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"Marked As Shipped" orders are not sending customer emails

Occasional Contributor

When we addtracking to an order, and we "marked as shipped" an order, it says: "notify customer=true" but our customers are not receiving emails. They only receive emails now if we create a label now through shipstation. Any idea how to fix this issue? We are blind CC on all customer notifications. Even if we try to resend notifications it will not work. Our marketplace is Magento 2, and the information does get updated on the marketplace side since the order gets moved to "complete". We rely on Shipstation to send the confirmation email to our customers.



Hello, @ttpshipstation!


Thank you for your post. I have reached out to the support team, and we have reassigned your ticket to an agent. They will be reaching out to you to help sort out this issue that you are seeing! I apologize it has taken a little while to get this resolved. 


Have a wonderful day!