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Shipping Rule for FREE shipping

Hi All, I'm brand new and trying to figure out if it is possible to set a shipping rule that will make any order over $100.00 set to FREE SHIPPING. I appreciate your time and assistance in advance!

JodyTS by Rookie
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Change color of multiple quantities in order screen

Quantity Color Update in Order Shipment ScreenUpdate the color of multiple items needing shipped to be inline with a standard notification color: yellow, orange, red or custom – anything but gray, white or black.This will draw more of the user's atte...

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 11.30.48 AM.png Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 11.30.48 AM.png
Wholecycle by Occasional Contributor
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USPS tracking number when shipments are exported

Have been trying to export shipments with all the tracking numbers between different carriers. For some reason, USPS tracking numbers show up all the same even if the actually tracking number we see on shipstation are different.Anybody know how to fi...

sales187 by New Contributor
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Email Automation of Label/Packing Slip PDF

Hello, we will be using several ship from locations. Those locations will not be be direct users of Shipstation, so we intend for them to rely on email notification w/ attached PDF label and packingslip to fulfill their orders. Each Ship From Locatio...

Guzzi by New Contributor
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AI Voice Agent Connect To ShipStation

I've successfully hooked up my customer's ShipStation account to my AI Voice Agent! Now calls that come in can have access to order data in real time! No more paying for unreliable phone support people.I'll record a phone call and post it hear if any...

Set Package Type For Best Shipping Rate Strategy

Easy to set the automation rule for Best Shipping Rate, which was very helpful to no longer have to manually compare shipping prices with different carriers. However, we can't set the package type to auto-fill with Best Shipping Rate on. In automatio...


5 Copies of Every Label

I tried to print three labels today, Shipstation is putting 5 copies of every label into the print queue. This is a waste of supplies and my time. I can see that another customer is having the same problem but their post was locked in the forums. Is ...

AJL by First-timer
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Customs Declarations printing with Labels

Customs Declarations printing with with UPS. Seems logical to not have to make another step or two to go back, print customs Declaration. Or add new UPS QR code label for Customs Declaration invoice that UPS now prints with their international label

Looking for suggestions for a different shipping company!

We get 5 copies of everything we print, wasting labels like crazy. ZERO help from ship station, this is the second time this happened....they don't even respond. The first time we removed the program and re-installed tried that 2x already time to mov...

EZswitch by Occasional Contributor
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Order Summary not printing correctly

To start,'s not my printer settings as those have not changed for 3 years. I printed an order summary 2 days ago and all was well.Now, the "pages" are being squished together for some reason. Anyone else having this issue?This is a real incon...

1 page.png
geeelaaa by First-timer
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Scan Screen --- Processing Orders --- Input Needed

We are considering changing how we process orders for shipping. Right now, we typically pick orders and place each order with a packing slip. In the Scan screen, we scan the packing slip, and process the order. My thought, it would be faster for our ...

andy5 by New Contributor
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Exclude Shipping Services

Is there any way to set up an automation that excludes certain shipping services? We utilize Ship Station to help us pick the best ground rate for shipments. The idea is we would like to offer customers the option to pay a set premium per order and t...

kbscoat by Occasional Contributor
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We currently have 2 accounts with UPS activated with shipstation and we are wanting to get the cheapest rate. I was wondering if anyone was aware on why the cheapest price is not the same on both accounts. Or is there a faster way to already choose t...

Expert Help Needed

I have been working with Shipstation for about 10 years and recently moved to another company that uses Shipstation very inefficiently. Our inventory/product info is stored through Counterpoint, then moves over to Shopify, and lastly ends up in Ships...

crennier by New Contributor
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Scan to Verify Workflow needs improvement

Does anyone else think the Scan to Verify Workflow is backwards? For starters, if you want to use a barcode scanner to retrieve your order for verification, you would need to have a packing list with the barcode at the bottom (otherwise you would hav...

lincolntran by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Why is Unknown Carrier in the "D" section?

Can we put this in alphabetical order, please? This unknown carrier was recently added and/or moved to the "D" section.Why? Ultimately, I don't use 99% of these. Would like in the future to remove them. Or at least make the box be able to type and fi...

2faroffroad by Occasional Contributor
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Create and Save Return Without Making a Label?

I'm trying to track returns and categorize them efficiently so we can have better data on our return rate, but we do not send labels to our customers for returns, they just buy their own. Regardless, being able to split one item off of a big order an...

Verification Scan

It seems around 2 weeks ago an update occurred that changed the workflow of the scan to verify function. You used to be able to scan the product and if it was wrong you could "scan" out of the error message and resume scanning. Now you have to manual...

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 12.36.38 PM.png
Handup by New Contributor
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Orders ready for shipping report

Hi,It would be great to have a report that can give a list of order numbers that have enough 'stock on hand' that they can be shipped immediately.I know I can open each order individually to see this. But a report that shows all orders that can be sh...

TSmittie by New Contributor
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Webhook enhancements

Our system tracks operator events and keeps other API integrated elements (like our ERP and CRM) in synch. When an operator voids a label it would be helpful to receive a webhook event perhaps over the Order Shipped webhook with a void_notify event.

5-7 Second lag when printing a shipping label

We are experiencing a significant lag (5-7 seconds) between when we hit "print label" and the label eventually printing. We've been through all the troubleshooting articles and strategies (using chrome, changing printers, internet speed, etc). This i...

kkennedy by First-timer
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Branded Tracking for API Marked as Shipped

Hello, We have some of our warehouses connected via API. They still ship under our account, but mark the order as shipped via API. Due to this, these orders cannot use the Branded Tracking functionality. As such, we are looking for the Branded Tracki...

Nick_H by First-timer
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