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API calls to Get Rate fail

Using the example from the website. Make a call for "fedex" or "ups" to get rates. The POST request with valid authorization and payload returns internal ShipStation error data. All my GET requests work fine where I get my lists of carriers on the ac...

dlazar by New Contributor
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Walmart Buy Shipping

if you go thru walmart buyshipping program, you will have the same production as amazon buy shipping. If a customer report did not receive package, you are protected from charge back.

3PL help

Hi, we are a company in Canada with a 3PL in USA. We can't connect a USPS account because it is 2 different countries? This should be a feature, since we can add multiple locations.Please help!

GLWH by First-timer
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WooCommerce Live Rates Integration

WooCommerce accounts for more than 30% of all E-Commerce Stores. Why is there still not a plug-and-play live shipping rate integration? I've seen previous posts, but it's time that those who require these features are given what they ask for. You gav...

AmirKhan by Occasional Contributor
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trying to map custom fields onto fedex label

Hi all, We're trying to print Fedex shipping labels for Zoro via Shipstation. They have certain requirements which I have no idea how to implement.For instance, how do I get Line2 = C/O Zoro onto the label? I need this to work only when working with ...


Am unable to get ShipStation to cancel Global Post

Long story, but my shipping times have gone way up with Global Post and after they recently put the wrong label on my shipment at the California hub, I am officially done with Global Post. I was told on here that I could get Global Post turned off. E...

tony11 by Contributor
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3rd party Accounts

I currently use a 3rd party FedEx service for my shipments in ShipStation, Periship. We keep having charges to an old FedEx account for various thing, i.e. address changes and returns. May I remove that old FedEx account from my carrier list and stil...

Thank you ShipStation

Dear ShipStation Personnel,I wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful order management software package. It provided our company with exactly what we needed to ramp up over the past 6 months. It is an excellent tool, and you deserve congratul...

esimon by First-timer
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additional hazmat/dangerous goods integrations

We currently use ups worldship and fedex ship manager for dangerous goods/hazmat shipping. currently shipstation only offers DG/hazmat integrations w/ DHL. the sole reason we were looking at shipstation solution was due to the integration with our ER...

Heads up using Shipsurance

We've been using Shipstation for probably 5 years now and we had to finally file a claim on a package. We used Shipsurance because it is a cheaper option, and it's integrated with Shipstation. I want to give a huge warning to anyone using them becaus...

PSD by New Contributor
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Sites that use Shipstation and Squarespace

Does anyone use both Shipstation and Square space together for your website? If so can you please drop your website links. I'm wanting to see what it looks like from a customers point of view while shopping.

Shaheera by New Contributor
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Shipstation doesn't work with CloudFlare?!

Shipstation doesn't work with CloudFlare?! Whenever we enable bot mode on CloudFlare shipstation can't connect to our woocommerce/wordpress website....I asked chat for the ip's shipstation uses but they provided amazons json file

dailce by First-timer
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Unable to add Fund to the account

Hello,I have been trying to add more fund on the Ship Station Canada account but it does not allow me to add the fund even though the source fund is available.The above error message appeared. Trying to find customer support for shipstation Canada to...


Very low compensation for package loss.

Hello community,I have filed my first claim with Shipstation for package loss and found out that the maximum insurance coverage for the package is only 50€(!). The shipping service is DPD.Since I was promised in January that all packages are insured ...

Neusius by New Contributor
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Cannot Purchase UPS Labels

Not able to purchase UPS labels for over 24hrs now, this is greatly affecting my business shipping timeframe with my customers as most of my customers request their packages be shipped with UPS. When is this expected to be resolved?

Shatoya by New Contributor
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Resolved! Beware of large UPS shipments

I set up a 37 box shipment using the ShipStation UPS integration (which goes through $833. For some reason UPS billed an adjustment for a second box on the same package sending my balance way negative. It’s been 3-4 days and i...

Sendinf back data via API

We submit shipments and tracking using an API we created. We are sending "FedEx" as the carrier, but ShipStation is listing it as "other"Is the carrier case sensitive?

Shipstation By UPS Account Locked out 30 Minutes

Every time I try and print a label through my account for UPS it says my account is locked, AFTER taking my money for Checked all FAQ's and even did the live chat. The live chat was extremely unhelpful as they pawned me off onto

Resolved! Amazon Buy Shipping Error

We installed the Amazon Buy Shipping carrier option today, but we're getting an error. Where do we accept the terms and conditions? When selecting Amazon's UPS shipping option, we can't get a rate. Instead, it shows:"The Amazon Terms and Conditions w...

john16 by Contributor
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Shipstation API Quantities with Decimals

Hello all, in our industry of print, promo, and apparel we regularly pick/pack/ship paper products that have a decimal point in the quantity field. Example, 2.5M is 2,500 and must appear as 2.5M for our clients. The ShipStation API currently doesn't ...

ADI4049 by First-timer
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