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Customs Form through API

Hi All,We are using the ShipStation API to create shipments for our orders. We have just added the Customs Declaration functionality (using the Shipments/Createlabel endpoint: submi...

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Shipping from another contry

At this time, a Ship From Location must be the same as the country the Account is registered in. Additionally, International Return Labels are not available. For example, I would like to pick up boxes from a partner in Portugal and have them delivere...

Custom Packing Slip with url image

Hi there,I am having an issue with a packing slip template. For each order we create 2 packing slips, one for the customer and one for the shop. We've set up the one for the shop to have a url image displayed in the bottom corner. The image is a tabl...

andrew1 by New Contributor
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Scan to select orders for End of Day forms

When we are doing End of Day form, we have to select the orders by hand. It will take a lot of time and not efficient. Can add a feature that we can scan the order number barcodes to select? If so, this feature will help a lot...

Roger88 by First-timer
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Custom Field Integration into Shipstation

Hello,Most of my products are personalized. Amazon has the ability now to use a custom now box When a customer entered personalization it's should be imported to the ship station and printed on the packing slip. Now I have to go to the Amazon dashboa...

Double copies of everything

Since there is virtually no help from ship station ( i have sent a e-mail but no answer...not surprised) I was hoping someone could direct me regarding copies. Every time I print a label or shipping receipt it prints in Im just wasting la...

EZswitch by Occasional Contributor
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Need Multiple Hold Folders

I believe SS needs a feature that allows for multiple hold folders. We sell personalized products that need customer approval of proofs. We end up putting the orders on hold while we wait for a response. During the holidays we have hundreds of orders...

Color Choice for Multiple Items in an Order

Shipstation highlights multiple item quantities with a yellow box. When I first started with Shipstation, it was a red box, which is way more noticeable. The yellow is very bland, and we've had issues with missing the correct quantity. We need a more...

ReesaB by New Contributor
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ShipStation Connect - Constant bugs

We've been using Shipstation for 4 years now to ship all of our ecommerce orders. Naturally we use the Shipstation Connect feature to make the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips more efficient. That being said, we encounter connect...

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Editing Customs Forms after a package has been shipped

HOW IS THIS NOT POSSIBLE? Today I was contacted by a customer who said that we'd put the wrong amount in the customs info. He has to pay VAT on his end, so it's an important error to fix. All i need to do to fix it is send UPS an updated customs form...

LWC by First-timer
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Missing Tags on Scan Orders screen

Hi Shipstation:I wish there was a way to view any tags added to an order on the Scan to VErify \ Scan to Print screen.We use tags like:Fragile, Multiple Items, Insurance Required, Include Free Item, etc. These tags are visible on the orders screen wh...

toysheik by Occasional Contributor
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Shipments Custom Export

When viewing my shipments on desktop, i can't export all the data for my shipments at once. When creating a custom export, the option to include my Shipment Number isn't available. However, it is available when customizing my columns ...

Split Shipment Filter For Reporting

ShipStation Support suggested there's no native way to filter shipments screen to only show orders that were split into multiple shipments. With how costly split shipments can be to a business and the feature recently receiving alot of "enhancement",...

KGStaff by First-timer
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EMail not working

We have been getting lots of reports from our customers that they are not receiving email notificaitons with tracking information. We finally got around to testing this and confirmed. We are currently integrated with:Amazon, Walmart, Woocommerce and ...

tremmert by Occasional Contributor
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My Subscription Won’t Update

I keep getting an error that won’t allow me to select a subscription tier. It allowed me to cancel my subscription, but it won’t let me now select a subscription tier at all. It just says “Failed to change billing plan, please try again.” I’ve tried ...

KirstenH by First-timer
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Different Size/Weight for Returns

When including a return label with an outgoing shipment, it would be great to have the ability to select a different package size/weight than the outgoing package. For example, our at-home test kit has a large 2 pound outgoing box, but customers retu...

Customs Declarations - Bulk update QTY

I have spent a few hours with your Customer service to try and get this problem fixed and there is no way to do it according to them. I have 1900 orders that were part of our first Pre-order. The system automatically processed everything but did not ...

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