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Cannot remove lineitem with qty 0

When I edit an order within Shopify to remove a lineitem, the result in ShipStation is that the lineitem qty is changed to zero, but the item is not removed from the order. In V2 I was able to remove that line by splitting the order and then cancelli...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Should be Beta, not only option - too buggy

Now I've discovered that ShipStation v3 will randomly sign me out and then reset ShipStation Connect settings. I just changed my printer back but now I can't get the scale to be recognized. The last time I had to restart my PC, looks like I'm back to...

New Version ability to change hold date

We have held off upgrading, hoping that this oversight will be corrected. We have to place orders on hold in large numbers frequently and need the ability to change hold dates in batch also. This functionality was removed with this latest version and...

Notes overwritten when combining orders

I had two separate orders to the same customer. Each had notes that I had added to the individual orders. I combined the orders so I could ship them together, and found that this removed the notes for one of the orders. Those notes included special r...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Bring Back Restore Order

When we were forced to switch from the Legacy version of ShipStation, we lost the ability to restore orders. Previously, if we had shipped an order and it was damaged in transit, we would restore the order to be shipped back out. This required very l...

SamRSD by Occasional Contributor
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Unable to select a subscription plan

Last night I received an email that my Shipstation account was cancelled for non payment. Its true that the CC occasionally reaches its (low) limit but I check and there was sufficient balance for the bronze fees. So I go into the user back end to re...


Shipstation constantly log me out

Why does Shipstation constantly log me out on my 6 year old large tower pc, much too large to fit in your pocket, but on my cell phone that would easily fit in anyone’s pocket Shipstation never logs me out?I don’t get it

shipping by Occasional Contributor
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Address verification errors in new version (May 2022)

Another issue with the new version is that the "address verification" service seems to now be broken. For example, today I have an error on a shipment that said "address line 1" is missing, but there is data in the address line 1 field, so it isn't m...

info301 by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Adding warehouse to the fulfilmet orders details

Hello Dear ShipStation Support Team, Please check how we can add a warehouse in case using "Marked Shipped" inside of order? As sometimes we have to create labels outside of ShipStation (market requirements), but in this case order goes to the fulfil...

yborzilo by Occasional Contributor
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How to Change the Shipping Date?

Is it just me or is there no where to change the date of the shipment? I was just FORCED on over like the rest of you to this new version and am using the "Sidebar" feature, but don't see any feature to change it if necessary.

filters not working

After the new layout very few of our filters are working. The problem being that our users DON'T KNOW the filters aren't working, and are missing critical processes because shipstation simply returns a full screen of all orders or a blank screen. Thi...

Customs Information

For international packages the custom declarations appear on the new scan to print tool however once the label has printed the customs information disappears and is no longer visible. We have had over 40 packaged being returned back to us as the cust...

hm by First-timer
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End of day print form for USPS not working now

Just closed out end of day for USPS - went to print form since our post office requires this form for any volume of packages. When you click print form - popup states "sending to preview" and then that popup closes and no preview - unable to print fo...

beckybee by Occasional Contributor
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New version layout (May 2022) - issues

When I heard there was going to be a new version released, I cringed a bit, but figured I'd give it the benefit of the doubt (as we often don't get a choice or a say in such things anyway). However, upon trying it today for the first time, there are ...

info301 by Occasional Contributor
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Old layout vs new layout

My first impression:I'd love to keep using the old layout till some real improvement in the new is done.Shipstation did a great job in that version, but needs a little more effort in their UX development.After using it a bit, I am liking it so far......

VKN by First-timer
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New left/right arrow location is terrible

The new "floating" location of the left/right arrows is terrible. They are also smaller than in V2. If you miss the arrow, and click between the arrow and the main window, the window will close. EVERYTHING is worse and harder to accomplish in the new...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Both halves of split order moved to batch

I have an order that was previously split and one half of it was shipped. I assigned the unshipped half to a batch, but both shipments were moved to the batch, the shipped and unshipped one. I had to then remove the shipped order in order to proceed ...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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"Move order to another batch" doesn't work anymore

I have an order that is currently assigned to a batch. I open the order and assign it to another batch. I get a message that says "0 shipments are already in a different batch. Are you sure you want to move them to ?" I click "Yes, move these shipmen...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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backup/restore capabilities for automation rules

Hey Development team, it would be SO NICE (actually necessary) to have the ability to backup automation rules in the event that a catestrophic event occurs on your side or ours. On ours, it would most likely be a disgruntled employee either deleting ...

admin171 by First-timer
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3rd Party Shipping Accounts

I would like the feature to enter and save (or Import) 3rd Party account numbers so that when you choose third party shipping from "Other Shipping Options" you can select an account number like you're able to select your own account. We ship on multi...

PT_Shipping by Occasional Contributor
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Bring back Pick List viewing

I often use the Pick List in order to view which products are included in any given view or status or search result. I do not print the Pick List, just view it on my screen. It seems that V3 goes straight to the printing view when I generate the Pick...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Cannot clear checkbox

If I click into an order and then close it, the checkbox next to the order remains checked and will not clear when I click on it. Once I click the checkbox on another order I can then clear the original checkbox. Seems like a simple UI bug but hopefu...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Import orders as split

I would like to suggest a feature where orders can be imported as split rather than combined and having to split them manually. The new version is cumbersome when splitting orders and very slow. I have tried clearing cookies and all that stuff and it...

loriw by First-timer
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