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Custom Integrated Packing Slips Getting Cut Off

We are using 7.5 x 5.125 Integrated labels, on 8.5x11 sheets. Shipping label prints on the top in the 7.5x5.125 peel away area, and the packing slip prints on the bottom half. We wrote our own custom packing slip. When orders have more than "x" numbe...

Resolved! adding founds error

We’re sorry, but your attempted purchase was not successful. Please verify that your payment method and billing information is correct. If the issue persists, please contact so we can help resolve this issue.

rs6888 by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Cannot Pay for Subscription

The page keeps saying "Form submission failure: The information being saved is not valid" when I try to change billing info for upgrading the subscription plan.But I am sure that the card info is correct, because I still use this card to place orders...

PPE by Occasional Contributor
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Flip 8.5x11" labels

We use sticker paper labels for 8.5x11" format and the only default is the label at the top. For our more common workflow, we use them printed at the bottom, so incorporating ShipStation into our company is causing more work as we have to create the ...

abe117 by First-timer
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Canada insurance request

When I started to use Shipstation, there was a option of insurance, Xcover. It is good, has a much lower rate than the carrier's. It is no longer available now, so I have to ship the valuable goods by other shipping providers. When can I have to opti...

Self-Service Cache Flush

Please Consider a "Self-Service Cache Flush" button within the ShipStation application. This would avoid the need to go through the help channels which could delay the resolution when the store does not update.

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MBuis by Occasional Contributor
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HS Tariff Import from Shopify

Shipstation needs to start importing HS Tariff codes from Shopify. Given the new EU rules, this is now a critical feature request. I am considering cancelling my Shipstation account of almost 10 years over this issue alone. Shipping via Shopify direc...

Transffering HS codes from Shopify to Shipstation

Hi thereEU countries are now making it a requirement to include HS codes on the customs waybill. This is a new anncoument and is in place as of Oct 1st. We use the Shopify platform which transfers all information to Shipstation except for HS codes. W...

Maiwa by First-timer
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Printing More than 3 Label Messages Per Shipping Label

We have a store where we ship many SKUs per shipment (generally 3-8) and because Shipstation can only print the first 3 SKUs on the shipping label, this adds a lot of extra labor/errors cross referencing with pack slips. I get that there is a limit o...

ekatz11 by First-timer
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Packing Slip for #10 Windowed Envelope

Hello everyone,We are wanting to print our packing slips on 8.5" x 11" paper, tri-fold them, and when placed in a windowed envelope, the ship-to address shows through the window. This will help save manual writing time. Any help on a custom template ...

Monthly Fee

Shipstation needs to have a plan in between the Starter and Bronze plans that would cost $19.99 a month for 250 shipments. This would be a great fit for smaller growing business'. Thank you,

water80 by First-timer
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Can I put two boxes in one shipment?

I have flat rate shipping on my products and was wondering if I can combine two packages into one shipment? Currently when I get an order for two or more items I split the shipment and then I just create separate shipments. Generally space does not a...

Error message....

I think this error message says it all.What are we supposed to do with an error like this?I'm so tired of a lack of support from Shipstation... I mean seriously, Shipstation?I have a lot more I'd like to rant about, but now that posts up here are bei...


Deleted my main account - Now what ?

Hey Everybody, I had 4 accounts open throughout the last 8 months (please don't ask me why, I have no idea how this happened) - but long story short, I called customer support and asked them to delete 3 of them. Apparently, one ...

Rethink the KG & Grams separate boxes

Return to a single weight box for entering and viewing weights. Kg and Grams are the same thing, 1500grams = 1.5kg, also easy to read as 1,500 kg. There is not need to display it as 1kg 500g (or in ShipStations logic kg 1 , g 500). The coding can eas...


When choosing "bill recipient" or "bill 3rd party", who pays for the Parcel Guard insurance on the shipment?

R2D2 by First-timer
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New Layout More Steps to view promo code

In order to view the promo code I need to scroll through The Order Summary then click on details to view whether or not they have a promo code or I need to print the packing slip. Before the update you could see the promo code below the customer addr...