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Notes From Buyer - need automation rule action

Occasional Contributor

Currently automation rules allow us to trigger an action based on prescribed criteria for the value in the Notes From Buyer field... this is great as our Shopify store passes down information in this field that can be useful to key off of. However, huge miss... there is no ability to take "action" with the automation rules on the Notes From Buyer field.

A common use case we have encountered with orders from a number of different sources... depending on the integration, we've had instances where junk info, jargon, or text that we don't want to expose to the customer appears in Notes From Buyer. We need to include Notes From Buyer on our packing lists because that is where customer gift notes are deposited. We would love the ability to trigger a rule based on criteria for in Notes From Buyer to then take action to change or overwrite the Notes From Buyer field... in most cases, the action would be to delete the values in Notes From Buyer to get rid of the junk text.