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Global Post

Does anyone know if it's possible to opt OUT of Global Post? All of my international packages are currently being fed through a global post location in Carol Stream, IL and I've had a lot of packages that end up sitting there for a month, which is ri...

Anna by First-timer
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Hi Shipstation forums.Is anyone aware of a workaround in regards to fulfilling orders for multiples of a product, particularly when the product comes in a carton containing multiple units in the carton as well as being sold separately?For example;Pro...

UPS-International shipping

It would be very helpful if we were able to print customs forms prior to purchasing a label. We recently had an experience where we tried to print a label for an international shipment, but something kept going wrong and we were getting a general err...

USSF by First-timer
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USPS DDP First-Class package option

I love the options for DDP which helps our Canadian customers,Unfortunately, the most economical way to ship our product is USPS First-Class Package International which does not have an option to DDPFrom ShipStation's DDP article:"USPS (limited to Fi...

[Feature Request] Add GST for Tax Identifiers

Seeing as GST is a tax identifier used in the following countries:AustraliaCanadaIndiaMalaysiaMaldivesNew ZealandPapua New GuineaSingaporeIt should be a tax identifier we can use and it's not currently an option. This is a deal-breaker for myself and...

Thor by First-timer
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Option to Remove HS Codes Listed on Packing Slip

I have recently enabled HS codes to be transferred to Shipstation from my Shopify store which is super helpful BUT now I notice the HS codes are listed on my packing slips under each line item. It looks sloppy and confusing for the customer and is no...

pamela2 by First-timer
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Customs Form through API

Hi All,We are using the ShipStation API to create shipments for our orders. We have just added the Customs Declaration functionality (using the Shipments/Createlabel endpoint: submi...

Photo (2).png image (3).png image (3).png
Marik1234 by New Contributor
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Editing Customs Forms after a package has been shipped

HOW IS THIS NOT POSSIBLE? Today I was contacted by a customer who said that we'd put the wrong amount in the customs info. He has to pay VAT on his end, so it's an important error to fix. All i need to do to fix it is send UPS an updated customs form...

LWC by First-timer
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Option to change currency in account

This has to be a feature in Shipstation. All of our orders are in USD , and there is no way we can convert all into CAD just because region account is based in Canada. Please let us know if there is any plan to implement this. I know this feature has...

New order view missing customs declaration tab

Very frustrated to see the new order view does not show or allow to see/edit customs declaration. In order to change quantity/price/description you have to switch back to the old view on top of the window every time you open a new order.

f1r3 by New Contributor
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Address Validation Failed

I received an error message when trying to ship a package from the USA to Ñuñoa, Santiago in Chile. "Address Validation Failed, We weren't able to validate this address. This may cause delays in your delivery." I contacted the intended recipient and ...

Customs Information

For international packages the custom declarations appear on the new scan to print tool however once the label has printed the customs information disappears and is no longer visible. We have had over 40 packaged being returned back to us as the cust...

hm by First-timer
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Request Fulfilment from a location

Hey everyone, I am new to ShipStation so apologies if this has been covered somewhere else (although I couldn't find it). We have two locations for inventory in Shopify (one in the US, and one in the UK). Our US warehouse ships US orders only, and ou...

CB2022 by New Contributor
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