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Allocated Order Issues

New Contributor

I am having issues with multiple SKU's that show inventory allocated but have no orders with any allocations for those SKU's. At the end of the day, I have no orders left in our system to process. There are still numerous SKU's that show inventory allocations. I have checked in each SKU setup to see if there are any orders allocated for them and there are not. I have tried to Deallocate from both the SKU product detail page and from the inventory page, but I always get the failed to deallocate message as Shipstation cannot find any orders associated with these SKU's. I have filed a ticket, but Shipstation support hasn't been able to figure it out for over 3 weeks now. Has anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts on what I can do? I have tried importing inventory to zero with a template, changing the SKU to not track inventory and making it inactive. No matter what I do, these false allocations are stuck.




Thanks in advance to any advise!!