".  Is there a reason for this? 


When you are creating an automation rule with Request Confirmation as the action for the rule you will have 5 options to choose from.


To require an indirect signature for FedEx shipments with automation you will want to choose Signature from the Request Confirmation Dropdown. Since FedEx has its own option to request direct signatures, the Signature option for FedEx is mapped to indirect signature.








If Shipstation wont add the field "Ship By Date" to the import mapping, which makes no sense, then at least give more options in automation instead of a fixed number of days. 

For example: right now the automation is X days from order date. which means every order will default to that calculation. 

I am currently mapping the Ship by Date to a different the Paid date field. If the automation rule gave me the ability to select "X number of days" and from Field (select field) = paid date


select "X number of days" and from Field (select field) = Custom field 1, 2 or 3. 

Then I could import the ship by date to another mapped field and I could make X=0.

Creating Ship By Date = 0+"selected field" = Value of selected field 

Currently that would allow me to use 0 days from Paid date. 

However that still doesn't resolve the issue where i can use the paid date field. But the ship by date is more important because the majority of all orders are paid when they come into the ShipStation que. 

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