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Cannot clear checkbox

If I click into an order and then close it, the checkbox next to the order remains checked and will not clear when I click on it. Once I click the checkbox on another order I can then clear the original checkbox. Seems like a simple UI bug but hopefu...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Import orders as split

I would like to suggest a feature where orders can be imported as split rather than combined and having to split them manually. The new version is cumbersome when splitting orders and very slow. I have tried clearing cookies and all that stuff and it...

loriw by First-timer
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Splitting batches by ship from location

I am making this suggestion based off a recommendation from ship station support. We have multiple stores that import their orders into our ship station which means that there are multiple ship from locations. Let's just say we have about a 100 diffe...

WE by First-timer
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Search results by order status

I often do a search for a SKU and want to see all unshipped orders, which means those with order status Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting Payment, or On Hold. In V2 I could search for the SKU, adjust the "order status" checkboxes, and quickly see everythin...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Delete Shipments (not just orders)

If someone creates an additional shipment, and the additional shipment is not needed, there is currently no way to delete the additional shipment. Customer service informed me that I could view the list of orders, select the order having the addition...

Pick List Order Number Barcode

Is there a way to add the barcode found on Packing Slips to the Pick List? Our workflow starts with a pick sheet / pick list.We are making the switch to ShipStation, but we need to print a packing slip in order to scan the order barcode?The only thin...

ChrisCross by Occasional Contributor
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Unable to pass dimensions in custom store

 Hello everyone. I'm facing a problem currently. I'm trying to pass the item dimensions from my Custom Store to ShipStation. I can pass them as Options and they will show up as the ones in Box 1 in the pic. But I'm looking for a way to automatically ...


Shipstation Connect Not Installing Properly on Mac

Mac Mini running Mojave 10.14.6 SC used to work just fine on this machine, then the old Rollo printer broke and was replaced with a Godex. Could not get it to show on SC. So I uninstalled SC per this page:

GCE by New Contributor
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Packing Slip Date Format

Hello, I need to figure out how to reformat the ship date for packing slips. I'm automating some back office stuff as it pertains to packing slips. I need the ship date to appear as MM-DD-YYYY. Technically that is what it is set to. However, if it is...


Hello, I am going to be purchasing an auto bagger. I currently have ShipStation and want to be able to link the auto bagger with ShipStation to print the label right on the bag I am shipping. I was hoping that someone may have a suggestion on the aut...

Jwallace by New Contributor
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remove USPS shipping services from shipstation

I was trying to figure out a way to get rid of USPS options as we don't use this and it bogs up our drop downs with 20 or so extra options that are irrelevant to our operations. Our enabler told us that we have to set up a account and appl...

mstiles by Occasional Contributor
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Order Splitting

I do order splitting in ShipStation. Frequently, an item on the split portion is not available and I have to cancel a line item in Shopify. Because we already shipped part of the order, ShipStation does not update the order on the unshipped portion. ...

angelao by Occasional Contributor
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Not opening the label after adding money

I was about to print a label and a popup said I needed more money so I added money, at this point it would normally open the label I was trying to print. but today the label is not opening for me to print it's not even in the download directoryI have...

shipping by Occasional Contributor
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Is support closed or off for Good Friday?

I have tried to reach someone in support numerous times today and still haven't gotten a response. Would anyone here know if they are off or out of the office today? Maybe someone here could offer some insight to my issue. I am trying to renew/change...

RONC by New Contributor
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Orders from one selling channel showing as $0

We've encountered a problem with orders from Home Depot, one of our selling channels. Since around April 3rd, all orders have been showing a price of "$0" when sending them to Connex and Quickbooks. All orders before that date show the correct price ...


Order Split > Trigger Email to Customer

When I need to split an order and ship from two different warehouses, it is causing some concern from my customers because they think we have forgotten to ship their items Because often the items dont arrive on the same day. It would reduce customer ...

Triley by First-timer
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Deleted my main account - Now what ?

Hey Everybody, I had 4 accounts open throughout the last 8 months (please don't ask me why, I have no idea how this happened) - but long story short, I called customer support and asked them to delete 3 of them. Apparently, one ...

BUG - Insights have the wrong dates.

On a mobile device they are correct but on the browser version the date range is all 1 day out (-1) so todays insights is actually yesterdays etc....The photo was taken today.... on the13/04/2022

ClintG by First-timer
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Unshipped items on order shipped email

Is there a way to show any unshipped items in an order in the order shipped email template? I would like my customers to be able to see any items in their order which have not shipped or are being dropshipped. If this feature is not available, any in...

Sales410 by Occasional Contributor
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Regarding Product Records

Hello All! I am still trying to decide if ShipStation is going to work for my situation. I am a drop shipper so I don't actually need shipping labels but I do need that all of my products (which are all different-sized items) have access to accurate ...

CarA2021 by First-timer
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Shipping error

When I try to finalize the label, the message ''Missing or invalid sending the company name'' I would like to know why this error, I can't send anything

Filters - set them up but they don't save

I have a number of filters setup, some by Item sku, when I now try and create a new filter with SKU's it just won't save -any thoughts anyone? I can't see anything in any guide - no limit on number of filters, no limit on sku's etc

Pete01 by First-timer
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Request Fulfilment from a location

Hey everyone, I am new to ShipStation so apologies if this has been covered somewhere else (although I couldn't find it). We have two locations for inventory in Shopify (one in the US, and one in the UK). Our US warehouse ships US orders only, and ou...

CB2022 by New Contributor
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