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Tracking Status Icon

I have a suggestion.We use 3 different warehouses and we always need to keep track of late shipments for each of them.To identify the orders that have not shipped yet, we have to look for the icons with a question mark, as in the image below.The prob...

Leonardo by New Contributor
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Closing Account

Anyone know how do I go about closing my account? I could never find the right question so that the robot chatbot would give me direction. I emailed Shipstation at the only address I had (from the welcome messages) and received a reply that they had ...

Clark_L by First-timer
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Packing slip for Each box

Since we're able to have multiple boxes / shipment and split shipment. It would be great if Shipstation has a way to record which items were actually packed in which box. Example: Product A in box 1, product B/C/D in box 2, product E in box 3, etc. T...

Näak by Occasional Contributor
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Show All In-Cart Delivery Rates

Currently, Ship Station in-cart rate logic dictates that only the lowest cost option displays to the consumer during checkout. We query 4 carrier services and many times only a single carrier service rate is returned to the consumer. We would like to...

sbgguy by New Contributor
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Carrier Selections For Mark As Shipped

Is there a way to narrow down the list of carriers when you go to mark an order as shipped, manually? It's loaded with really obscure carriers and doesn't include some that should be there, surprisingly.

imix4u by Contributor
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Automatic Replies to incoming orders

Is there a way, that when my orders are imported, Shipstation will send an email based on the buyers email in the order.?I would like to tell them : your order will be shipped within 2 days.Thanks

evcables by First-timer
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Resolved! Catch 22 of setting up a new Store

You know how you have to have experience to get a job, but you can't get a job without experience? Yeah, that whole thing. My company is in the process of leaving our current Marketplace for a website/eCommerce platform designed for us from the groun...

Not able to proceed with processing batch shipment

Hello. I'm trying out the batch shipment feature. After clicking on "Process Shipments", I arrive at the "Label Batch Status: Cost Review" screen (picture below). Why is the "Continue" button greyed out? Is there a permission that needs to be enabled...

jasonp by New Contributor
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Feature Request - Export Customer Records

It would be great if we had an "Export" option under the Customers tab to be able to download a CSV of my customers information. Additionally, adding an "Order Count" column to the Customers tab would be helpful to use for sorting customer records by...

Multiple box shipments under 1 SKU

So we are looking to use SS with our Big Commerce site and would love to integrate it but are running into a roadblock and I have talked to our SS rep and got no assistance. The products we sell are larger items and very often require 2 boxes under 1...

Tom1227 by First-timer
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Shipstation Connect doesn't work with Firefox

When trying to print labels via ShipStation Connect, nothing is printed. This issue occurs when using ShipStation on the Firefox browser, as well as the Brave browser. ShipStation Connect was working on Firefox last week. So far I have tried the foll...

List Shipments Label Data Always Null

We would like to get the label data for our shipments, however the labelData field is always null. Is there a specific parameter not yet documented that we need to add to include the labelData in our results? Referencing: List Shipments

cit_dev by Occasional Contributor
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New Layout

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old layout, so why fix it?I happen to be in a position where we have 2 shipstation accounts, the first in the old layout and the 2nd stuck in the new layout.Hands down, everyone here hates the new layout. T...

Bison by First-timer
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Split Orders and SKUVault

With the new version of ShipStation, split orders no longer flow downstream to SKUVault as two separate orders. Instead, the most recently updated order flows to SKUVault. This makes it a pain to manage, and creates inaccurate information in our ERP....

QuickBooks integration not working since update

Is anyone else experiencing an outage with the QuickBooks integration since the update? It will not perform imports since the UI was updated.It does not save my store selections.It says imports have been performed and then nothing happens.I have trie... (3).gif (4).gif

Apply Presets within Multi-Package Shipment Window

Can the "Apply Preset" option be added to the individual packages within the Multi-Package Shipment Window? Not the entire package set, but the individual presets I have access to in the initial (single-package) window. For example, I’ve got a number...

MarketPro by New Contributor
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"Invalid Product" when scanning order number?

This just started recently, and according to reports from the warehouse crew it seems to only be happening on orders after this past weekend. They normally login on the iPads, go to the Scan+Verify screen, and scan the order number in, then verify th...

scmsteve by Contributor
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Resolved! ChargeBack from 8 months ago

I have had a paypal chargeback from 8 months ago. But I can no longer locate the shipment on Shipstation for proof of shipping. Any tips on how to access the shipping notification. And secondly does this mean I need to start manually adding shipping ...

Automation Rule for Additional Handling

We are looking to see if an automation rule can be added so all orders can have added additional handling which is currently only available by checking a box under options under the shipping details.

Mike_Laz by New Contributor
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