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Recognize Pre-Paid Subscription from Shopify as Multiple Shipments

New Contributor
We utilize prepaid subscriptions on Shopify (customer pays yearly for 4 recurring installments/shipments). The Shopify platform creates one order with multiple scheduled shipments. When the order is imported into Shipstation, however, it's not recognized as multiple shipments with scheduled ("hold until") dates. The Shopify app developer maintains that this information should be obtainable via the API integration.  
Pre-paid subscriptions are a widely-adopted feature on the Shopify platform - so far Shipstation's only suggestion to us is to manually "split shipment" for each order. There should be a way to set up an automatic split based on the scheduled fulfillment dates (regardless of the volume.) Manually setting that up for every qualifying order (which also means we have to manually go back into Shopify to mark that installment as shipped) is cumbersome. Could Shipstation please automate this via Shopify's API?


following, we use paywhirl and have the same issues

Occasional Contributor


We have pre-paid subscriptions and I've been manually entering new orders (order#-3, order#-2 etc), leaving the original order (attached to woo commerce) to ship last in order to mark the final shipment complete automatically on the customer side. It's a LOT of manual data entry for me - Especially when I can see how it's possible to do this automatically from ship station's side. 

We have as well - it's not sustainable, especially when the whole premise of ShipStation is to create automation rules and streamline automation. We are very disappointed and find it hard to believe that this is not fixable!