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HS Tariff Import from Shopify

Shipstation needs to start importing HS Tariff codes from Shopify. Given the new EU rules, this is now a critical feature request. I am considering cancelling my Shipstation account of almost 10 years over this issue alone. Shipping via Shopify direc...

Resolved! Returns paid for by customer?

Is there a way to set up certain returns to be postage paid for by customer? I ran the returns portal pretending to be a customer and selected "Changed my mind" and the return was automatically accepted and a label was immediately ready. Indicating t...

NEV by Contributor
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Missing Batch

I processed a batch today and after hitting continue my batch cleared and it says o now. It's not showing up in my print queue either. I know sometimes you have to refresh or log out and in due to server lag. But I am unable to locate it anywhere and...

Adding Inventory through Scan

Is there a feature anywhere that allows you to add inventory to the system through scanning a UPC/SKU barcode? We grow plants and manually count our inventory as we transplant. It would be helpful if there was an option to scan the items to have a mo...

Export Orders Automatically

Is it possible for Shipstation to set Automation Rules that allow the user to export orders automatically to a csv file on a specific time with set criteria for filter?Or is it possible to Orders to be synced to a Google Sheet and allow export of ord...

Puffy by First-timer
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What happened to our Shipsurance balance??

Shipstation has replaced Shipsurance with Parcel Guard but removed all mention of Shipsurance while we still had a Shipsurance balance. What is going on?? Where is everyone's Shipsurance balance??

vcv by Contributor
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Adding Digital Products

When an order comes through with a digital product on it, the digital product is not displayed. We typically write our sales order based on what shows up in shipstation, but we can't do this anymore now that we regularly sell a digital product (Route...

Accounts and splitting accounts

Hello!I currently have a Shipstation account that I use for my main business. I have two additional businesses that ship as well. Is it possible to have separate "accounts" set up for each business that I can add funds to individually with a single l...

NewGuy by First-timer
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Automating what box to use depending on quantity.

Hello,Is there a way to automatize what box I will use depending on the quantity of the same item in the order?I found a way with automated rules, but it takes 4 or 5 rules per item, and I have around 80 items.Also, I would like to get track of diffe...

samv by New Contributor
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Feedback ShipStation Unified Shipping Accounts

I have to admit, I was a bit annoyed recently to learn using our own shipping carrier accounts was going to cost us $5 per month for each carrier. Yet how surprised I was when I tried using ShipStation's unified UPS account and am now saving upwards ...

scott30 by New Contributor
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Reason for Return - Customization

I see from previous conversations that this topic was brought up 2 years ago. I'm creating a fresh conversation in hopes that this gets some priority. I'm new to Shipstation but my very first thought when setting up returns on my website was "how do ...

JKC311 by Occasional Contributor
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Can We Get Delivery Late Shipments Alerts?

Hi Guys, i want to let you know How important this features is, i want to have the ability to Track All the Shipments that after X amount of time still not showing Delivered. i Have customers All over the USA and it is not possible to do it manually ...

Batch Scan to Verify and Print

It would be great if there was a way to place your orders in a batch and then start going through your orders by scanning them and then printing the shipping labels and packing slips, then sending to to the packer to pack. Right now we have to print ...

bunker27 by First-timer
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Keeps kicking out Document Settings

Why does the program keep forgetting my document options (labels, packing slips, etc.)???? I have to go back in and reset multiple times a day. Oh, and then I get kicked out of the program entirely and have to log in, only this time havin the fun of ...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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3rd Party Shipping on UPS

Greetings, We have a customer that requires that we use their UPS account for all packages to them. Since ShipStation's UPS account does not support 3rd party shipping we created a private account to accommodate our customers' requirements. We have a...

MarkW by New Contributor
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2 Problems

Apparently there is no way to solve any of these two questions?Setting the Default Print Page on the Print Preview Page. It will set in settings but won’t follow through to Print Preview Page automatically. I have to manually change it!!When Printing...

UBT by New Contributor
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2023 Price Increases - 2X for Enterprise

We just received the notice that the price for our current Enterprise Level account would be doubling from $159 to $324 a month. The price increase includes a subscription increase to $229 and then another $95 to access our existing carrier accounts ...

shipping54 by Occasional Contributor
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