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BFPO, Why remove?!?!

Can some please help me to understand why the ability to create labels for BFPO address was removed??We, as a company, have been shipping to BFPO addresses with Shipstation for a few years (a bunch of our customers are Military people) but out of now...

USPS Third party billing

Hi,We noticed that USPS is offering 3rd party billing option now, which ShipStation doesn't support this feature.Will you consider adding it? Thank you,Tina

Tina-937 by First-timer
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why I plan canceling my account.

This problematic feature, which does not allow for the deletion of shipments, causes multiple issues whenever one of our employees makes a mistake with an address. Every time we reuse this address, we just type name and it auto populates and the mist...

Customer Billing Address in Order Grid

When our customers place gift orders, 9 times out of 10 the shipping address is different than the billing address.The order grid only pulls the recipient name, which is great for a normal order, but it makes it difficult it keep track of the order w...

Automated Return Address Selection Based on Reason

requesting a feature to automatically select return addresses based on the reason for return when creating a "Create Return" label. Specifically:For returns due to warranty, damage, defects, or missing parts, use my NEW YORK address.For all other ret...

FREQ by First-timer
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Allow Batch Summary Page Printing

In the Document Options for Labels under Printing Setup, you are able to have the Batch Summary Page print at the beginning or end of your labels.It would be incredibly useful to be able to print this page out independently under Other Documents in t...

TeamAdmin by New Contributor
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Shipping Phone Number

We're using Woocommerce and it integrates well with Shipstation, except that we are giving our customers the opportunity to provide us with a shipping phone number if their billing phone is different. Shipstation is not capturing this. It's only addi...

Labels won't print: "Pusher Subscription Error"

Received messsage saying Shipstation Connect is offline (my internet connection is fine) so I tried refreshing Shipstation Connect... Another error appears saying "There was an error refreshing your connection: Error: Pusher Subscription Error."Tried...

john16 by Contributor
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Rates Calculator on Scan Tab

Hello, the rates calculator that is on the 'Orders' tab is not available on the 'Scan' tab. The rates calculator is critical to our business as it shows all the rates for all the shipping services in one screen. Currently, we have to scan the order, ...

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 10.38.32 AM.jpg Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 10.36.36 AM.jpg

Tax ID settings page

A quick suggestion:We now use quite a lot of international tax IDs, and it's quite confusing to figure out what's what on the setting page: doesn't seem to be any logic to the order the IDs so...

SKU items

Hi there!!I find it hard to believe that Shipstation actually has dozens of features and options when it comes to create and Export CSV file, but doesn't have the field for SKU or Shipped items!that one would be a huge improvement, I cannot make my S...

Order History

Why can we no longer see our order history? We use this platform to make notes on orders and reference these notes when our customers reorder. We receive calls quite often from customers who say they've ordered from us in the past and now we can't ev...

KF by First-timer
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Visible Live Rate Quotes

I know Shipstation does this with Bigcommerce websites, however, live rate quotes only return the two lowest quotes, and I need for all live rate quotes to be visible, so my customers have a choice. We use ShipperHq to do this now. That would be grea...

yvonnej by New Contributor
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Add functionality for Shopify exchanges

Please add in support for the new Shopify Exchanges feature. have been waiting for Shopify to release this for ages and now find it is not compatible with Shipstation - super disapp...

danny10 by First-timer
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Shipstation Inventory

Does anyone have any tips on how to best track inventory with Shipstation Inventory management. Shipstation inventory only tracks inventory once an item is shipped (label created). I am looking for a system that can track inventory once an order come...

Eli11 by First-timer
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Integration for CS-Cart newer than 4.6.3 NEEDED

CS-Cart 4.6.3 was released October 31st, 2017 and they're now on 4.17.2 with Multi-Vendor versions now (like ETSY with multiple sellers).CS-Cart has dramatically grown since 2017 and many software owners are in need of a new module that'll support th...

agtred99 by First-timer
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Discount filter

please please add the ability to filter by discount. often times we use discounts to add a free product to an order. it'd be great to filter by discount and batch print orders so we know which orders need to include a freebie.

Custom Integrated Packing Slips Getting Cut Off

We are using 7.5 x 5.125 Integrated labels, on 8.5x11 sheets. Shipping label prints on the top in the 7.5x5.125 peel away area, and the packing slip prints on the bottom half. We wrote our own custom packing slip. When orders have more than "x" numbe...

Resolved! adding founds error

We’re sorry, but your attempted purchase was not successful. Please verify that your payment method and billing information is correct. If the issue persists, please contact so we can help resolve this issue.

rs6888 by Occasional Contributor
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Deleting and Editing Customers

Is there anyone that has come up with a way to edit and/or delete customers?What do you do when a corporate customer closes a location and you want to remove the address so it is not chosen on accident? Or what do you do if their address needs an edi...

pgbm by First-timer
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Resolved! Cannot Pay for Subscription

The page keeps saying "Form submission failure: The information being saved is not valid" when I try to change billing info for upgrading the subscription plan.But I am sure that the card info is correct, because I still use this card to place orders...

PPE by Occasional Contributor
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Flip 8.5x11" labels

We use sticker paper labels for 8.5x11" format and the only default is the label at the top. For our more common workflow, we use them printed at the bottom, so incorporating ShipStation into our company is causing more work as we have to create the ...

abe117 by First-timer
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