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Re-Arranging Custom Shipstation Views

New Contributor

We use quite a number of custom views to switch between different types of orders and be able to process them quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, you can't rearrange the custom views. Once you fill up the row with custom views, new ones go into a drop down menu on the side of the page. This is frustrating because you might create an essential custom view that you'd want displayed on the main shipstation page when you open it up (giving you easy and immediate access to that view), but you have no way of taking that custom view out of the drop-down menu. I wish you could just drag-and-drop them to rearrange them.

The only current work-around is to delete all your existing views and then re-make them in the order you want them to appear. This is very time consuming and becomes broken once you create a new view that you want access to, so really isn't much of a solution at all.



Welcome to the forums, where you'll quickly discover that there are LOTS of problems with Shipstation. If you're expecting a reply or resolution from Shipstation, you're better off looking for a new shipping platform now. 

Just take a look at the forums. There are problems abound and support and Shipstation's cowardly upper management are hiding. They know their software is full of bugs and don't respond to forums, chat, or emails because they're incapable.


Sorry @steve14, take a look around the forums and you'll see that Shipstation is not the shipping platform to grow with your business.