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How to create an Endpoint URL

Greetings experts!I'm brand new to api's and that jaz so I'm trying to find a resource to create an Endpoint URL. We are using Zendesk as our new Customer Service platform and I want customers to be able to look up their ShipStation order via a bot.Z...

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 7.00.19 PM.png
JohnN by New Contributor
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Amazon Orders & Phone Number Import Issue

Amazon uses phone numbers to keep customer data anonymous. This is a 10 digit phone number and a 5 digit extension. On Friday someone at ShipStation decided to import this as a 15 digit or 16 digit if the 1 is included number. Too long for UPS and Fe...

OpenCart orders not importing and bug

I connected my OpenCart store to my ShipStation account. My orders were not importing properly. Tech support was not able to help. While I was waiting to hear from senior tech support, I found the problem. I'm making this post so that it might help o...

Screenshot 2023-11-25 123907.jpg Screenshot 2023-11-22 143911.jpg Screenshot 2023-11-22 144019.jpg Screenshot 2023-11-25 123907.jpg
OC_3x by First-timer
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Shopify Integration Slow for the past month

Howdy,Making a post since the incompetents @ support keeps telling us it's "expected behaviour"!For the past month, Shipstation has been extremely slow in updating from our Shopify store. A refresh that would take 5-30seconds now takes 5-10minutes.We...

mail11 by New Contributor
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API Error when posting order

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Description', table 'Shipstation.dbo.OrderItem'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.\r\nThe statement has been terminated.Getting this error when submitting order data.

Red Exclamation in Pressero store status

Does anyone use ShipStation integrated with Pressero? It has been working fine, but I needed to add a second link into Pressero so I could automate setting third party shipping information. Now I have two stores with a red exclamation point under Sta...

Craig by Occasional Contributor
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Does shipstation have an active support team?

Extremely difficult to get errors on your website fixed. We have been affected for 1 year and still they can't help me fix my issue.Support doesn't help, can't talk with anyone, can't talk on the phone, nothing. 5-15 days to get a response from anyon...

FazStore by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation support with Marketplacer Platform

Is there a connector to integrate Marketplacer Selling Channels into ShipStation.This would be much more convenient as currently have 3 Marketplacer selling channels in which we are using manual import/export for orders.

JJ23 by Occasional Contributor
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Label Traxx API and ShipStation

Are there any other users who use Label Traxx V9 Cloud API with ShipStation?We are considering the move and would love to discuss the wins and losses of this change. Right now we have a custom shipping program hooked up to an older version that is no...

KParker by Contributor
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Bin Inventory System - Picklist Printing

Working on reconfiguring our inventory system. We sell on eBay primarily. When orders are imported from the platform, we set the SKU as the bin location for where the item is located. The picker goes to that area/bin and finds the item. Is there any ...

ExecV by New Contributor
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Resolved! Amazon Custom Feature Integration

Original post from user Gerardo Carmona Hello, We would like to see a feature where Shipstation can import text based customization information for Amazon Custom orders. These are listings that the customer can personalize their product through a pre...

SarahATX by Moderator
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XML import error

We started receiving an error on the import of our XML to Shipstation.The error is only happening with the orders being shipped outside of the USA. I've attached the photo. Shipstation support has been no help.Here is the error09/11/2023 09:16 :An er...

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 15-43-29 ShipStation.png
steven10 by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation stopped importing Shopify FBA orders

As the title suggests, I discovered that ShipStation stopped importing FBA orders from our Shopify around April 19. Other Amazon orders that are not FBA have continued to import normally. We use the Amazon by Codisto channel in our Shopify store.

geraldz by New Contributor
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The fact they are not responding to chat is BEYOND INFURIATING. Sadly, ShipStation keeps going downhill. I am looking into both Pirate Ship, Shippo + Ship Hero to compare. SS is the most expensive; and they do not pass on shipping discounts (unlike o...

glam by Occasional Contributor
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CommerceHub integration

We really need to integrate with CommerceHub...recently started selling on homedepot.com and copying and pasting info into ShipStation is not a sustainable option. We will be switching to Zoho inventory with the 3rd party Extensiv connection for Comm...

940 by New Contributor
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