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Amazon Shipping Phone Number too long error - ANY SOLUTIONS?????

Occasional Contributor

We have been using Amazon Shipping in shipsation for nearly 6 months now and are still facing the same errors when processing orders. Amazon exports a phone number with an extension for every order. Because Amazon Shipping cannot have more than a 10 digit phone number, we need to manually delete EVERY custom phone number or at least remove the extension. The common error we get is below:

Amazon Shipping US: 1 validation error detected: Value at 'shipTo.phoneNumber' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must have length less than or equal to 20 (Generic). (400, 222772c6.........)

Is everyone who is using this feature also manually deleting every customer's phone number? I can't figure any type of workaround and this seems to be such an easy fix for Shipstation. 



Can you give an example of how its more than 10? SHouldnt it be 1-555-5555?

Occasional Contributor

Amazon orders are privacy-protected with extensions. For example, an order will arrive to us in the format:

+1 314-555-5555 ext. 12345

It is 26 characters. Perfectly fine for every other carrier other than Amazon Shipping.

Occasional Contributor

How many orders do you do this for? We should be able to assist.