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Resolved! Amazon Custom Feature Integration

Original post from user Gerardo Carmona Hello, We would like to see a feature where Shipstation can import text based customization information for Amazon Custom orders. These are listings that the customer can personalize their product through a pre...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Amazon TAX / VAT being added to order total

Hi, Amazon includes the tax/vat in the item price but orders from Amazon are being imported with tax added on. e.g. Product £10 that already includes £2 of tax but Shipstation is importing the order total as £12 which is wrong. How can I stop this? T...

jk47 by New Contributor
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Square/PayPal invoicing integration with SS

Is ShipStation ever going to have some sort of integration with a processors invoicing solution?Not only do I have unto 100 orders of day flowing through my ecom store, but I also do A LOT of custom things that require us to send an invoice. It would...

Salesforce | PersonAccounts

We are setting up the ShipStation integration within our Salesforce org, but the issue is that we use PersonAccounts within Salesforce and not Contacts. So when it comes to the BillToContact and the ShipToContact, we can't fill these in, and we can't...

andyhaas by First-timer
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Magento 2.4 extension not working (Solved)

Trying to integrate Shipstation with Magento 2.4.4. The extension is version 2.3.1 from the Magento marketplace. I'm getting the following error in the admin area. Deprecated Functionality: error_log(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($message) of type...

Swappart by Contributor
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New Store Authentication fails - WooCommerce

Have followed instruction, grab auth key from shipstation in woocommerce, paste in shipstation add new store dialog, input url of store (tried tld first, then direct to /shop/ url) submit and error, no details on error. Host search error logs on host...

TierOne by New Contributor
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Does anyone here use Netsuite?

We are using Netsuite and have a middleware called Pipe17 that connects all of our sales channels and data mappings onto Netsuite. Pipe17 is the middleware that also ensures that all of the records that automatically get created in Netsuite are accur...

olsatools by New Contributor
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Printer's Plan Integration

Is anyone else using PrintReach Printer's Plan for order integration? We are sending our shipping rate back to Printer's Plan and our shipping config file is set to mark up the shipping cost but it doesn't and just sends the actual rate.

Amazon Orders & Phone Number Import Issue

Amazon uses phone numbers to keep customer data anonymous. This is a 10 digit phone number and a 5 digit extension. On Friday someone at ShipStation decided to import this as a 15 digit or 16 digit if the 1 is included number. Too long for UPS and Fe...

Shopify and ShipStation Phone Number Format

Original post by user Adam Weis Shopify supports an industry-standard phone number format, E.164. Examples of E.164 valid numbers: 6135551212+16135551212(613)555-1212+1 613-555-1212 The problem we have is ShipStation does not like +1 in the numbers a...

SarahATX by Moderator
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amazon.com.au MCF integration

Hi team, Please extend Amazon MCF integration to amazon.com.au users. MCF is available in the Australian marketplace and should be catered to the same way as it is for US, UK & CA users. Cheers

deskka by First-timer
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Walmart order with phone number integration

I would suggest to have phone number on Walmart integration, whatever Ebay or AMZ the order both have the phone number showing on the shistation and it is very important to prepare a shipment.However, walmart order integration does't support this fea...

dora by New Contributor
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QBO integration with Connex broken

We have been using SuncWithConnex for the past year with some success. In October there was some changes with their service that made it worthless. Instead of automatically sending orders, we now have to keep a special tab open in our browser and man...

IDScan by New Contributor
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Order count using API

Hello,I would like to simply retrieve some aggregated order data, things like counts by status etc. Is this possible to do without retreiving all of the order data? This data appears at the end of the order queries, but we dont want all the accompany...

InkSmith by New Contributor
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store with variants not syncing correctly

Is anyone else having the issue of their items not syncing correctly to shipstation when that item has a variant? Example someone purchases 2 shirts and they are different sizes and color (Black 2T and a 5T charcoal) but are on the same listing and t...

Walmart Integration Broken

Anyone else experiencing Walmart integration issues? Our store, which had been working flawlessly for a long time is now suddenly nonfunctional. Shipstation reports an error: An error occurred attempting to update orders: There is an error in XML doc...

corey by New Contributor
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Edit Shopify Order

Hi I am on a trial with ShipStation I have resolved most of my questions with support, but I have the following two questions which I can not seem to find a solution. 1. I edit an Order in Shopify (for example a customer ordered a Size XS, instead of...