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Shipstation has no customer service

I see there's a number of people who are disappointed with ShipStation's customer service - they don't have any. So, after your 30 day trial period is over. You can never get a hold of anyone. We've been a customer of theirs for 6 months now, and, al...

Seeing Tags in New Interface

Hello, I would like to see the tags for all the orders when looking at the Orders Dashboard. The new interface doesn't seem to give me that option or I am looking in the wrong place. I know you can filter by tag but I need to see each tag on the whol...

akgrace by New Contributor
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Scan to Verify Reporting

I noticed that this has been brought up before. I do not understand why we can not generate a report for Scan to Verify. All the information is in ShipStation. Please consider adding this feature, I'm very disappointed as we just switched to ShipStat...

dmcgoun by First-timer
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Direct Delivery - UPS

It would be great to have the option to do direct delivery via UPS on the V3 layout. I ship hazardous materials and I do not want individuals rerouting their package from the original delivery address.

dschuck by New Contributor
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End of day list sorting

Hi, Can we please get back the list sorting on the end of day manifests? If I need to remove a few items each evening it's taking me forever because there isn't a sort option on the column tabs. Please see attached. It used to be that way before a ch...

Screenshot 2021-12-14 162839.png
JamieH by New Contributor
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Tote Picking

Is there any discussion on adding tote picking as a feature in ShipStation? Here is a link to better understand what tote picking is:

tbriggs by First-timer
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Order number not printing on Commercial Invoice

According to the documentation, label message 1 should appear on customs invoice forms. If we add [Order #] to label message 1, it does not print on the commercial invoice. How do we enter it so it will be printed?

tlw by New Contributor
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Shipstation Connect - Different Device - Dimensioner

Would it be possible to add a dimensioner as a device to the Shipstation Connect. Similar to how a scale is connected and polled via the scale button. A dimensioner uses a camera to determine a packages LxWxH automatically. There are affordable dimen...

Kinglap by Occasional Contributor
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Hide Insights tab on admin account

I log in often in front of my employees and I would like to hide the visibility for the insights tab so that my employees don't see top line sales. I know there is a setting that loads another tab automatically at log in but I don't want it to be vis...

tyler7 by First-timer
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Customer Order Updates

Is there a way to update the customer directly from Shipstaion once an order's tag is changed from a different tag? We are looking to update the customer once their order is put in production and that their order will be shipped in X amount of days.

holliewc by First-timer
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Create+Print Hotkey

Hello, So there must be a keyboard/Hotkey shortcut for the Create+Print command but we can't find it. Thanks for sharing this as it will vastly speed up our daily processing.

Mark by New Contributor
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Add Phone Numbers as a valid search option

There are times where customers leave voicemails during the weekend and all the info they provide is a phone number. If we could search up orders with their numbers it would save an incredible amount of time, instead of having to call them back and l...

AgusF by First-timer
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Unable to Process Batch

Currently unable to process batches. It validates labels and then sits with a spinning circle forever. Currently have contacted support twice and neither time have they resolved it. Is anyone else effected by this?

Bulk printing order alerts

We always bulk print packing slips and labels but recently the popup alert that warned us that we already printed packing slips has disappeared. As you can imagine this is leading to some major picking/packing issues. I attempted to seek help from sh...

Mia4 by First-timer
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Public API /products/* missing field UPC

The public API /products/* is missing field UPC. All fields on the ShipStation Products dashboard UI should be included in the response and allowed to be updated via the API. Include UPC in the following API endpoints response. GET /products/productI...

JJB by New Contributor
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Allow for product notes on pick list

We would like to add additional product notes to certain products on the pick list in order to help our team picking the right products. Some of our products require assembly or different parts to it which isn't reflected on the (imported) product de...

tom21 by First-timer
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Account Restrictions

Hi there, I was added by my boss to manage the company's ShipStation account. However, I'm unable to contact the chat support team (button not showing on my end) and I'm seeing this in my dashboard whenever I log in.Please advise what we need to do s...


Batch Summary Info on Pick List

It would be great to have the option to display the batch name and batch notes on pick lists. When we print several batches back-to-back we end up having to sort through and make sure the labels and pick lists are matching. Currently the only way to ...

KyleTiesta by Occasional Contributor
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split shipment customs declarations

Anybody else having the issue with customs information not transferring when processing a split shipment? This is an easy code fix from a developers standpoint. This is pretty disappointing that a large company like shipstation can't fix this.

MIKE28 by New Contributor
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Allow Adhoc Label + Packing Slip Printing

See my image, it's pretty straight forward. I dont want to go into the settings to be have to print label + slip for each order.I need the printer to print like this:Label + Slip, Label + Slip, Label + Slip Instead of Label, Label, Label, Slip, Slip,...

Shipstation suggestion.JPG
Jarmabox by First-timer
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