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"Description of good is Invalid"

When I try to create my shipping label, I always get this error message: "Description of good is invalid". I searched online what to do, but didn't get what I needed. Someone can help me? Thanks a lot!!

Gabrielle by New Contributor
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In-Cart Delivery Options - Half-Baked Product Launch

I was thrilled to learn ShipStation launched a new feature in December 2020:In-Cart Delivery Options I was all excited... finally, real-time negotiated rates with add...

jeremy_0-1611092837934.png jeremy_1-1611092958445.png
jeremy by New Contributor
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use Saved Filters in mobile app?

Maybe I'm blind, but is there no way to use Saved Filters in the mobile app? I only see the filter options of Store, Designation, Assignee, Tags, and Order Date... and I don't need any of those when looking at ShipStation on my phone.

Really disapointed in lack of support.

I have had an ongoing issue for over a month now. The thumbnail images do not appear in shipstation. But they do appear on the app. I have had my hosting company try and work with shipstation on the matter but they keep avoiding us. I've sent several...

HALEBOUND by New Contributor
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Resolved! How to edit the quantity of items on an order

Hello, From time to time I need to remove an item from an order that will no longer be shipped. I can't seem to figure out how to erase that item so that it does not show up anymore. Please let me know if this is possible and how I can do it. Thank y...

RYBB by New Contributor
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Create returns export

Is it possible to export a csv of all orders that includes the return label information? We are a rental company, so all our labels come with a return label for the user, it would be great to be able to export a document that including the carrier, t...

error printing labels

Tried to print a label and got this error. Tried to hit the help tab and got this error I'm really in a bind trying to ship out a couple orders and cannot get the account to work or have no way to reach support. Please can someone assist? I had a dup...

Capture2.JPG Capture.JPG
reequsa by First-timer
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Resolved! Feature Request - Automatic authority to leave

Love shipstation but one feature I think would be fantastic is the option to have a default value for the "confirm" section. It's currently "no authority to leave" but being able to change it to authority to leave for every order will mean we don't h...

Scan to Print - hang up on Priority Mail

We use Scan to Print to find our orders and ship the USPS orders through that function. On First Class mail the print label button works every time not problem, if the package is shipping Priority Mail it will hang up in processing and you have to hi...

WClma by New Contributor
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ShipStation Connect - Constant bugs

We've been using Shipstation for 4 years now to ship all of our ecommerce orders. Naturally we use the Shipstation Connect feature to make the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips more efficient. That being said, we encounter connect...

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Creating International Return Labels

Wondering if it's possible to create return labels for addresses outside of your companies country. This would be a very helpful tool for ecommerce companies selling to international destinations! Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated 

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Print Packing List in same order as Labels

Originally posted by Kevin Gunter On Orders: Awaiting Shipment page, any of the operations in the Print dropdown should print in the current sort order of that page. For example, when selecting all orders, the labels get printed in the same order as ...

Assign Product Flag/Option "Ships Individually"

Originally Posted by Brendan Hanson We've spent a fair amount of time loading product data in for all of our products (as I assume most users have). Our products are unique in that many of them are very large and ship out individually, meaning if we ...

Customer Pick Up Option

Original post by user Michael Anderson Many of my store sales are customer pick ups. In other words, there is no shipping involved. So why do these orders count towards my subscription total in Ship Station? Is there a setting that I've missed?

Tag Management

Original post by user Jordan Talmor Please add the ability to reorganize tags after they have been created so that they appear in the order that you would like, instead of the order that they were created.