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Customs Declarations - Customers Overpaying Duties

The limited amount of options for "contents" has become an issue. Our company is shipping artwork internationally and we're unable to declare as such. Shipments default to "Merchandise" which falls into a more costly import tax rate and results in ou...

Quick Ship / Label Queue

I am using the New layout. Quick Ship is activated. After selecting a batch of orders and selecting "Create + Print Label," the orders leave my awaiting shipments area. After this, nothing prints from my printer. Instead, i have to go to the label qu...

Create Automation rules from ShipperHQ Data

Hello, ShipperHQ is an amazing integration but the problem is limiting it to view only. One of the amazing features is dimensional packing. Which shows the best box size to pack the order based on the boxes that we set up in the system.Now, Shipstati...

Ghiath by New Contributor
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Label Messages with Amazon Buy Shipping

Other services, like Teapplix, currently allow customized Label Messages when purchasing labels through AMAZON BUY SHIPPING. Unless ShipStation implements this feature, I will likely be switching. Please add this feature. Thanks

Scan to Verify Reporting

I noticed that this has been brought up before. I do not understand why we can not generate a report for Scan to Verify. All the information is in ShipStation. Please consider adding this feature, I'm very disappointed as we just switched to ShipStat...

dmcgoun by First-timer
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software bug detected GlobalPost shipping

There is a bug in Shipstation when using the GlobalPost carrier. Shipstation returns a valid GlobalPost rate when entering box dimensions of 41" X 16" X 16" and weight of 37 pounds for a shipment from the USA to Australia. However trying to purchase ...

End of Day Print uses wrong printer the FIRST time.

When printing an End of Day form, if the default printer selected is the wrong one & it is changed to the correct printer, the print still happens with the originally selected printer the first time you print (which means I end up printing a junk End...

alec1 by Occasional Contributor
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zebra tc51

HiI have a zebra tc51 that runs there a way to be able to scan the items in an order via this scanner and once its all scanned, it should print a label or confirm its done and ask if i want to print a label etc...the tc51 is a great androi...

orders37 by New Contributor
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Inventory Management

Are there any reports that can show remaining On Hand Inventory against Batched / Allocated orders AND Non-allocated orders? We'd like to be able to have visibility on a broader range than a reorder threshold so we can plan both manufacturing (2-3 we...

bsimons by New Contributor
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Resolved! Buy Shipping Increase

Did ShipStation really increase the price of the Buy Shipping label fee by 329% and give us 10 days for it to take effect? Seems to me that the increase was due to the fact that non-Prime orders can be bought through Buy Shipping and a lot more peopl...

UX design needs a serious overhaul.

I'm a new customer, and ShipStation has already proven very useful to me, so I'm really glad it exists, but the UX is, I hope you'll forgive me for saying, terrible. I understand that it's a very complicated process and requires a lot of specific thi...

faustus by New Contributor
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Feature Request - Return Reason Editing

Hi there, In order to get useful data from customers for the reason they are making a return, it would be beneficial to be able to edit the list of reasons to remove unrelated choices like "rental" that may never apply to a specific business model or...

Jhuderis by New Contributor
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Child Labels

I would like to suggest to Shipstation to integrate a Child Label option for Multi-package shipments that get banded together in order to create one package, without having to create a separate chargeable label for for each individual box. The Child ...

Matt789 by New Contributor
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Chat support? Email support? ANYTHING?

I've been with Shipstation for years, used to be a cinch to contact support. Now I can't find ANY WAY to do it. I've wasted 20 minutes going through their stupid help pages just looking for ways to contact help IN ANY WAY. I find these pages that tal...

Wow! I'm earning badges!!

Isnt that great! I got a participation badge, just for loggin in! Ok, maybe after they finish this useless stuff they'll get around to answering our questions and fixing maybe some of the low-hanging fruit, like idk, making the API give you what you ...

doug4 by Occasional Contributor
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Email Lock on account

How can Email Lock be removed from account?Account Setting > User Management : Status is “Email Lock” All the rest of my account info there is correct. I receive billing invoice emails to this email, but have not been able to receive copies of shippi...

carriej by New Contributor
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