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UPS from Shipstation Rate Chart

I've noticed that the UPS rates provided by Shipstation are lower than the usual daily rates published by UPS. Having a published chart showing the rates for each weight/zone would be useful information for anyone using shipstations that offers "free...

rlewis by New Contributor
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UPS Surepost

Hello, I am trying to setup UPS Sure Post in my store settings for delivery options and live rate. However it is not showing rate for UPS Sure Post, just my UPS ground, next day air, 2nd air etc. It also shows USPS rates. Why is not showing UPS Sure ... Shipping Intelligence Software

We are working on a custom software solution which will integrate directly with 3dCart and ShipStation allowing you to monitor all of the packages you have in the mail stream from one powerful dashboard. Our goal is to create an easy to use yet robus...

Canadian UPS Shipments being returned immediately.

Our last two UPS shipments to Canada have been returned to us the following day with notice from UPS stating that "sender requested return". We have shipped to Canada through UPS and Shipstation about half a dozen times prior to this without incident...

WBW by New Contributor
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international shipment

Greetings! I 'm new to shipstaion, its very interesting, i sell my products online and i am looking for a cheaper rates to ship. My customers are complaining about the cost of shipment, i ship internationally and i need help getting a better rates fo...

New carrier set-up issues

Hi We need to set up about 20 carrier accounts and it is not going well - 4 are set up and working well.. It is not easy to get the invoice info from the big box retailers - we need their inv no, amount , postal code/zip on invoice, etc. and get toss...

brendak by New Contributor
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How to fix request body?

How to fix API error (products/productId)?{ "Message": "The request is invalid.", "ModelState": { "id": [ "The value 'productId' is not valid for Int32." ] }}Body{ "aliases": null, "productId": 1310726, "sku": "19", "name": "fffffff", "price": 1, "de...

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi there, Perhaps someone has the same issue? Each time we try to ship a package the system displays the same issue: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. We are using our own Fedex UK account, however we are not able to ship any pack...

Vero by First-timer
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Nullable object must have a value

Hello there. I have been using Shipstation to connect my Shopify orders with my FBA multi-channel fulfillment. Everything was fine up until the day before yesterday when I tried to send some orders. In the app I a getting a error message when I click...

Resolved! Beware of large UPS shipments

I set up a 37 box shipment using the ShipStation UPS integration (which goes through $833. For some reason UPS billed an adjustment for a second box on the same package sending my balance way negative. It’s been 3-4 days and i...


How do I set up postage for a number 0 bubble mailer that weighs 4 OZ? Is it considered a package, letter or what?When I try to enter the information it show $ 7.38 for postage.

rick by First-timer
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Locked out for 30minutes at a time

Hi there, I desperately need help with this frustrating issue! I’m trying to print a label from UPS but I get a red “Authentication fail” and I keep getting locked out. I need these packages shipped out by 5pm today. Thanks in advance for the help I ...

Andres1 by New Contributor
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No option to select service when creating a return

Hi, I can process orders but when it comes to processing a return label I no long have the drop down menu to select a service. I have always used the same method and it's always worked fine, what could have happened since this morning?Thanks

Nigel by First-timer
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Unable to buy ShipSurance Credit for the last week

Every time I submit payment, it says "An unexpected error occurred. Sorry but an unexpected error occurred." and does not allow my to purchase credits, so I have been forced to use more expensive carrier insurance. Is anyone else having this issue? I...


Resolved! UPS suddenly not showing as carrier option

Hi, Been using shipstation for several years. Suddenly, UPS isn't showing in my list of carrier options even though it's setup in my list of carriers. I've disconnected and reconnected a few times hoping that would solve the issue. That didn't work. ...

MikeATX by New Contributor
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3rd Party Shipping Account

Hello, Is it possible to add a 3rd party shipping account (specifically FedEx) to ShipStation? I have the requirement for one of my drop ship accounts to use their FedEx account and I can't seem to figure out how to do it via ShipStation. Any assista...

Linking UPS Account

Hello,I am having issues getting our account from a retailer to sync up with ShipStation.Has anyone else seen this issue or found a solution?

USPS Pickups page not calculating total weight

I've reported this to support via a Zendesk ticket, but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. So, thought I'd see if anyone else was encountering this issue. It seems that the USPS Pickups page has changed. I'm not sure exactly when that happened -...

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FBA MultiChannel Fulfillment Costs Report

I need a to know the total costs for all shipping and carrier costs for a certain time period for example the last 30 days. I noticed when I run the Shipping Costs report it doesn't include any of the FBA multichannel fulfillment fees. None of the ot...