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Add UPC field to Product API

In the Products API the UPC field is missing. This is an essential field to be able to scan items in most shipping systems and we need to be able to track and update it.Please add the UPC field to Product Get and Update API actions.

Monthly Fee

Shipstation needs to have a plan in between the Starter and Bronze plans that would cost $19.99 a month for 250 shipments. This would be a great fit for smaller growing business'. Thank you,

water80 by First-timer
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Global Post - Drop off locations

Where do we drop off GlobalPost packages? GlobalPost's own website does not seem to have a drop off location database. I can see they have a distribution facility / location at JFK airport and offer a pickup service. Drop off is mentioned, but not ex...

rmaccue by First-timer
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Inventory and Aliases

I have inventory and some products has Aliases. Main Product A and Allisa Aa. Packing list will print location for main product but not for aliases. It will subtract stock from main product once Alias product ship but will ot print location for Aa (A...

Reason for Return - Customization

I see from previous conversations that this topic was brought up 2 years ago. I'm creating a fresh conversation in hopes that this gets some priority. I'm new to Shipstation but my very first thought when setting up returns on my website was "how do ...

JKC311 by Occasional Contributor
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Export orders with discount

I use the export feature often on orders and shipments. It exports the coupon code that a customer uses but not the discount amount. I can see it in the order details but it does not export. Could you also include the original price as shown in the o...

proleve by First-timer
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setting up a user

It would be nice if a client could have access to their store in shipstation as a user and not be able to see all my other clients. I have 20 different stores set up and are all visible which prevents us from allowing the user permission to access th...

Ship Date Adjustment

It would be really helpful if when making an adjustment to the ship date, say a few days in to the future, that the carrier information updated accordingly. Often, we want to see when a package would land if shipped on a specific date.

mike10 by First-timer
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Request Deliver By Date to be removed

Hello, I noticed the new Deliver By Date in the Shipment Details has replaced the position of the Ship By date. I think it would be super helpful to implement a filter for which dates are necessary or at least to move the Ship By date back to the top...

ShipStation.png ShipStation.png

Package Size Reports

It would be great if we could generate a report, or customize one, that show the box sizes used. When streamlining our supplies, we are interested in which boxes we use the most, and how often, etc. Right now, we don't have a way of easily obtaining ...

Marked as shipped not sending tracking info

Again, I have had this issue for months now. Shipstation has done a virtual meeting with me where I showed the issue and they were going to show the video of the recording to a higher tech team. The last communication I have received was from May 9th...

Scan to Verify Tag

It would be great to be able to add a condition for scanned/verified. Currently its a very manual process to tag each order scanned/verified. Please make it so that we can create an automated rule to add a tag to an order once the shipment is scan/ve...

DaraS by First-timer
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Inventory Managment

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone could help me with the ability to change the 'on hand' and 'available' under inventory. For example, we have 1854 available for one of our products, but I want to change the 'on hand' to 1750. We would like for SS to de...

Screenshot 2023-09-15 085005.jpg
BrandonT by New Contributor
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ShipStation Connect - Constant bugs

We've been using Shipstation for 4 years now to ship all of our ecommerce orders. Naturally we use the Shipstation Connect feature to make the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips more efficient. That being said, we encounter connect...

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Shipstation Inventory

Does anyone have any tips on how to best track inventory with Shipstation Inventory management. Shipstation inventory only tracks inventory once an item is shipped (label created). I am looking for a system that can track inventory once an order come...

Eli11 by New Contributor
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Email address change on shipped order

The previous Shipstation software allowed you to correct the customers email address after that order was shipped. The new software will not allow that. The customer order came over with an incorrect email address on it via customer imput. After prin...

Product Bundle Issue

Absolutely happy that Shipstation has added the bundle feature. One issue I've noticed with it though is that when you have it set to just show the bundle name, (not separated out into its individual parts) the product name override does not work.

Daylon by Occasional Contributor
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