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cannot create a return label

I cannot create a return label. When I click on the return item checkbox the entire webpage goes blank and I have to back out and reload. I Need to create a return mailer!

AllWork by Occasional Contributor
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Amazon Buy Shipping - Printing Problems

We just linked to be able to use Amazon Buy Shipping........printing via new version of SS Connect, and all of our other labels (UPS and USPS) print OK.......but as soon as I go to print an Amazon Buy label, it comes out 2x the printable area... I tr...

Packing Slip Sorted by QTY and not Line Item

Hi, it look like the item list in the packing slip is automatically sorted by item quantity, and not by the order we enter them in order entry. We need to have them exactly as the PO we receive. Is there a way to go about this? Also, line item number...

Feature Request - Export Customer Records

It would be great if we had an "Export" option under the Customers tab to be able to download a CSV of my customers information. Additionally, adding an "Order Count" column to the Customers tab would be helpful to use for sorting customer records by...


Why doesn't shipstation have a contact phone number? I get it, during the pandemic it was difficult. Now everyone has adapted to remote service. Forums are for non-urgent discussions. Forums are not for customer service troubleshooting. I ship out do...

Itemized invoice

I switched from Unishippers where I was used to an itemized invoice. I could see when I paid for a label and when UPS added a surcharge I could see that too. With Shipstation you have no way of telling what you are paying for the actual label in the ...

Signprf by First-timer
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Product/UPC Label

I understand ShipStation doesn't offer product label printing options in their subscription model, but are there are any third-party integrations available that would allow me to use some of the data from each ShipStation order to print a label I cou...

🚨 20+ Amazon Orders That Never Synced

In the debacle that is the Amazon integration, I woke up to an email from Amazon letting me know I had orders that hadn't shipped. Sure enough, there are over 20 orders from last Friday that never synced from Amazon into ShipStation. Keep in mind, I'...

adam90 by Occasional Contributor
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Import Amazon Canada FBA

I was in live chat and was informed that Amazon Canada FBA will not import into shipstation. I found that indeed there is no setting in the amazon settings under the Canada connection to "import FBA orders" . Please say it aint so. This should be sta...

Need some guidance with Field Replacements (Shopify)

The Client uses Shopify and this is what the packing slip currently looks like:Packing Slip Its separated with pipes and currently have no idea how to separate them. Is there a process on Shopify that I can manipulate to send ShipStation only the par...

Trouble with images in packing slip template.

I have tried numerous things. I have tried adding a logo to the branding page, linking from Imgur, and also linking from elsewhere. [Image Logo] does not work or anything else for that matter. Not only are the images impossible to outsource but so is...

Feature Request - Items in pack slip for a reship

The new version has removed this and it's a critical part of our business. We reship orders all the time. Our orders are big and expensive. Mis-ships can be very costly for many reasons, not the least of which is customer trust. I have no idea why on...

AndyK by Occasional Contributor
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[Solved] Create & Printer Label Shows Error

Update:Solved. Need to add phone number in the "ship from location" box.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi guys, I am going to cre...

PPE by Occasional Contributor
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Limit on Barcode presets?

Is there a limit on how many presets that I can use as barcodes? We have quite a few box sizes that we would like to have all on as a barcode. I have ran out of hotkeys to assign the package presets to. Heres the funny part. I have one preset that wa...

NEV2 by Rookie
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Incorrect tracking information / invalid label (V3)

@Manager-Erin So here we are... yet another V3 blunder... I shipped an order to Brooklyn, NY via USPS Priority on June 30. The tracking now indicates that the package was delivered on May 16, to an address in Virginia. How is this even possible? I ha...

pedalpcb by Contributor
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Was told this was fixed by support. Well guess what, it's as bad as ever.

service41 by Frequent Contributor
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Shipping shopping ?

Hi there, i would like to know if we have in ship-station shipping shopping, meaningwhen i have 1 LB box shipping from FL>CA i would like to see best shipping option, as we have accounts with all major shipping Carriers sometime UPS is MUCH cheeper t...

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.43.46 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.58.58 PM.jpg

USPS international first class package max length 22"

The max length for USPS first class international packages was 24". But when I tried to ship a package yesterday, the message "First-Class packages cannot exceed 22" x 18" x 15"". came up. It would not allow me to ship a 24" long package. I went to t...

KennyW by Occasional Contributor
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Collaborator Access

It doesn't look like there's a built in option, but it would be phenomenal to be able to collaborate with other shipstation accounts. We are bringing in a new item into our shopify store, that will be directly fulfilled by a partner brand. Issue bein...

bflattum by First-timer
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