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Purchasing a label printer from Ship Station

Hi, I know I saw it on the site before where i can purchase a label printer and from Ship Station at a discounted price. I have been looking all over the site to find it with no luck. Can you point me in the right direction. Thank you.

derek by First-timer
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A User Interface Discussion

I am new to the platform. I'm posting here because I have repeatedly stumbled over the user interface for ShipStation. I get that different people approach software design and user interfaces in different ways, but after fighting with it this morning...

MarkG by New Contributor
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Types of Barcode Scanners

I am trying to find out the best options for a barcode scanner that will interface nicely with Shipstation. I would prefer one to be cordless since a 7ft cord going thru a warehouse is not happening. Want something that will interface with either a l...

BRops by New Contributor
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can't purchase postage

 when in the purchase postage dialogue after hitting "create + print label" clicking the "continue" button does nothing. it does not purchase postage or trigger any other action as it usually does. the last time it worked, i purchased postage and bur...

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 9.33.18 AM.png
AMLJ by New Contributor
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Filters don't work?

has anyone else noticed that there is a BIG problem with the filters.. 1, when you say to give all orders that EXCLUDE a certain tag, it actually gives you the ones that INCLUDE that tag.2, if you say to match all the following : tag = 'Backorder' an...

luckdragon by Occasional Contributor
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New FedEx Ground warning message

We just started getting these warnings for FedEx Ground ship method. How to disable this so we can print batch?FEDEX MAY ADD A HOME DELIVERY SURCHARGE TO THIS SHIPMENT LATER IF THIS... -or- Should I change all Ground Ship method to FedEx Home Deliver...

sbaine by New Contributor
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new Custom View Tabs

so the biggest complaint that I have about the new custom view tabs is the fact that when you click on a tab, it moves that tab to the far left and "reorders" the other tabs.. makes it difficult to have work flow when the things you are creating to h...

luckdragon by Occasional Contributor
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Missing Addtional Shipping options

Trying to get some ups express packages shipped out and arrive on Saturday. Cannot find the addtional shipping options. I see the guide online where you set the location, carrier, type, weight,size, etc and then they show a tab for additional shippin...

Jfish360 by First-timer
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Global Post

Does anyone know if it's possible to opt OUT of Global Post? All of my international packages are currently being fed through a global post location in Carol Stream, IL and I've had a lot of packages that end up sitting there for a month, which is ri...

Anna by First-timer
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Restore should be brought back

Since the new dashboard it here the one big issue I have is that Shipstation removed the "Restore" order button. We need it back. Pain in the butt if we have order go missing or order gets damaged. You can add the order back but now you cannot add th...

Djayroe76 by New Contributor
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Using ShipStation for Returns only

We have an established workflow for getting orders from a warehouse to the customer (WiX Shop and ShipBob).A large part of our orders are rentals, i.e. they need to be returned to us for refurbishment before they can go back to the warehouse. This re...

Sveb by First-timer
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Shipping Email Notifications

There are no Shipping Email Notifications being sent since 2/16.Nothing has changed in my configuration or email program.No email reply from ShipStation SupportThis is a big problem.

Kitt by New Contributor
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VAT Tax Codes Won't Import from eBay

eBay is now allowing customers to prepay their VAT tax. The way they communicate this is by adding a special code to line 3 of the customer's address and a note that says "Paid: Code xxxxx" The trouble is, Ship Station won't import that info so our c...

dmell060 by New Contributor
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Shipping notification emails

Hello all and our outbound shipping notifications to customers stopped sending on the 16th. No changes were made to the system so can only assume there is some kind of outage. Is anyone else having this issue this week? Thanks for any input Dave

How to create a VOID LABEL REPORT??

i know ive voided some pretty expensive labels for overseas in the $90+ range. So im wondering how i can create a report that shows me all the labels ive voided. I have found a way to create a report of the label credits ive received. So id like to c...

Failing to create order via API

Hello All, Anybody facing issue in creating orders via API?Getting error:"Message":"An error has occurred.","ExceptionMessage":"Invalid warehouseId","ExceptionType":"System.ArgumentException","StackTrace":" at SS.OpenApi.Utilities.AdvancedOptionsHand...

Charged for shipping labels, none created

Hello, I created 50 labels via shipstation and was charged, as usual, via but my labels did not print. They are not showing as paid for/shipped via shipstation or through Shopify. Will going through the process of creating those labels aga...

Filter by Ship date

Hi all, I would find it very useful if we could filter by the shipped date in the Orders -> Shipped menu. We can already choose this field to show as a column, so please allow us to also filter our table results by this as well. Thank you.

lukep by New Contributor
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Delivery Time not Updating for UPS by ShipStation

Re UPS by ShipStation...The estimated delivery time that shows under the rate in the Configure Shipment window does not update properly, whenever I change the ship date to the next day, or any date for that matter. It seems to retain the "delivery ti...

PhotosByJon by Occasional Contributor
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Can We Get Delivery Late Shipments Alerts?

Hi Guys, i want to let you know How important this features is, i want to have the ability to Track All the Shipments that after X amount of time still not showing Delivered. i Have customers All over the USA and it is not possible to do it manually ...

Refund not issued

Hello,Newby here.I voided my first shipment as I could not print it. I have not received my refund back on my cc.What am I missing here.Thank You