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new Custom View Tabs

Occasional Contributor

so the biggest complaint that I have about the new custom view tabs is the fact that when you click on a tab, it moves that tab to the far left and "reorders" the other tabs.. makes it difficult to have work flow when the things you are creating to help work flow are constantly moving around.  either make them static (order created is the order they stay in), or make them dynamically movable (we order them in the order we want them.)   or at least give us the option to disable the "auto-ordering" crap that currently happens.


Howdy @luckdragon! Thank you for your post and being a part of the community! Taking the time to participate here is truly appreciated. 


Thanks as well for tab view feedback! I will be marking the post accordingly and ensuring that this feedback is reviewed!  



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

Please please implement this solution!

this is one of the worse features in SS!