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Verified status shown in order list

I realize that the Verified badge shows up when viewing an order, it would be nice if there could be some way to show this in the order list. Whether it was a tag, a diferent column, whatever. I can't find any way to accomplish this.

scmsteve by Contributor
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Bulk rate shopping

I love Shipstation but I am considering moving my business to Easypost. Currently they are the only platform that I know of that will rate shop in bulk. Since the majority of my orders already have weights and dimensions configured, the only thing I ...

Live Rate Checkout and Automations

We're a new ShipStation customer and configured on the 'Live Rate Calculation Method' Beta. Our hope for this Beta was to be able to present more accurate rates at checkout based on weight/dimensions. It seems to help on straightforward orders of sin...

Notification on Updates from ShipStation

Hello,We seem to be finding out about updates to the ShipStation by accident. We would like it if you would consider sending notifications to your users letting us know when you have updated features that you have launched. This way we can shut our s...

EllynHPS by First-timer
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Scale behavior when scanning a order

I found that when scanning a order and the package is already on the scale the weight will not be recognized until you lift it up and put it back on the scale (or scan before placing the package on the scale).Is there a setting that will allow me pla...

yisraeln by First-timer
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Automatic Address Correction

ShipStations’ “Automatic Address Correction” feature is changing our customers’ shipping addresses to their default billing address. This is an issue with our corporate accounts that want to ship to their satellite offices. It appears to be an interm...

swingman by New Contributor
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Shipping Strategies use "Custom Packages"?

Is there any plan to integrate Custom Package selection into the Shipping Strategies feature?I'm aware that I can add an automation to input custom dimensions and weight before the strategy is selected, but it would be much easier for our workflow ju...

ParcelGuard Claims Experience as of July 2024

Anyone used ParcelGuard Claims recently? Meaning in the past few months from today July of 2024We are coming back to ShipStation as we currently using Veeqo and we are an Amazon FBM using CSBAWe have seen all the comments on ShipInsurance but would l...

Netology by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Weekly Account invoice

Hi does any one know how we can download a full weekly/monthly charge invoice for everything on our account ups,fedex,usps audited packagesaddress correction chargesdaily ups pickupsetcThank you in advance

TC2721 by Occasional Contributor
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Disputing UPS Shipping Adjustments

I'm wondering if anyone has experience or advice on how to dispute shipping adjustments from UPS. Recently, I've encountered a few adjustments that I believe may be incorrect, and I'm unsure of the best way to address this issue.If anyone could share...

Deliver by date?

What is the new delivery by date field that appears at the top of the order summary? Is there a way to assign this with automation rules? Can it be used as a variable for Shipping Strategies to ensure that rate shopping considers both cost and delive...

oeban31 by Contributor
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security features

I find Shipstation weak in terms of security vulnerabilities. Last month, my Stamps account was hacked and hundreds of emails were sent to my name. I think shipstation and stamps should provide "2FA authentication" security system. And optionally, th...

men by First-timer
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Tracking for 1st class? (ESE?)

Wish ShipStation would let me test, but I think the last time I tested a first class shipment on ShipStation it only told me after purchase they can't refund 1st class even though it's an unused label!I ship items like sports cards and tiny rubber pi...