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Resolved! When will Amazon Shipping Service integration work again?

When will Amazon Shipping Service integration work again? I'm not talking about the Amazon Buy Shipping API, but the actual Amazon Shipping service which was online from 2019-2020 then they took it offline and are now bringing it back. They said they...

goparts by New Contributor
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Shipper Number cannot be used ?!

So aggravated! trying to use shipstation ups account and cannot get any labels. Was working fine last week. I have been on hold on the phone since 11 am, it is now 2:15 pm. I have started a ticket and got an email saying that help was on the way. sti...

Resend an auto cancelled Shipment

Upon checking one of my shipments, I discovered that it was canceled. One possible reason is that the fulfillment SKU was not found in the fulfillment center’s system. I have since updated the fulfillment SKU and would like to resend the shipment to ...

carmel by Occasional Contributor
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Unable to add the UPS account as carrier

I have a Bronze subscription plan, and I have been trying to add a private UPS account as carrier on my shipstation account, I keep getting an error that says "There is a non-technical issue with your request, in order to resolve you will need to con...

Child tracking number not included in shipstation

Some orders have Multi-Package and they include multiple tracking number. In shipstation, we can only see the master tracking number. We should be able to see all the tracking numbers. @Moderator-Davis Can you please fix this issue? Thanks

Nnn by Contributor
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Tracking of unshipped or stuck orders

Hi community members,I have a task to control if orders were shipped from our warehouse within a certain period of time (2 days for us).I made a script which uses the order's tracking information, and when it still sees "Label Created" or "Not Shippe...

Laurel39 by Occasional Contributor
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Shipment fees - Now charging for label creation?!

Having just checked my recent bill, I was surprised to see new charges I was not aware of "shipment fees" for creating labels.I was never informed about these new charges, was anybody else aware of this change?This is going to near double the charge ...

jk47 by Occasional Contributor
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When a customer needs faster, not cheaper

I understand that ShipStation will only show customers the cheapest rate for each service our store uses. Our business offers parts for machines that when broken, stop production of our customers. When a part breaks, they often want it as quickly as ...

rmftr by Rookie
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Squarespace Pickup Option

Squarespace have just implemented a new Pickup option, which is great, but the orders don't then come through to Shipstation. We use Shipstation to collate all our orders from different stores for the day so if pickups are missing that is a bit of an...

Missing or invalid shipper name

I have a UPS account with negotiated rates that I seem to have successfully added to my SHIPSTATION account. The negotiated rates do show and everything looks fine until I select the option to print the label, I get the message that says: "Missing or...

Date issue printing Yodel labels

Anyone else finding the label printing issue with Yodel restrictive. I am not sure what the logic is behind having to manually forward date every order before a label can be printed. It is not a feature with any other carrier. We are steering clients...

Support Fedex Regional Economy in Europe

Can you please replicate the UK (and perhaps elsewhere) by enabling the Fedex Regional Economy Service in Europe? This is by far the best rates we have for EU shipments and without it we may struggle to use Shipstation due to the cost of other servic...

am2 by Occasional Contributor
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Live Shipping Quotes

I have customers complain on a regular basis that the shipping quotes given are automatically filtered by what Shipstation feels is the best option. This is such a ridiculous feature in my opinion. Let the customer choose!For example if a customer is...

Live Checkout Rates Bigcommerce

Hello,I'm wondering if anyone knows how to configure the live rates to display the correct shipping to our customers? For example, the picture I've attached, the shipping is incorrect. That product will fit in a Medium Flat Rate, but not priority mai...

MatCash by Occasional Contributor
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50% increase in price in 30 days?

So, let me get this straight, since my company is performing well enough to start negotiating rates directly with carriers such as UPS and DHL to achieve better rates than what ShipStation by default provides, I am now going to be penalized for this ...

Shipstation Price Hike.png
service10 by Contributor
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Beware of Global Post adjustments.

Suddenly I'm getting "adjustments" which are indisputable with Global Post.If they adjust it, they stand firm they are correct! I have been using the same packaging, same weight for years. And now they are randomly adjusting weights. At least with US...

mbrower01 by Occasional Contributor
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Fed Ex Rates Vs Shipstation UPS

Seems like this UPS strike is really going to affect our shipping costs. When I compare UPS Ground rates with Shipstation to our "Discounted" Fed Ex Rates, Fed Ex is 30-40% higher for Ground Home Delivery. Is anyone getting better or similar rates to...

sarah5 by Occasional Contributor
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DX Freight Integration

You currently offer DX Deliver Integration (which works well). How about offering DX Freight Integration? Same company, similar API's, just a different service.

BYO - Why is Aus Post not included?

Hi Shipstation team,We ship to all parts of Australia and the providers you have don't cover all areas where we ship to.We now see that our main provider Aus Post will now incur an additional 13 cents per transaction just so we can ship our product t...

Mariia by New Contributor
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