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Store Specific Carrier Settings


Dear ShipStation Community,

I write today to petition an imperative improvement applicable to sellers and/or distributors that are active in various e-commerce platforms. 

As many of you may know, recently Amazon re-launched their carrier services, Amazon shipping. Offering very competitive rates. These services can be used for order fulfillment outside of Amazon.

Therein lies the problem: Not having the ability to turn on/off carriers for specific stores and be limited to only managing this setting for the whole ShipStation account, thus, applying the same settings to all stores. 

Unfortunately, competitor e-commerce sites make it illegal and penalize your account if you use Amazon Shipping. Even though our fulfillment team is very thorough, this is up to memory and human error, for which was committed a second time yesterday. 

Being able to toggle on/off certain carriers on a store level is imperative to preventing this serious mistake from happening in the future. This could also be a feature that would help in other cases, perhaps you have a store that only ships big packages, or ships internationally, thus not needing to have all carriers turned on. This would allow you to minimize the carrier pricing options seen by the fulfillment team making the process more seamless, more productive. Seeing less options, having less useful and distracting quotes, etc. 

This is a feature that we expected ShipStation to have. One that is available on Shippo, and perhaps other competitors. 

Therefore, I believe this would me a feasible improvement for ShipStation to achieve in the coming months considering its lesser competitor already has it. It would also give another leg above the competition. 


Thank you.

@shipstation @admin @Moderator-Davis