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Scan to Verify and Print

I am running into an issue with Scan to verify and print. The scan process works fine. After the last item is scanned and it switches over to the print function, I have to uncheck and re-check the the use scale box to get the scale to read the weight...

cschlik by New Contributor
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Remove shipping transit time estimates

I'd like to suggest a way to remove the transit time estimates from checkout when pulling live rates from Shipstation into Shopify. For example, I give USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground as options. If someone is all the way across the country, where ...

Custom field 1,2,3 and Gift Note field

Hi!I just wanted to request to add a feature, or to change something small in a feature that exists.I want to import a gift message from my Woocommerce store to shipstation, and I can do it with custom field 1,2 or 3 - but the problem is that these "...

Shaili by First-timer
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A way to manage self/local deliveries

Our business does quite a bit of local deliveries for our wholesale business. We've started doing more 3PL work, warehousing and fulfilling other brands. Currently there is no way assign a Local Delivery shipping option on orders. It would also be gr...

ianpicco by First-timer
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What is the best way to duplicate an order?

Our current process is to manually copy and paste all information from the original order and recreate with order_ms/re/ ect. for any errors that happened. Is there a better way to pull all the information from the previous order and have it populate...

Filtering Out Certain Products In Automations

Our ecommerce platform passes along additional products (discounts, etc.) that we would like to filter out so they do not appear in the label messages. Should be a quite simple option to do this based on a key (product ID, name etc.) Thanks!

ekatz11 by First-timer
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Printing More than 3 Label Messages Per Shipping Label

We have a store where we ship many SKUs per shipment (generally 3-8) and because Shipstation can only print the first 3 SKUs on the shipping label, this adds a lot of extra labor/errors cross referencing with pack slips. I get that there is a limit o...

ekatz11 by First-timer
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Split Orders

Our company had an item that was delayed so we split it off of all the orders. When this item finally arrived and we were shipping it out, using Scan and Verify, we were having to manually click each jacket (to select the item not shipped yet). It wo...

thentvs by First-timer
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Return Received date can't show in sequence

Return Received date can't show in sequence, which is not easier for warehouse & service team to manage. Create date is actually not so important to show in sequence. Instead, it's more important to have Return Received date to show in order , so tha...

Max_ATW by New Contributor
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Options or variants product sales report

If there are colors, sizes or other customer selectable options/variants, they do not show up on the Product Sales reports in Insights. So, if 10 shirts are sold, 5 red, 5 blue, the report only shows 10. Those options are visible in each order but do...

willough by New Contributor
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Order picking

We have been using shipstation for years, and one of the features we have needed and as we grown and have more shipping employees we need more efficiency options. We need a way within the order for a shipper that is working on an order say the order ...

Boscoyo by Occasional Contributor
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How to automatic add Tags into split-ship

I have Tags applied to orders using Automation Rules. One of them is necessary to our Inventory System deducts the product.But when an order needs to be Split-ship, the Tag is not automatically applied to each part of the split shipment. Unfortunatel...

leofaria by New Contributor
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Resolved! adding founds error

We’re sorry, but your attempted purchase was not successful. Please verify that your payment method and billing information is correct. If the issue persists, please contact so we can help resolve this issue.

rs6888 by Occasional Contributor
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Amazon Discount Line Item

When an Amazon order has a promotional discount, it's not showing in ShipStation so when we bring it into our ERP, it shows as the full retail amount and brings it the wrong deposit for that order which we then have to manually fix every time. I woul... Packing Slip Sort Options

We would like to suggest alternate sort options for the packing slip items. We would really like one of the following options implemented if possible 1) Sort by the last 3 digits of the SKU2) Sort by the product type. The reason being is so we can gr...

Return Shipment API

We would like a more robust return system. One of the issues that we have is that when a return is received physically that receipt isnt communicated digitally to our customer support team. Having a Returns included in the API would allow us to take ...

info565 by First-timer
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Packing Slip Sort Options

Is there a way to configure the Packing Slip sort order other than what's shown in the Packing Slip Setup drop-down (SKU, Name, Item Quantity, Warehouse Location)? Ideally we would like one of these methods:1) Sort by last 3 digits of the SKU2) Sort ...

Crippling Limitation with Automated Returns

Our company was going to turn on branded automated returns portal but the one and only limitation is the most important to all retailers. Companies are limited to one return service option for ALL returns. This means you have to choose what could be ...

Just ship for discounts

I received a free trial in the mail and I do NOT want to integrate my private, secured online store. I just want the shipping discounts. Is there no way to actually just create a label to get the discounts without violating security and privacy and i...