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Putting a tracking link into an email

I want to set up an email template that would automatically send a message to customers when their order ships. But I want the tracking number to display, as just the tracking number, with it being a clickable link taking the recipient to the trackin...

Craig by Occasional Contributor
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Problems printing to Rollo printer

Hi there. I'm new to Shipstation and am having some issues printing to my wireless Rollo printer from my MacBook. While I understand that Rollo is not officially supported by Shipstation, I do know that there are people who successfully use the two t...

Shipping RATE in Email Conformation

Does know how to get the Shipping Rate (carrier amount) in the email confirmation template to show up? I dont see it as one of the fields in the WYSIWYG drop down list. I have a Third Party client that requires us to send tracking along with the UPS ...

info806 by First-timer
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Search For Recently Printed Labels

I clicked print for a label and moved it to the shipping tab. However, I need to restore it back to awaiting shipment. The issue is, I do not know which shipment it was. Is there a way to search for recently shipped/printed labels?

Resolved! I cannot print or download shipping labels.

The error I get is "this label can't be downloaded. I did ALL of the troubleshooting suggestions. It will not print or download and the issue is NOT my dymo. I was so fed up that I decided to try a different order and had no issues. I was able to pur...

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.02.01 PM.png

Barcode Order to be read on DPD App

Hi All,I use shipstation to manage the orders from our different marketplaces and the different carrier companies we work with.I ran into an issue with DPD (carrier). DPD labels printed through Shipstation are on different size from the standards tha...

shouldn't have to post ideas

If I am telling a customer service representative about an issue and it's not something that can be solved now, they should be able to log this product request, I shouldn't have to waste more time coming here and telling ShipStation for a second time...

ryans by New Contributor
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Mark Shipped Carrier options/Automation

I have orders that are shipped via Courier with my linked carrier account but I also have other orders that I simply add a postage stamp and deliver via standard post. When I want to bulk mark the stamped orders as 'Shipped' it is mandatory to add a ...

bcraig by First-timer
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Any way to flag an order once it's a "shipment"?

Has anybody found a way to flag and add notes to a shipment?All this flagging and tagging functionality is available when the order has not yet shipped, but once transferred to "shipment" status, I cannot find a way to flag or tag shipments for follo...

SSkeptic by Occasional Contributor
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Track movement in my ShipStation account

How I can track a fraudulent movement in my ShipStation account?Today early morning, an order has been changed of the shipping address and one of my users did this change. I need to know the location from this movement, exist any option to do that?I ...

ab by First-timer
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Sales Invoices-- no such feature in SS ??????????????

So just on a trial period with SSand i just cant get my head around why there isnt an Invoice produced for each sale.Other shipping management solutions i have used have done so as standardReceive order from channel - allocate shipping method- print ...

ScottCCTV by New Contributor
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International labels printing sideways and cropped.

More of a complaint than a topic.This week international labels started printing sideways and cut off. I discussed this with support, had to jump through the usual pointless hoops, clearing cache, cookies etc another wasted 45 minutes. Turns out it's...

info720 by First-timer
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No Tracking Number on the Labels

PayPal shipping changed over to Ship Station. There is no tracking number on First Class packages. My in-home business takes pride in giving our customers a tracking number when the label is printed. This is good business practice. Am I missing somet...

Pop Up upon printing a burden

Anyone else burdened by the double pop up that comes up and slides to the right once you print a label. Even though it takes a few seconds, it makes it impossible to view any orders or do anything in ship station until this clears out. Why not get ri...

Scale connection keeps disconnecting

I am trying to use the scale I received from - which does connect, but the connection does not seem to stick. What is happening is that when I log in to create label(s) there is no option for the scale when I click the little drop down arr...

Automation Rule Add Internal Note

So we have variation listing's on our eBay store, I am trying to add an Internal note (or anything) that would add a note to packing slips stating what is in each of the variation to help the warehouse when packing orders. I spoke to support who advi...

LAshton by New Contributor
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Scan to Verify and Print

I am running into an issue with Scan to verify and print. The scan process works fine. After the last item is scanned and it switches over to the print function, I have to uncheck and re-check the the use scale box to get the scale to read the weight...

cschlik by New Contributor
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