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Complained about this before then my post disappeared. I was forced to upgrade a tier because I went one package over my tier level?? Not happy. I feel like $20 was just hickjacked from me. Why do the tiers jump from 50 shipments a month to 500?? Mak...

danjf1966 by New Contributor
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Show Box Size on Packing Slip?

Hello! We have many different product combinations, which results in many different shipping box sizes for our packing department to choose from when preparing shipments. I'm wondering if there's a way for us to help our packing department by showing...

Crema by First-timer
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Don't want to import specific products orders

i have created an automatic rule in shipstation for not importing an SKU (let's say: XYZ).Shipstation does not import XYZ orders when its only one SKU in that order. But when there are other SKUs in the order, Shipstation imports them all. i talk to ...

Sam09 by First-timer
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Am I the only one getting issues?

Open the order details or shipping sidebar to review the label alert and see why your label was not created. Enter the required details and try again.XML Shipping System is unavailable, please try again later Does anyone know what to do in this case?

Duplicate same sku on pick list

V3Started after new ebay integration which I assume caused thisWe get multiple lines with the exact same sku number.For example: One line we pick x2 and another line right below it we pick x4 for the exact same sku. I can see they come from different...

nbowers by New Contributor
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Ship Empty Box with Return Label

Hello, we are quoting a an opportunity to ship empty boxes out with a return label for the end user to return a defective part in. The return address will be different than the origin. Also the weight of the return will be different than the empty bo...

PhilPal by First-timer
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Pack and Ship

Besides doing my own shipping for my store , can I do a pack and ship business with ShipStation for customers that come in to the store?

Bennetts by New Contributor
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Putting "Do Not Return" on shipping label

We ship food products and cannot accept returns on packages. I've seen "Do Not Return" in the upper right corner of shipping labels from other companies that I've received but I cant figure out how to apply that to ours. Any help would be appreciated

Daylon by Occasional Contributor
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Merging multiple sku's into one customs declaration

Hi, I'm Ken with Christian Light,We ship educational materials all over the world. Some orders have several hundred different sku's of very similar items that could be grouped under one customs declaration. we did not realize SS had a limit of 100 cu...

Ken65 by First-timer
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webhooks are sometimes bunk.

Using the on_items_shipped webhook. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont. Which is pretty convenient. example of the response (by curling the resource url): {"shipments":[],"total":0,"page":1,"pages":0} So, I guess I have to make a cron that just ru...

doug4 by Occasional Contributor
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Set Package Type For Best Shipping Rate Strategy

Easy to set the automation rule for Best Shipping Rate, which was very helpful to no longer have to manually compare shipping prices with different carriers. However, we can't set the package type to auto-fill with Best Shipping Rate on. In automatio...


How can I remove customer's phone number for the label

Hello All, I googled and tried everything to remove the customer's phone number from the 4x6 label and I can't automatically make that happen. I tried AfterShip, ShippingEasy, and EasyShipping, and for the past month, I've been using ShipStation. Eve...

Ramos21 by Occasional Contributor
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scan orders to batch

Hello-Looking for a way to bulk upload orders to a batch---i export my orders, then organize them in the spread sheet, and i want to batch them based on how i sorted in in my spread sheet. I can not find a way to do that in would be gr...

JM_Group by New Contributor
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Resolved! Save customer's shipping account?

Hello!I create all our orders manually (i.e. we're not integrated with an ecommerce store), and some of the customers to whom we ship regularly have their own UPS or FedEx accounts that we can use for billing. I'm looking for a quick & easy way to cr...

Exclude Shipping Services

Is there any way to set up an automation that excludes certain shipping services? We utilize Ship Station to help us pick the best ground rate for shipments. The idea is we would like to offer customers the option to pay a set premium per order and t...

kbscoat by Occasional Contributor
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Custom fields... ANYONE?

Is there anyone in the shipstation community that can share what they have done for Custom Fields? I have a couple of ideas where I want to change some things. But have no idea where to start. And maybe I am thinking custom fields is not what I think...

NEV by Contributor
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scale not working on scan and verify

Has anyone noticed lately in the scan and verify after you verify it won't read what the scale has. I tried 2 different computers and 2 different scales. same issues. Is anyone else having the same issue? It was stated yesterday. Never had any issues...

Batch label

I am new to ship station and am trying to set up a workflow for our operation. Basically, I'd like to have all orders that contain only one item to batch print in the morning leaving only the multi-item orders in the list for our warehouse manager to...

Automatically Split Order Please!

We get 300 of orders per day, and have to manually split certain orders to fit into UPS ground. We have an automation rule that creates a tag automatically for orders that need to be split, then we have to manually go through and split them, which ta...

JackShia by New Contributor
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