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Shipments Custom Export

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When viewing my shipments on desktop, i can't export all the data for my shipments at once. When creating a custom export, the option to include my Shipment Number isn't available. However, it is available when customizing my columns using my current view, and is included in that export. The problem is the current view is missing different columns, such as Custom Field #1, #2, and #3. Thus, if I want to download all the data from my shipments using, I have to do two exports: first using the current view, and then using the custom export. I then have to manually merge these two exports to have a single spreadsheet with all my shipment data. 

It seems pretty silly that i have to waste my time and do this, espeically since the Shipment Number is arguably the most important field in identifying which shipment is which. Hoping to have the custom export feature updated so i don't have to compromise on my exports



Bumping this up!  I am also frustrated that I am unable to export all the data -- including basic things like item width, height, and length and custom fields.  I should be able to export ANY field within the order or item.  PLEASE make this available!

I am constantly entering custom fields (Shipping insurance - Yes, Taxes and Duties paid by (sender/recipient), and platform) along with the other basic information.  It's tedious and difficult to train people when there are too many steps. 

Hello @steverudeart !


Thank you for the bump on this idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve


Happy Shipping!