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Chronopost shipment not possible, if "Ship From" location is not France (other carrier work fine)


is there a way to create a ChronoPost shipment through shipstation, if the shipping from location is not France?

The system gives us this error (in this example „Ship From“ Location is in Portugal):

On Shipstation we do not have problems to configure a shipment with other shipping parntners (DHL, UPS, FedEX) for shipments with „Ship From“ location different from France.

I think it is related to the availabilty of the courier‘s locations and direct branches around the „Ship From“ Location…e.g. when we want to „Send From“ Germany to our Office in France via DHL thorugh Shipstation, this is no problem we can do it via Shipstation.

Maybe Chronopost as company being part of a complex group and representing services in France, makes the creation of foreign label creation for a shipment from non-France countries difficult for your system. Of course our „Ship From“ partner in Portugal can not drop-off packages in Portugal with a Chronopost label, they would need a label from a courrier available there locally.

From our Chronopost account directly, we can ship from different countries e.g. in this case we got an DHL label, so the system understood in needs a label from courriers availbale in Portugal.

Any idea, if you this can be added on Shipstation in the future?



Hello @SKMTW1


Thank you for your post and idea. Please keep sharing your thoughts and needs regarding your business. They help us improve.


Happy Shipping!