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Batch Scan to Verify and Print

It would be great if there was a way to place your orders in a batch and then start going through your orders by scanning them and then printing the shipping labels and packing slips, then sending to to the packer to pack. Right now we have to print ...

bunker27 by First-timer
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Require Scan to Verify

I feel it would be very useful if we could have the option to require our staff to have to scan to verify each order without the option to bypass it and just go to the orders page. Maybe there could be a setting that would require them to scan each o...

bunker27 by First-timer
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Keeps kicking out Document Settings

Why does the program keep forgetting my document options (labels, packing slips, etc.)???? I have to go back in and reset multiple times a day. Oh, and then I get kicked out of the program entirely and have to log in, only this time havin the fun of ...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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3rd Party Shipping on UPS

Greetings, We have a customer that requires that we use their UPS account for all packages to them. Since ShipStation's UPS account does not support 3rd party shipping we created a private account to accommodate our customers' requirements. We have a...

MarkW by New Contributor
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Return Label Email Template

Not being able to edit the outgoing "your return label..." email to include company details, and order details seems like an oversight. Having the company name in the subject line of the email, or the company email address in place of "tracking@ships...

sales114 by First-timer
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Automation Rules (Action Type)

We have current rules where certain customers are applied there shipping account and carrier. We also specify the "package" type in the same rule. (reason for mentioning below)We now want to create a new rule that will pull from Custom 3 field to spe...

sales9 by Occasional Contributor
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2 Problems

Apparently there is no way to solve any of these two questions?Setting the Default Print Page on the Print Preview Page. It will set in settings but won’t follow through to Print Preview Page automatically. I have to manually change it!!When Printing...

UBT by First-timer
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2023 Price Increases - 2X for Enterprise

We just received the notice that the price for our current Enterprise Level account would be doubling from $159 to $324 a month. The price increase includes a subscription increase to $229 and then another $95 to access our existing carrier accounts ...

shipping54 by Occasional Contributor
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Map Requested Service

Is the Map Requested Service feature unavailable? I've been trying to map services for a few weeks but keep getting an error message.Thanks!

665Chris by First-timer
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Any Updates on adding bundles/kits to 3PL

I was told a year ago when the 3PL bundle package launched that Ship Station was going to release the bundle/kit feature, what is the latest update of when this will happen? Also since Ship Station is advertising they are a Ecommerce 3PL software pro...

Amber7583 by New Contributor
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Shipsurance is a scam!

Not the first time we have had this company circumvent their own terms and sadly probably not the last. This time they are saying that the because the buyers IP address is not in the same location as the mailing address they will not honor the claim....

UPS Sure Post

We are using the UPS Sure Post service and the UPS website is no longer showing the USPS tracking number. Has a change been made that will no longer show this tracking information?

1939Atlas by New Contributor
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Shipping multiple products into a different box

Hi Everyone,I just migrated from ShipWorks to ShipStation. Everything seems better except for the fact that I cannot automate shipping orders with multiple products. I have uploaded all the correct box sizes for each individual product. However, if s...

HHJR by First-timer
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Account Canceled?

I received a notification this morning that I requested my subscription be canceled when I did not. I don't think it's a hack or anything, some systematic thing in SS. It says to just "change subscription" with the button below, but there is no butto...

SS.png SS.png
INFO465 by First-timer
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Global Post

Does anyone know if it's possible to opt OUT of Global Post? All of my international packages are currently being fed through a global post location in Carol Stream, IL and I've had a lot of packages that end up sitting there for a month, which is ri...

Anna by First-timer
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End of day forms only accessible day after issue?

Hi Guys,I have an issue where I can only access my end of day forms the day after I need them. Below I have attached an image of the issue, it seems the orders that I post go onto the end of day form for the day after and if I even try to access that...

Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg
Leodye by New Contributor
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Customs Declarations - Bulk update QTY

I have spent a few hours with your Customer service to try and get this problem fixed and there is no way to do it according to them. I have 1900 orders that were part of our first Pre-order. The system automatically processed everything but did not ...

form update.png

Adding an external image URL to a packing slip

Hi! I'm trying to add an external image url to packing slip templates.It will only appear when adding "" to the front of the image URL, which servers as a resizer.Without this, only a small white box will appear.The problem is the ...

RobertMc by Occasional Contributor
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