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Address Validation Failed

New Contributor

I received an error message when trying to ship a package from the USA to Ñuñoa, Santiago in Chile. 

"Address Validation Failed, We weren't able to validate this address. This may cause delays in your delivery."  I contacted the intended recipient and he confirmed that the address is accurate.  I'm not sure how to proceed because I don't want this package returned.  I would appreciate advice on how to validate shipping addresses for Chile.


Hey there @soundtracklabel,


Thanks for joining us and posting in the community! 


When it comes to those international addresses, we see that sometimes the USPS system that we use to validate is unfamiliar with that location, and thus the warning pop up. You did exactly the right thing by double checking/confirming with the customer directly! 


From here you have a couple options: You can send that package out with the address as is and trust the local delivery system in that area to recognize the address in its area. Alternatively you could see if there is a secondary address that could validate in that area that the customer would be comfortable sending the package. 


I know neither of these are perfection solutions but I wanted to provide what i've used in the past. If there are any users with insight as to what they have done here, I invite them to join in this conversation! 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!