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New Feature Requests

We ship out a lot of Amazon packages each week, about 2,000. We have been shipping everything on Veeqo. They have a few things that make shipping a bit more simple. I was hoping we could get these features added to ShipStation so we can return to usi...

Shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending.

Hello, About two weeks ago my shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending even though nothing has been changed in my store settings. I have it set up to send an email when the package hits the mail stream (I use UPS and FedEx which support ...

TylerM by New Contributor
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How to track inventory for eaches and cases

Hello,We have SKUs that are sold by the each as well as the case. So for instance, "SKU A" may receive a purchase for a quantity of 1, but we may receive a wholesale order for 1 case (30 eaches). Each unit has an individual UPC, and then the pre-asse...

JG95 by Occasional Contributor
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Pick List showing INVENTORY location

I am not sure what the logic is for the inventory locations on Pick Lists being taken from a seperate location than where the inventory is stored, but I think this should change.We upload specific inventory amounts with the locations of that inventor...

matttty by New Contributor
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can't purchase postage

 when in the purchase postage dialogue after hitting "create + print label" clicking the "continue" button does nothing. it does not purchase postage or trigger any other action as it usually does. the last time it worked, i purchased postage and bur...

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 9.33.18 AM.png
AMLJ by New Contributor
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Estimated Delivery Date

Been using Shipstation for years. Recently they changed the order detail form. Before, this form always showed the estimated delivery date, which is really important for us. Now, it is gone. Shipstation support person said that "development" would be...

Scan Workflow

Would it be possible to see order notes/tags/custom warnings within the scan workflow on ShipStation based off custom automations.

Customize font in pick lists

I can customize packing slips which are great as I made fonts larger for employees that have eyesight problems but I cant customize the pick lists. I want to suggest this as a feature for accessibility.

toysheik by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Adding A (Order Shipped By "user") to Packing slips

Does anyone know anyway I could have every order shipped by a specific employee have either an image or text on the packing slip showing it was shipped by that person? such as if john creates a batch, then prints, picks and ships the whole batch, eve...

Spell Check

It would be nice to have spell check in the note section of the orders.

bwoods by Occasional Contributor
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Add support for more Cubiscan models

Cubiscan currently has 15 active models but ShipStation only supports 3 of them and one old model that has been discontinued by Cubiscan.ShipStation needs to update their support for newer Cubiscan models.

Custom Template HTML Table Errors

Hey, all. I'm trying to create a custom packing slip for my company with instructions on it that are repeated further down the page. Right now, the text is just a table with stylings to make it look like plaintext. Reusing the table gives me "An erro...


Are there any cartonization or ways to automatically select packaging based on the contents. I'm not talking about automation rules, I'm looking for something that selects packaging based on the product dimensions. If not built in are there any integ...

yohaas by First-timer
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Labels, order summary, pick list, NOT PRINTING

tested on 3 computers, all 3 computers have not experienced this before. Our account uses Shipstation Connect which makes printing so much quicker than downloading then manually printing each label or whatever it is that needs to be printed.Starting ...

hello122 by First-timer
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online returns portal

the order look up page for the online returns portal needs refinement. we have many customers who call and complain that they can't generate a return label. this is not a form we have the ability to change at our end or within the shipstation app? we...

online return portal zip code.JPG
wendyg by New Contributor
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