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BUG! Shopify marketplace notifications broken

Occasional Contributor

We're dealing with a bug that started around 2/1 - 2/2/24....

Orders fulfilled in ShipStation abruptly stopped updating our Shopify with marketplace notifications to mark orders as Fulfilled in Shopify and deposit the tracking info. We have an email service that sends Shipping Notifications from Shopify (not ShipStation), and as a consequence of this bug our customers did not receive Shipping Notification emails or tracking and their orders incorrectly reflect an Unfulfilled status. 

ShipStation support appears baffled and their troubleshooting guidance hasn't worked. They advised us to go to Settings -> Store Setup -> Emails and to and to select a Shipment Confirmation Template in the dropdown. We tried this and it did successfully automatically inform Shopify of the shipping info and trigger status change to "fulfilled", HOWEVER doing so triggers an Shipment Notification Email (in the format of the selected template) that sends to customers that we DO NOT WANT TO SEND. Again, our shipment notifications send from Shopify and we want to suppress any email sends from ShipStation. 

What's maddening about this is that for the 5 years we've used ShipStation we had no issues and we haven't changed any settings. To date,  in the Store Setup - > Emails menu we've had it configured as "(don't send email)" for the Shipment Confirmation Email setting. Now, suddenly, it's evident that this configuration will not send an email upon an order being shipped in ShipStation (great), but at the cost of NOT notifying and triggering an update to the order as fulfilled in Shopify (bad!). 

Does anybody have a workaround to restore the integration functionality we've enjoyed for years!? Better yet... ShipStation... fix it!



We experienced the same thing around the same time and followed similar steps and recently noticed there is no record in the shopify orders that shipping confirmations and the follow-up delivery are being sent, but in shipstation it is showing they are getting a tracking confirmation sent which we prefer to have everything come be shopify or at least show these actions have happened.  

Occasional Contributor

We're having the same issue. I have also a ticket open with a rep - but no movement on a fix as yet


Hello oeban31!


Thank you for your post and patience in getting this issue resolved! If you could contact, ask support to pull the tracking feed for an order example to show if the problem is on our side or the Shopify end. 


We appreciate you!


Happy Shipping, and have a good weekend!