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Shipstation Fatal Error with Endicia/DHL

Shipstation is not sending shipment data to the Endicia/DHL. So, DHL is holding my pacakages due to non-data from Shipstation. All packages are not moving. Terrible issues. Not fixed at this time.

ohtock by First-timer
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GLS Multi-Package Shipments

Hello, We would appreciate ShipStation adding a Multi-Package option (plus sign next to package) for GLS parcels. Not having this option is very limiting compared to FedEx and UPS. Thanks,APX.

APX by First-timer
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Third Party account dropdown (Shipping Options)

Hi,We are using the integrated UPS account created by Shipstation to ship our orders. Some customers want to have us use their own UPS accounts to ship some orders. I do not see the "dropdown" menu under "Other Shipping Options" to select another acc...

norbertsf by New Contributor
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Pick List and Labels

Small and medium-sized businesses usually ship their products with a barcode-free system.This is faster and more practical.But sometimes there may be stock fluctuations.In order to prevent this, it would be great to be able to see the number of stock...

Loomis Express Integration

When will the Integration with Loomis Express work? When I try to connect my account I get the error code "Authorization for this request was denied by the module. (3b87624a-861a-466b-9ff6-148a6239e7c7)"

Australia Post Fuel Surcharge

Hello Friends. Is there a way to ensure Shipstation adds a fuel surcharge to the quoted rates? Australia Post has a 2.7% fuel surcharge which is not included the quotes Shipstation provides for this carrier. When I log into my carrier account directl...

ShipStation (13).png
makebadges by Occasional Contributor
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Label printing error

Instead of shipping rate showing error icon with message "an item with the same key has already been added", no idea what this means and need quick fix to get order out. Any suggestions?

TM2022 by First-timer
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myhermes UK

Shipstation only integrate with Hermes Corporate accounts and do not currently have an agreement to have API integration built for myHermes (non corporate) I also understand Hermes is a Shipstation carrier service, but I would like to use my pre nego...

tansales by Contributor
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Lost Items in shipping

Hello everyone, USPS seems to be very slow at delivering our packages. We think they have lost some packages as the tracking has been stuck at the same place for a couple of days now. If I void the labels to create new shipments for the orders will I...

Resolved! Carrier Pick up

Hi there! Is the first time I'll be using carrier pick up for USPS. Any one knows if USPS picks up media mail?? And if they pick up, do you have to send it in a special way? TX

Alexx by New Contributor
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Can't post to Isle of Man by Royal Mail

Shipstation's integration with Royal Mail does not recognise Isle of Man as a UK domestic service. It only offers international services. According to Royal Mail, IoM is available for domestic services and not subject to customs documentation. https:...

Shipster by Contributor
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Request for Royal Mail automatic tracking

I contacted support recently who suggested that I create a post on here to request a feature. It would be great to have automatic tracking updates within Ship Station for Royal Mail. There is currently no way to see at a glance which orders are in tr...

P-Scott by Explorer
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Unable to use UPS

A week ago UPS disappeared as a carrier on my Shipstation bronze account. In a chat, tech support said UPS had locked the account. I checked with UPS, they said there is no problem with the account. I can log into UPS and ship with the same account d...

info35 by New Contributor
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Request to Add eBay International Standard and GSP

eBay International Standard and GSP are both eBay shipping options; the foremost option is a cheap Delivered Duties Unpaid service, while GSP is Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping program. Buyers pay duties and tax during checkout on eBay and will n...

UPS electronic / paperless clearance to Canada

We use UPS on our shipments into Canada but currently process the shipments in worldship because they offer paperless / electronic customs clearance. Paperless clearing is easier for the seller and faster for the buyer. No additional printing out pap...

hughjorden by Occasional Contributor
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UPS World Wide Shipping Rates

I have WooCommerce. I ship internationally to Canada, no other countries. My UPS plug-in returns a variety of rates to my Canadian customers. However, when I attempt to create a label, I only get one rate. The UPS World Wide rate of $70. Why?

Jane Ship Option

It would be very helpful and more convenient if we could see an integration with Jane Ship: Where Jane pays for the shipping and takes it out of our payments.

KaylaT by Contributor
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