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Export automation rules


We have 85 automation rules in our account that have been built by several different administrators. Today, if I want to switch to a new carrier or rate plan, I have to wade through all 85 rules to make sure I'm not breaking anything.  This creates a fragile environment for making changes and we want to  be able to analyze all of the rules collectively, for example identifying all rules that ship via FedEx or are linked to facility A.   

We would like tools to analyze the cumulative impact of a set of automation rules within ShipStation, ideally listing all of the different conditions within each individual rule in some sort of a matrix format that I can filter and sort.  Alternatively, we could export the full details of our automation rules in JSON or Excel format so that we could analyze externally.  Even raw JSON format would be good enough for me if that's how you store the code on your side.