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ShipStation More Integration Please!!!

Finally, the TikTok shop integration is out, and I am excited to see how well it can work. However, can ShipStation develop more integration for different marketplaces, for example, Temu, Shein, Shopee, etc. I know the fact that these marketplaces ar...

ShipStation support with Marketplacer Platform

Is there a connector to integrate Marketplacer Selling Channels into ShipStation.This would be much more convenient as currently have 3 Marketplacer selling channels in which we are using manual import/export for orders.

JJ23 by Occasional Contributor
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Label Traxx API and ShipStation

Are there any other users who use Label Traxx V9 Cloud API with ShipStation?We are considering the move and would love to discuss the wins and losses of this change. Right now we have a custom shipping program hooked up to an older version that is no...

KParker by Contributor
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Developer/Sandbox Account

Hello,We have developed a Private Shopify app for a customer which works with Shopify's Multi-Location feature, so far for development/testing we had our own ShipStation account ($25/month) as I didn't really see any way to get a sandbox. development...

pateketu by Occasional Contributor
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Trouble Creating Order with API

Hello, I'm hoping I can get some feedback or insight into what's going wrong here. I am attempting to POST an order to the ShipStation API but with little luck. I can GET order details just find no problem, so my authentication isn't the problem I be...

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 11.30.16 AM.png

Order count using API

Hello,I would like to simply retrieve some aggregated order data, things like counts by status etc. Is this possible to do without retreiving all of the order data? This data appears at the end of the order queries, but we dont want all the accompany...

InkSmith by New Contributor
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When is Order "ModifyDate" field updated?

Hello, Is there a document which outlines what actions on/changes to an order change the "modifyDate" field of an order? Just from testing things, it seems that Assigning/Unassigning a user to an order does not update this field, which i wish it woul...

info956 by New Contributor
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Get External Shipments via API

Hi,Could you please advise how to get external shipments using API? I have read on the documentation that shipments created through UI will not be returned. But perhaps there is any way to get external shipments? Thanks in advance

PESALES by New Contributor
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Update Order API

I'm would like to update the internalNotes field of an existing orders with our shipping cost (Status = awaiting_shipment) before I complete the Marked Ship API. I sent the API with the Order Number, OrderId and OrderKey (along with all the other req...

Filter order by Multiple store via API

Hi, In our client ShipStation store, we receive orders from multiple sources, Amazon, etc, How can we identify the order source via API, We use the following API to pull orders from Shipstaion.https://ssapi.shipstation.com/orders Please let us know, ...

ramkumar by First-timer
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Remove PRICE (when assigned to other users)

Prices on products should be a on/off feature on orders. For most, Shipstation is just used to create shipping so product price shouldn't matter. However, if anyone assigns an order to another user... (we have a few 3rd party drop ship vendors that u...

Walmart API Auto Acknowledge and No Email

Ever since connecting ShipStation with Walmart seller API, whenever Walmart sends our ShipStation account a notice of a new order Walmart auto acknowledges the order and does not send an email that an order was being placed.

iisrael by New Contributor
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