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How on earth do you contact support in shipstation?


No chat button on my paid plan.  Going around in circles looking for an email address or how to raise a support ticket. I really don't have time for this.


EVRi (myHermes) lost a parcel and I've had to send another to the customer so I need a credit (at least) and a claim for the value of the product.   How is it possible to contact anyone?


Hey there @thegeniestove


Thanks for joining us in the community. I'm sorry you're having troubles finding the support email, i am happy to provide that info! 


You can reach us at directly. We are happy to assist however we can! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thanks.  You do need to make your systems easier for people to find and access support. It does come across that you don't want to be contacted.  Quite the opposite of shiptheory and who we now use for most of our automated deliveries. 

Yes, I agree. I used to love Shipstation but I can't believe it is impossible to find a chat button or the email address for support. I had to come here to find it.


Same here.

I loved SS when they allowed Chat....but now that they got rid of that (due to so many bugs), I'm actively looking for a SS replacement....