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Shipstation API Change "To Buyer" field

What endpoint lets me access the "To Buyer" property of an order?  I am able to access the "giftMessage" property of the Order model, but I can't seem to find anything that would let me add a "to buyer" note like I have in the picture here. I have ch...


Integration Problems

I have had shipstation for a half year now without any problems but all of a sudden i cant import any orders from woocommerce. Ive tried customer support several times with no response im at a loss. My woocommerce shows the orders have been exported ...

davy30 by New Contributor
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ebay error

An error occurred attempting to update orders: Could not parse response with status code: 200 from URL: get_products for SellerID: 1601656 and StoreID: 447530 any ne geting a similar reponse right now ?

CS-cart Integration

Hi AllI am new to ship station and signup two weeks ago since than having hard-time integrating with Shipstation. Does anyone else having first time integration issue as well. If so what you have done to resolve it.Kayesh

Kayesh by First-timer
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Store ID changed from Int to GUID

Hey all, it looks like Shipstation has switched the Store ID from being an integer to a GUID, at least from what I can see in the store setup area.We set up manual stores for each of our integrations with our OMS and have previously used the ID that ...

LEAP_Bob by First-timer
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Shipstation not loading

I am not able to get into ShipStation today. when I log in to my account it just spins and nothing loads. Is anyone else having this problem. I can't even contact support because I can't log in.Sam Friedman718-643-8005 ext.106

sam1 by New Contributor
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Prevent import of items with no SKU

I import orders from PayPal. When my eCommerce code gives PayPal an order, there is always a line item for taxes/discounts/coupons that has no SKU but must be included for the price to be correct. When an order is imported into ShipStation, this line...

Sleestaq by Occasional Contributor
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XML Error

I'm having an error about XML commutication with Cin7. The error is as follows: An error occurred attempting to update orders: Invalid XML. Error: 'The ';' character, hexadecimal value 0x3B, cannot be included in a name. Line 6, position 837.' We rec...

Ebay address import errors after recent updates

Recently we received the notification of the new Ebay integration from ship station. We followed the instructions in the email and updated as requested. Since this update we have noticed the some customer address information is not being imported fro...

Mirrock by New Contributor
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Custom packaging slip

I am trying to print a custom packaging slip with a specific format and logo etc. The online template generator is not very helpful. I can generate a slip manually with HTML & PHP code and save it on my server. Is there a way to link that file as the...

vikram by First-timer
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CS-Cart not importing

Since yesterday, my orders from cs-cart have not been importing into shipstation. This has worked fine for the past 10 years or so until yesterday. I've made no changes at my cs-cart end. There are no errors. It just says there are no orders awaiting...

dstrenz by Occasional Contributor
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Etsy Gift Wrap

Thanks to the Devs for implimenting [is_gift] and [gift_message] flags from Etsy, but could you please also add [needs_gift_wrap] or at least [gift_wrap_price] ...? Many thanks

lghtw0 by First-timer
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Auth Token is Hard Expired

Does anyone know hot to correct this? I have Ebay orders but I cant load them into ShipStation because I get this message. I found this: Click on My eBay at the top of this page > Account tab > Site Preferences > Third-party Authorizations > Show Do ...

pmscoinc by First-timer
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Packing Slips with Multiple orders

Hi all, We are trying to create a packing slip that contains multiple orders and is able to categorize each line by the order number, as well as a purchase order number that is provided by our wholesale clients. I noticed on the Pick list you can inc...


Important Data Points Not Mapped

I have Opencart integrated with Shipstation. I'm finding that Shipstation has not and will not map basic data fields imported from Opencart. It is very annoying to see all the column options and not be able to use half of them. Example fields availab...

TexasGreg by Occasional Contributor
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API Related Issues

Hi, 1. We need to be able to pull all the order from website to shipstation and when it is shipped through shipstation then it should automatically mark the order shipped with shipping info on the website. 2. There is a check box which will decide wh...

trafa by First-timer
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