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Order number on Ups ground saver labels

when will Ship station allow printed messages on UPS sure post labels amazon some how got them on so i am assuming Ship Station can also print the order numbercant wait till this issue is resolved

TC2721 by Occasional Contributor
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Live Rate Checkout and Automations

We're a new ShipStation customer and configured on the 'Live Rate Calculation Method' Beta. Our hope for this Beta was to be able to present more accurate rates at checkout based on weight/dimensions. It seems to help on straightforward orders of sin...

Order Total Sum Feature Added Please

When utilizing the awaiting shipments tab, we often want to see the order totals summed. So for example, if we have 5 orders pending with an order total of $10 per order then when selecting all 5 orders a summary showing $50 would be very helpful (5x...

ShipStation Feature Add on Sample Draft.png
SSales by New Contributor
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Option to Remove HS Codes Listed on Packing Slip

I have recently enabled HS codes to be transferred to Shipstation from my Shopify store which is super helpful BUT now I notice the HS codes are listed on my packing slips under each line item. It looks sloppy and confusing for the customer and is no...

pamela2 by First-timer
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Bring Back Restore Order

When we were forced to switch from the Legacy version of ShipStation, we lost the ability to restore orders. Previously, if we had shipped an order and it was damaged in transit, we would restore the order to be shipped back out. This required very l...

SamRSD by Occasional Contributor
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Needed: Store Access Permissions Per User

We definitely need a way to control access to different stores on a per-user basis. One specific instance where this greatly affects us in in regards to our test/development store, where we create and manipulate orders for testing purposes. We have s...

isaac7 by First-timer
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Customize Pick Lists More...

Wish that Pick Lists were more customizable - mainly the ability to remove columns.Our company has no use for the Warehouse Location column of the Pick List, and it eats up 1/4 of the usable space!It has caused issues with the Item # column informati...

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 11.20.37 AM.png


Hi Shipstation forums.Is anyone aware of a workaround in regards to fulfilling orders for multiples of a product, particularly when the product comes in a carton containing multiple units in the carton as well as being sold separately?For example;Pro...

UPS-International shipping

It would be very helpful if we were able to print customs forms prior to purchasing a label. We recently had an experience where we tried to print a label for an international shipment, but something kept going wrong and we were getting a general err...

USSF by First-timer
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Product Imports - Never Works

When will the product importing functionality improve?I've NEVER successfully imported without an issue being escalated in support. What does Invalid Product Import Status mean

Image 2022-09-27 at 7.46.16 PM.jpeg ss import line 11.jpeg Image 2022-09-27 at 7.46.16 PM.jpeg
teamLA by Contributor
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Shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending.

Hello, About two weeks ago my shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending even though nothing has been changed in my store settings. I have it set up to send an email when the package hits the mail stream (I use UPS and FedEx which support ...

TylerM by New Contributor
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Pick List showing INVENTORY location

I am not sure what the logic is for the inventory locations on Pick Lists being taken from a seperate location than where the inventory is stored, but I think this should change.We upload specific inventory amounts with the locations of that inventor...

matttty by New Contributor
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Invoice for Added Funds ?

Hi, does anyone know where to find the invoices for Added Funds?I asked the Shipstation support, I was told it was here : Insights > Reports > account balances > all the transactions listed as "purchase" are all funds added.But I have no transaction ...

ssebti by New Contributor
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Self-Service Cache Flush

Please Consider a "Self-Service Cache Flush" button within the ShipStation application. This would avoid the need to go through the help channels which could delay the resolution when the store does not update.

Profile Picture.png
MBuis by Occasional Contributor
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UPS from Shipstation setup issues

Hello!After setting up the Carriers from Shipstation, the UPS option wasn't on the list. So I clicked on "Update ShipStation Carrier Services to enable new carriers and service options", which takes me to the setup pop-up to add UPS. BUT even though ...

drinktche by New Contributor
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Scales Constantly Losing Connection

Hello. We have been trying to integrate ShipStation for about two months now, and can't seem to hit a comfortable point. Every day, we have scales losing connection, printers losing connection. Some mornings nothing gets recognized without multiple r...

WSPAdmin by New Contributor
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Customs Form through API

Hi All,We are using the ShipStation API to create shipments for our orders. We have just added the Customs Declaration functionality (using the Shipments/Createlabel endpoint: submi...

Photo (2).png image (3).png image (3).png
Marik1234 by New Contributor
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My Subscription Won’t Update

I keep getting an error that won’t allow me to select a subscription tier. It allowed me to cancel my subscription, but it won’t let me now select a subscription tier at all. It just says “Failed to change billing plan, please try again.” I’ve tried ...

KirstenH by First-timer
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Customs Declarations - Bulk update QTY

I have spent a few hours with your Customer service to try and get this problem fixed and there is no way to do it according to them. I have 1900 orders that were part of our first Pre-order. The system automatically processed everything but did not ...

form update.png

Rate vs Carrier Fee

What is the difference between Rate and Carrier Fee? We created a shipment of three boxes. After everything was selected, it showed the "Rate" as $113.01. Then, once the "Create & Print Label" button is pressed, it shows the Total Cost as $88.51.What...

Craig.PNG Craig2.PNG Craig3.jpg
Craig by Occasional Contributor
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Scan to Print Scale not Working

I'm posting this here to see if others are having the same issue. Shipstation support has been working on the issue for the past 13 days.When in Scan to Print, the scale is not reading weight properly. First it wasn't showing a correct weight and was...

torivt by Occasional Contributor
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Auto route labels to correct printer

It would be great to configure certain carrier lables to particular printers. I.e. all express service to printer from Printer 1, which has pre-printed express labels. all carrier services to print from printer 2.

ChrisB1 by First-timer
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Option to change currency in account

This has to be a feature in Shipstation. All of our orders are in USD , and there is no way we can convert all into CAD just because region account is based in Canada. Please let us know if there is any plan to implement this. I know this feature has...

New order view missing customs declaration tab

Very frustrated to see the new order view does not show or allow to see/edit customs declaration. In order to change quantity/price/description you have to switch back to the old view on top of the window every time you open a new order.

f1r3 by New Contributor
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