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User restrictions - custom views


Looking for a feature that would customise the view per user, specifically restrict users from seeing any other user on the account when they access an order.

We currently have 2 fulfilment companies' setup as users, with limitations.

I can restrict it so they only see the orders/shipments assigned to them, however they still have the ability to select the dropdown field in "assigned to" and it will show all other users. This is present on our Orders dashboard as a filter column and when an order is opened.

If I could lock/restrict this "Assign to" field, so that it is only accessible to the admin account (users would see it as a static name, with no dropdown option) it would keep each user as a confidential party. If there is a way to do this, or if someone has a tip on what they have done as a workaround, please let me know.

Thank you


New Contributor

Yes, we need the ability to restrict access or assign access to specific users for custom views. This is a feature that is needed ASAP! 


Hello @service28 !


We appreciate your post! Thanks for the great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve.


Have a wonderful week, and happy shipping!