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Edit Shopify Order

Hi I am on a trial with ShipStation I have resolved most of my questions with support, but I have the following two questions which I can not seem to find a solution. 1. I edit an Order in Shopify (for example a customer ordered a Size XS, instead of...

Shopify Product Exports

Has anyone figured out a better way to do shopify product exports? My issues: 1. Weights are always in grams2. Varients do not have a display name3. There are extra rows just for pictures I think? I make it work. Just wondering if there is a nice sho...

Lucas-EFL by New Contributor
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Ecomdash and shipstation?

Original post by user Byron Stout Hey all. we use ecomdash for inventory management, kit building, built product building etc. We have multiple brands, on multiple marketplaces. We want to use shipstation for our shipping. But we are not sure if we s...

Squarespace Postcodes

Original post from user Graham Orr Hi, Not sure where this problem sits, but we recently missed an order that wasn't imported into Shipstation. The customer had somehow managed to enter a delivery address without a postcode. Speaking to support if th...

Cin7 and Amazon Prime

Original post by user Cheryl Maggianetti I am using Cin7 as my inventory managment system. I use AMZ and Woo Commerce as my marketplaces. When I implemented Cin7 all the orders come through as CIN7 Store. I lost the ability to see the souce of the or...

Big Cartel not importing phone numbers

Original post by user Ben Jillard Among the stores I manage are quite a lot of artists using Big Cartel. I'm getting told off by both UPS and DHL for not supplying customer phone numbers when I ship out orders as they're not being imported by ShipSta...

Shopify and ShipStation Phone Number Format

Original post by user Adam Weis Shopify supports an industry-standard phone number format, E.164. Examples of E.164 valid numbers: 6135551212+16135551212(613)555-1212+1 613-555-1212 The problem we have is ShipStation does not like +1 in the numbers a...

Cancelling orders

Original post from user Riki R What is the correct procedure when we want to cancel the order? Should we just cancel an order from our Woocommerce store (change status to - Canceled)? Will, it automatically change Shipstation order status to Canceled...

Woocommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses

Original post by user Hrag Kalebjian Hi guys, woocommerce has a plugin that allows a customer to order items and have them shipped to multiple people at the same time. This is a great option for customers looking to send gifts. It currently isn't sup...

Click Funnel intergration

Original post by user Triple Bristle Inc Using affiliates who have landing pages. Shopify works great for streamlining the orders as they come in to shipstation from one affiliate. I have another affiliate whose landing pages our created in Clickfunn...

Ship by date for ebay

Original post by user shipstationdev Why is the shipByDate string not being used in the Ebay GET /order call to provide an order date? https://developer.ebay.com/api-docs/sell/fulfillment/types/sel:LineItemFulfillmentInstructions

Resolved! Amazon Custom Feature Integration

Original post from user Gerardo Carmona Hello, We would like to see a feature where Shipstation can import text based customization information for Amazon Custom orders. These are listings that the customer can personalize their product through a pre...

Amazon Buy Shipping API and Media Mail

Original post by user Colton Wiles Hello, we have noticed that for some orders, USPS Media mail shows as an option directly on Amazon for some orders, but within ShipStation, this ship method does not show for the same order. Anyone else notice this?