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Amazon Import Orders - SKU ASIN

When we get our orders imported from Amazon. It is taking the data from the Amazon ASIN slot and imports it into shipstation SKU slot. This is frustrating and incorrect as Amazon has a specific area where item location SKU is recorded and that is the...

ExecV by New Contributor
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Bin Inventory System - Picklist Printing

Working on reconfiguring our inventory system. We sell on eBay primarily. When orders are imported from the platform, we set the SKU as the bin location for where the item is located. The picker goes to that area/bin and finds the item. Is there any ...

ExecV by New Contributor
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How to create an Endpoint URL

Greetings experts!I'm brand new to api's and that jaz so I'm trying to find a resource to create an Endpoint URL. We are using Zendesk as our new Customer Service platform and I want customers to be able to look up their ShipStation order via a bot.Z...

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 7.00.19 PM.png
JohnN by New Contributor
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Shipstation Report Data Inaccurate

Noticing that Shipstation Sales Totals on the reports, both App and Website Reports, are not Accurate for ebay. If you have a promotion for selling multiple items and give a discount, Shipstation is using the Amount before the Discount as part of you...

dell by First-timer
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Linnworks - Woocommerce -Shipstation

Hi there,We are using linnworks as the order management system. All carrier accounts are added there and we processing and printing the labels from linnworks itself. Afterwards, the order is synchronised with the channel and updated there. As soon as...

wesuit by First-timer
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Acumatica Mapping/Filtering Options

There are many fields in the ShipStation Mapping customization for Acumatica where the mapping rule is set to static. This severely limits the usability of the integration. For example, it would help our process if we could update the mapping for the...

walamart store error

An error occurred attempting to update orders: There is an error in XML document (0, 0)is any one else getting this when trying to sync to walmart been last few days orders come in every few hrs then i get the same error message 1 or 2 later

ozie27280 by Frequent Contributor
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Error Message Paypal Invoice

My Paypal orders are not updating. Sometimes it takes a day or 2, sometimes 1 hr and sometimes not at all. I have been to the Paypal website already and checked the API permissions and all is good there. I also removed it and resubmitted and I am sti...

CS Cart Integration

Hi all, I am a new user and having a very hard time integrating my CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace with ShipStation. Every time we test the connect to CS Cart we get an error message "Invalid XML. Error: 'Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, p...

Isabella by New Contributor
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Linking two orders

Hello, I am currently building an Order sync app which especially will sync orders created with multiple Fulfillment locations in Shopify to ShipStation, I am able to create multiple orders in ShipStation for each Shopify Order with the APIs and allo...

pateketu by New Contributor
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Shopify Note from buyers data issue

Hello all,I'm using Shopify apps to connect with ShipStation but there's something wrong with the data: Notes from buyers,My expectation: the data of Notes from buyers in ShipStation refer to Customer Note dataActual result: the data of Notes from bu...

duc1986d by New Contributor
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Magento 2.4 extension not working (Solved)

Trying to integrate Shipstation with Magento 2.4.4. The extension is version 2.3.1 from the Magento marketplace. I'm getting the following error in the admin area. Deprecated Functionality: error_log(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($message) of type...

Swappart by Frequent Contributor
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Amazon TAX / VAT being added to order total

Hi, Amazon includes the tax/vat in the item price but orders from Amazon are being imported with tax added on. e.g. Product £10 that already includes £2 of tax but Shipstation is importing the order total as £12 which is wrong. How can I stop this? T...

jk47 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Amazon Custom Feature Integration

Original post from user Gerardo Carmona Hello, We would like to see a feature where Shipstation can import text based customization information for Amazon Custom orders. These are listings that the customer can personalize their product through a pre...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Magento 2.4.5 feed missing some details

Hoping I can get a answer here. The order feed coming in to shipstation is missing a couple items. We get a dispatch date and delivery date from ShipperHQ. The items are on the order but not coming over in the XML order feed.How can I add them in?

cwwallis by New Contributor
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Shipstation Rest APIs - Shipping cost

I am using Shipstation APIs to fetch Orders data. I have Fedex and stamps.com a carrier integrated with shipstation. However, Shipstation APIs doesn't show be the shipping cost, I only see total cost paid by the customer.Is there a way I can see the ...

ankusaxe9 by New Contributor
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Shopify Integration Slow for the past month

Howdy,Making a post since the incompetents @ support keeps telling us it's "expected behaviour"!For the past month, Shipstation has been extremely slow in updating from our Shopify store. A refresh that would take 5-30seconds now takes 5-10minutes.We...

mail11 by New Contributor
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Blurry Logo on Packing Slips

Is anyone else experiencing this? The logo is 300 DPI (print settings are as well) but while the rest of the packing slip prints crystal clear, our logo is very blurry and it looks extremely unprofessional. Anyone know why or have a fix/work around? ...

Rebeccah by New Contributor
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