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Multi-package Shipment Details

Hello, My company works with many shipments that contain multiple packages. Configuring these types of shipments is not an issue in ShipStation however, as soon as the label is created, all data relating to the additional packages is lost and inacces...

Custom Export coming out as oz for weight

We are seeing Weight in Oz on one of our custom export reports when we have it just set to weight not weight Oz yet we are still getting the weight in oz instead of lbs. there a way we can adjust this for the weight field in the custom export report ...

Issues with Insight Report "shipped items"

Two issues i've escalated and still waiting a response from support.1) The date picker (range) doesn't match report (off 1 day). Put 12/10 get 12/11 on report.2) More importantly, i run this report (to get total ITEMS, not ORDERS) each week (Mon-Sun)...

Markmil1 by New Contributor
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Shipping Scale

Quick question for the team, looking to purchase some USB connected scales for ShipStation! Have tried the Dymo, like them, but the 3 minute auto shutoff makes them difficult for our environment. Any recommendation for a USB connected scale with a 20...

andy5 by First-timer
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Customize Pick Lists More...

Wish that Pick Lists were more customizable - mainly the ability to remove columns.Our company has no use for the Warehouse Location column of the Pick List, and it eats up 1/4 of the usable space!It has caused issues with the Item # column informati...

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 11.20.37 AM.png

Packing Slip Sorted by QTY and not Line Item

Hi, it look like the item list in the packing slip is automatically sorted by item quantity, and not by the order we enter them in order entry. We need to have them exactly as the PO we receive. Is there a way to go about this? Also, line item number...

Re: No option to select service when creating a return

I have the same problem when trying to ship to customers. I had no problems previously until today. No solutions, no customer support, no easy way to get customer support as it is made difficult on purpose. You go to shipstation Instagram you see peo...

HmnEng by First-timer
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Inventory Management

We are a fulfillment house and have customers that want access to see their inventories. However, with multiple customers we do not want customer "A" to see the inventories for customers "B" through "Z". Currently the restrictions are that all users ...

TStaz by First-timer
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Orders "Awaiting Shipment" not always displayed

When I click on the customers name in the order grid (I first type the order number in the "Search Orders" box to bring up the order, I then click on the customers name in the "Recipient" field) and it is supposed to show the number of orders "Awaiti...

david31 by New Contributor
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UPC/EAN Picking and Packing Slip

Hi everyone Sorry new here. I did try search and couldn't find anything and I can't find in settings. Is it possible to have the UPC/EAN Barcodes number come in picking slip. The actual barcode would be a nice touch as well but mainly the number. The...

Shipstation has no customer service

I see there's a number of people who are disappointed with ShipStation's customer service - they don't have any. So, after your 30 day trial period is over. You can never get a hold of anyone. We've been a customer of theirs for 6 months now, and, al...

Seeing Tags in New Interface

Hello, I would like to see the tags for all the orders when looking at the Orders Dashboard. The new interface doesn't seem to give me that option or I am looking in the wrong place. I know you can filter by tag but I need to see each tag on the whol...

akgrace by New Contributor
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Scan to Verify Reporting

I noticed that this has been brought up before. I do not understand why we can not generate a report for Scan to Verify. All the information is in ShipStation. Please consider adding this feature, I'm very disappointed as we just switched to ShipStat...

dmcgoun by First-timer
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Direct Delivery - UPS

It would be great to have the option to do direct delivery via UPS on the V3 layout. I ship hazardous materials and I do not want individuals rerouting their package from the original delivery address.

dschuck by New Contributor
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End of day list sorting

Hi, Can we please get back the list sorting on the end of day manifests? If I need to remove a few items each evening it's taking me forever because there isn't a sort option on the column tabs. Please see attached. It used to be that way before a ch...

Screenshot 2021-12-14 162839.png
JamieH by New Contributor
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Tote Picking

Is there any discussion on adding tote picking as a feature in ShipStation? Here is a link to better understand what tote picking is:

tbriggs by First-timer
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Order number not printing on Commercial Invoice

According to the documentation, label message 1 should appear on customs invoice forms. If we add [Order #] to label message 1, it does not print on the commercial invoice. How do we enter it so it will be printed?

tlw by New Contributor
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Shipstation Connect - Different Device - Dimensioner

Would it be possible to add a dimensioner as a device to the Shipstation Connect. Similar to how a scale is connected and polled via the scale button. A dimensioner uses a camera to determine a packages LxWxH automatically. There are affordable dimen...

Kinglap by New Contributor
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v3 request ADMIN

I would like to request a feature on v3 of shipstation for multiple/combined orders, I would request that it shows the age of the oldest one, instead of "various" - makes it very hard to see at a glance

minkia38 by Occasional Contributor
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Hide Insights tab on admin account

I log in often in front of my employees and I would like to hide the visibility for the insights tab so that my employees don't see top line sales. I know there is a setting that loads another tab automatically at log in but I don't want it to be vis...

tyler7 by First-timer
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