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Package Type Default - Multiple Carriers

Wondering if anyone has tried to or found a way to set an automation of package type, without forcing a service type. We offer 2 different carrier services that we allow our customers to choose from, but the packaging type for some of our items are t...

tcoyne39 by New Contributor
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scale not working on scan and verify

Has anyone noticed lately in the scan and verify after you verify it won't read what the scale has. I tried 2 different computers and 2 different scales. same issues. Is anyone else having the same issue? It was stated yesterday. Never had any issues...

Resolved! Printing labels in batches in order of sku

I'm relatively new to shipstation. The company that I just onboarded with likes to print labels/packing lists in batches of 60 then pass them out warehouse workers to pull. When I create a batch of 60, I sort by sku, but when I print the order of the...

dlarimer by New Contributor
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How do I change the order of label printing?

I would like to change the order my packing slips and label print. Currently it’s printing label than packing slip. I would like for it to print packing slip than label. not sure if anyone else has seen this issue but there was a check box to switch ...

Green by First-timer
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Generic Non-carrier shipping label

Hi all, Not sure if this has been discussed in the past (cant seem to find any thread on it). We ship some of our very small items domestically on regular express post - is there a way we can use shipstation to generate a non-carrier adress label for...

DSR (Data Subject Request)

I'm curious if anyone has dealt with request to remove a customer's personal information from their systems in response to GDPR, CCPA or other privacy laws? ShipStation and its APIs don't seem to provide any functionality for this. And especially in ...

sfattahi by First-timer
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Amazon Shipping/Seller Central Wonky

Amazon Seller Central has gone wonky on me and won't let me buy shipping. Since I gotta still ship, I'm using Shipstation this morning. BUT I see one order already not updating over to Amazon with the correct tracking. This is going to S T I N K....

Automatically Split Order Please!

We get 300 of orders per day, and have to manually split certain orders to fit into UPS ground. We have an automation rule that creates a tag automatically for orders that need to be split, then we have to manually go through and split them, which ta...

JackShia by New Contributor
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Shipping Notification Details

Our team is looking to see if there were any features that would show details on when a shipment notification was sent, such as the date and time. Emails are being sent but rather late.My company has a return policy where recipients will have to pay ...

Customs Forms - Content Descriptions

Currently ShipStation uses the first item's product description for the Content Descriptions on international labels generated. In all other shipping applications I have used we have been able to provide a general description/category of the merchand...

jen by Occasional Contributor
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Inventory/SKU Uploads

Hello ShipStation community, does anyone have any experience uploading inventory/SKU reports? we are setting up a new store and the list is quite large, and looking for feedback, support on based way to approach? lessons learned? anyone available to ...

a51 by Occasional Contributor
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Automation to spot "Gifts"

Hi, As not all selling channels have a gift flag (and customers don't always tick it if they do). Is there any way that you can compare the Customer Name (taken from billing) to the Recipient Name (who it's for)? I realise that there are a lot of poi...

Phome by New Contributor
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API to Google Sheets

I'd love to pull some data from Shipstation using API to google sheets. Is there anyone out there that has been successful and mind tossing over some pointers?

Dee27 by New Contributor
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How to Split Orders orders in bulk?

My company runs mainly on multiple products order. I'm currently having issue creating labels with partial order in BULK!!! I know how to do them individually, but not in bulk. Does it have do with inventory? API? Please help.

PoV2000 by First-timer
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Outage 10:20am 8/9

We haven't found a way to get shipstation to work, but if anyone has a work-around let me know! I was able to get through to support with an odd solution so I am hoping that someone is working on it.

Inventory Management

Looking for someone to chat with for 15-20 mins about how they are tracking inventory, sizes, kits ... etc We are having hiccups and would like to learn how others are doing set up Thanks

a51 by Occasional Contributor
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Override import name not always working

I have all of my inventory items set to "override the import name" but it is not always working. About half of my orders are imported with the store name rather than the item name assigned in ShipStation, which is an abbreviation of the store name. T...

Automation rule for optional services

Our customers are able to select an option to add insurance to their shipment and/or add a "rush fee" to have the order processed same day. They import ShipStation orders like this;I tried to set up an automation rule using the text that is where the...


New Dropdown Menu Function

Please go back to the prior drop down menu layout for selection of shipping carrier and shipping method when creating a label. The new layout is TOO TALL for each entry and less efficient to navigate. The prior menu was clearer, quick and easier to m...

SAS by First-timer
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