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Time Zone Considered on Reports

Please help to make sure I am not missing something. I set the Time Zone in Preferences. (Settings >> Display Options)When I run reports, the Time Zone is NOT considered. I am assuming the reports are using the time zone of the server VERSUS the Time...

kbscoat by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Feature Request - Automatic authority to leave

Love shipstation but one feature I think would be fantastic is the option to have a default value for the "confirm" section. It's currently "no authority to leave" but being able to change it to authority to leave for every order will mean we don't h...

Resolved! Return label without Outgoing label?

I have asked this question before, without success. I want to print a prepaid USPS or FedEx label TO MYSELF, and send it to my customer so he can use it to send me a package of known weight and dimensions. I cannot figure out how to do so. I have ask...

doug1 by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation and WooCommerce UPS questions

Hello,I have moved my business to another state and my online Woo Commerce website is still operating on the original setup in the old state, so the shipping rates in the checkout are not correct.I do have our original UPS account number entered into...

Ronmail46 by New Contributor
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API - Create an Order

I hope that somebody can help. I know that it is communicating because when I remove something required it lets me know something is missing. With everything valid though, I get no returned response and the order doesn't show up in ShipStation. Any i...

tovis by New Contributor
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Font Change?

Has the default shipstation font changed for anyone else? And is there a way to change it back in the settings?If it's not just my computer acting weird, this seems like yet another example of a change driven by aesthetic rather than functional conce...

_Mia_ by Contributor
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Shipstation Connect Unstable

Recently I've been losing connection with SS connection or losing the devices saved to certain functions. At least once a day I have to re-select the label and forms printers.

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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Correct way to reship an order with V3

What is the correct method for reshipping a returned order using Shipstation V3?With V2 I simply click "Restore" on the existing shipment then create a new label. With V3 "Restoring" the order does not work because all products are removed from the o...

pedalpcb by Contributor
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Purchases no longer showing up as "postage"

I've been using Shipstation for years and use a credit card to earn points etc. These purchases have always come through as postage or shipping as far as the cc was concerned. There's a way it's coded on the backend for this purpose. But as of the ne...

Inventory Mgmt of Packaging Materials?

Hi, we have several types of branded small sleeves, boxes and packaging that go along with each product we ship. One order has 7-8 supporting packaging elements to it. Can Shipstation's Inventory Management or any other functionality help us count do...

Rugiet by New Contributor
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Shipstation not installing Properly on Woocommerce

Hi All, I'm trying to install the Shipstation plugin for Woo, I have Authenticated and setup the Shipstation side of things however its like only half of shipstation has installed. Its actually missing the shipping config settings in woo. Any help wo...

advanc3D by First-timer
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USPS Getrate API call issues

I am having issues with the getrate API calls this hasn't been an issue until recently and it is exclusively for USPS. THe call I have been using for years is below.{ "carrierCode": "stamps_com", "serviceCode": "usps_priority_mail", "packageCode": "p...

julie7 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Automatically Select Carriers by Cheapest Rate

We currently send items using multiple carrier accounts, If we are bulk processing a batch of labels is there an option to automatically select the carrier based on the cheapest rate. Using the rate calculator to select this on an item by item basis ...

JJ23 by Occasional Contributor
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Subscription changes

Recently SS increased their subscription cost which is understandable and was accepted. Then they quietly reduced the number of shipments allowed in that plan forcing you to upgrade. Is anyone else facing this same?

Pelicano by First-timer
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Unable to ship UPS Worldwide with ShipStation V2

Is anyone else still using V2 having an issue shipping UPS Worldwide?Since Monday I am getting the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when trying to ship an order to an address that I have shipped to many times in the past....

pedalpcb by Contributor
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HS Tariff Import from Shopify

Shipstation needs to start importing HS Tariff codes from Shopify. Given the new EU rules, this is now a critical feature request. I am considering cancelling my Shipstation account of almost 10 years over this issue alone. Shipping via Shopify direc...


Absolute trash waste of time "company" zero customer service. No way to contact the company to resolve an issue in any sort of timely manor. Tried calling 4 times, got an automated service that hung up on me twice, said that it was outside business h...

Zippy by First-timer
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Launch/log in issue

I have to restart my Mac every time I want to use ship station connect to print labels for my business. Am I dumb? I might be but plz someone help lolThe app on my Mac doesn't "open" meaning I can't simply log in to connect. I have to restart my Mac ...