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Old Layout vs New Layout

I personally would like to formally ask that the old layout be brought back. Everything was perfectly easy to find and navigate and the new layout is just too much going on. The feature I liked most was the creating labels process in the old layout. ...


So I had a customer complain about our pricing for shipping. He said I should use Pirate Ship. I thought how far off can Shipstation possibly be. It was alot. I contacted the chat line and was told to post here. I figured I would before making the sw...

steven10 by Occasional Contributor
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Custom Pack Slip Amazon Customization Issue

Hello valued ShipStation Community,I'd like to address a concern related to ShipStation's packing slip system when it comes to orders from Amazon. Unlike some other platforms such as Etsy, where we can readily see the customization details provided b...

F212US by First-timer
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Unique Serial Number(s) Capture

We need a field that gives us the ability to capture serial number(s) within shipstation before completely processing the order. My thought would be, when someone purchases one of our products it triggers the system to prompt for a serial or unique n...

uptospeed by Occasional Contributor
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Tracking Issues with split orders

Is anyone else having issues when splitting orders? We haven't changed anything but recently have started to have issues with the same tracking being assigned to orders that were split off. Shopify is telling me it is a Shipstation issue. Anyone else...

Inventory location

Looking for help or suggestion. We keep our product inventory level and location under the inventory tab. For example Warehouse X / Location Aisle 1 - Bay 2 - Shelf 3 / on Hand 20 - etc. Once we print the pick list for orders we see the field from Sh...

fulfiller by New Contributor
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An option to Add Handling fee to orders

We hope you'll be able to add a box that we can check to add handling fees to orders. As a shipper that extends our shipping discounts to our customers, we would like to add a handling fee to the shipments we choose per box shipped. We want this amou...

ahofstad by First-timer
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PLEASE ! Add UPS Simple Rate into Shipstation

Hello develop team of Shipstation. USPS have Flat rate (that is really good for shipping). Fedex after that release One Rate service (yes, that is supported on Shipstation) And why you forget UPS? UPS have Simple Rate (this service have been over 2 y...

leeshin by New Contributor
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branded returns portal

need the ability thru the api to write to returnable box setting. to have to manually uncheck that setting with thousands of scu's is not feasible. we use the shopify shipstation connector and this should be able to be done with the use of product ta...

returnable checkbox.JPG
wendyg by First-timer
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API - Cannot update InternalNotes field

Hello ShipStation,I am trying to update an order trough the API, it seems to work however only partially.For example, I cannot update the `internalNotes` nor the `customerNotes` fields. Whatever I sent to the API during the request the field stays th...

Weight not properly importing from shopify

Anyone else having issues with product weights not importing from Shopify? For example products that weigh 2 ounces are importing as 3lbs 9 ounces. Heavier items (still under a pound) are importing over 20lbs. Shipstation support could not figure it ...

info480 by Occasional Contributor
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Amazon Buy Shipping Get Rates

Hello,We are trying to Buy shipping label from Amazon using ShipStation API. Before buying the label calling the GetRates function to find out which is the economical option. We get error "One or more providers reported an error", "ExceptionType":"SS...

amshipper by New Contributor
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Color Code Orders Request

We have teams taking care of certain orders (lots of custom orders) and have many different item categories. It would be SUPER cool if there was a circle selection area where you can color code orders or highlight the whole order bar in chosen colors...

sales165 by First-timer
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Support Shipstation use in Netherlands

Hi,Considering you've rolled out Shipstation to FR and DE in Europe, how had could the NL be. We are currently using a DE version for shipments in the NL but there are a few issues which prevent it's widespread use - basically carrier support. We onl...

am2 by Occasional Contributor
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Customize font in pick lists

I can customize packing slips which are great as I made fonts larger for employees that have eyesight problems but I cant customize the pick lists. I want to suggest this as a feature for accessibility.

toysheik by Occasional Contributor
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Shipstation + UPS Claims are abysmal.

Highly recommend not shipping UPS via Shipstations account as if you have a claim your are screwed. We have a package where tracking clearly shows the item is not delivered and every time we contact Shipstation "support" we are told they will get bac...

USPS Ground Advantage Automation not working

Since USPS Ground Advantage has been implemented, automation for those labels does not work. Every other service works just fine, but I have to manually select the USPS Ground Advantage for every order. Support has only said they would be looking int...

apattee by Occasional Contributor
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Automation - Select 3rd Party Service

In order for us to grow dropshipping, we need a way to automate the service selection to the 3rd party shipping account to avoid errors. It appears that there is an option to select the service within the automation rules, however, the service list o...

lindsay2 by First-timer
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