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Trying to connect eBay & Shipstation pop up goes to 401 page. Try to edit existing & returns error.

New Contributor

One of my eBay accounts randomly stopped pulling sales in, I tried to edit the connection and it returns the following error in the pop-up window- "We are sorry, but you do not have access to this section.
Please contact your ShipStation administrator for access.".

When I try to create a new connection, it gets to the second confirmation screen where you agree to give access to the API on eBay and the window closes and goes 404. Also, why is it so difficult to send a simple email? The process is broken it seems? I click Contact Us and it just loops back tot he same Support Help page with a link saying you can sign in and send an email. Click that and it reloads the page??shiup.pngship 2.png


Hey there @Phreaktor


I'm glad to see you've started a support ticket for this matter! That is definitely your best bet. I am confident you'll hear back soon.


In the meantime, I may recommend a small adjustment to troubleshooting step you mentioned! I would ask to check the 3rd party apps on the ebay side and reconnect ShipStation there, and also reconfiguring the connection on the ShipStation side as well. 


If any of our other community members have seen this in the past, we would love to hear what got you back up and running. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!