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UPS Express Mini Box not available in Shipstation

So we have been using the UPS Express Mini Box (8 x 6 x 3") for at least 6 months now. It turns out to be a really convenient size for small parts that need to be shipped by air/international and is often less expensive than the UPS Express Small Box...

Cthermo by Occasional Contributor
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Cubic rates?

Original post by user Office ITS I'm new - but why can't I see USPS Cubic Priority Mail rates or select Cubic Priority in my rate calculator?

SarahATX by Moderator
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Shopify Checkout Shipping Rates

Hi allI'm new to Shipstation and while testing it with a trial order I have noticed an issue that I am not sure how to deal with. In the checkout page the only option available is 'pickup' I'm thinking this may be because I have no courier or rates s...

Scouser by First-timer
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Cubic Pricing error or integration problem?

I am not being offered cubic pricing when creating a label. Sizing is 6"x3"x4" - which according to would be almost $2 cheaper than priority.. Am I supposed to do anything extra to be offered this? We use pirateship and it comes up... but ...

samosetmg by New Contributor
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Seko White Glove

Does Seko White Glove offer assembly? It looks like Seko offers it: I am unsure if Shipstation offer it.

Missing or invalid shipper name

I have a UPS account with negotiated rates that I seem to have successfully added to my SHIPSTATION account. The negotiated rates do show and everything looks fine until I select the option to print the label, I get the message that says: "Missing or...

UPS - International electronic transmission

We have had an increasing number of UPS international shipments get hung up because, despite including the required three copies of the commercial invoice in an envelope on the package, it gets flagged for manual processing and they email/call saying...

scmsteve by Contributor
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New User - Error Message

Hello. I'm a new user of ShipStation and I get the following error message when trying to print a shipping label."There was a problem with the request in its current state. (400, b78e6437-d117-4a47-9354-98830dd00f28)"I don't know what that means and ...

Standalone USPS connections

USPS wants us to use a standalone account, not the reseller account.If this can't be done with Shipstation, we will have to move to different software.

steve27 by New Contributor
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Shipstation adds 1 lb shipment

Are any of you having trouble with Shipstation adding weight to the weight you enter when shipping a parcel?UPS is virtually our sole carrier and the only carrier we have integrated with Shipstation. We started noticing that the quoted price on Ships...

schedule pickup DHL

If I create a shipment today, and try to schedule a pickup tomorrow, I can't, because when I select tomorrow's pickup date, today's shipment doesn't appear. If I wait until midnight, I can see the shipment, but when I select the same date for pickup,...

lmpsr49 by First-timer
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Square space Online store - UPS optimization

Online store in squarespaceUsing UPS for ship station shipping to all 50 states from the Albany, NY area I sell a perishable product that needs to be delivered in the continental US in no more than 2 days. my square space store is automatically set u...

pieman by First-timer
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Adding Amazon Buy Shipping Giving Me Error Message

I've had nothing but issues with Amazon BUY SHIPPING over the last few weeks with multi-item orders. Since I haven't received any resolution from customer service, I decided to remove the Amazon Buy Shipping connection and re-add the Amazon Buy Shipp...

RLB by First-timer
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cant buy UPS lable.

start yesterday afternoon, I try to buy UPS label, it shows label cost, after I click the " buy and print label", nothing happens, after tried a few time, the order get marked 'shipped" but there is no label,no tracking, I have to click restore ,to u...

OZard by Occasional Contributor
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Canada post shipping manifests

Hello Canada post has recently updated their systems. with the new "update" the shipping manifests will no longer scan at the post office. and all orders must be scanned in my hand. this is taking the employees hours of their shift just to scan in my...

Bwarman14 by New Contributor
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USPS surcharge not showing on label but I paid them

How do you get in touch with someone. This isn’t the first time either. I ship fishing poles that have a new $15 surcharge. I just paid $24.95 for what used to cost around $10. The delivering post office want $15 from my customer as they show that I ... nightmare

We've been having issues with labels purchased through Shipstation. High adjustment amounts after the label purchaseI am not sure if it is intentionally Shipstation shows lower rates for and then, after the label is purchased, y...

EB-mx by New Contributor
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Resolved! Carrier still showing after deleting

Hello, I'm totally brand new here. I added fedex as an carrier, and then I deleted the whole connection. Going to my website, I still see the FedEX options. It is been since yesterday and it is still there. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks

Symb_to by New Contributor
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