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ShipStation Connect not working on Mac

I am having trouble getting the ship station connect app to work on my Mac. When I open it, it immediately shuts down. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted my computer, etc. I am wondering if the app has been updated for MacOS version 12...

Feature Request - Items in pack slip for a reship

The new version has removed this and it's a critical part of our business. We reship orders all the time. Our orders are big and expensive. Mis-ships can be very costly for many reasons, not the least of which is customer trust. I have no idea why on...

AndyK by Occasional Contributor
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[Solved] Create & Printer Label Shows Error

Update:Solved. Need to add phone number in the "ship from location" box.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi guys, I am going to cre...

PPE by Occasional Contributor
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Limit on Barcode presets?

Is there a limit on how many presets that I can use as barcodes? We have quite a few box sizes that we would like to have all on as a barcode. I have ran out of hotkeys to assign the package presets to. Heres the funny part. I have one preset that wa...

NEV2 by Rookie
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Incorrect tracking information / invalid label (V3)

@Manager-Erin So here we are... yet another V3 blunder... I shipped an order to Brooklyn, NY via USPS Priority on June 30. The tracking now indicates that the package was delivered on May 16, to an address in Virginia. How is this even possible? I ha...

pedalpcb by Contributor
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Was told this was fixed by support. Well guess what, it's as bad as ever.

service41 by Frequent Contributor
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Shipping shopping ?

Hi there, i would like to know if we have in ship-station shipping shopping, meaningwhen i have 1 LB box shipping from FL>CA i would like to see best shipping option, as we have accounts with all major shipping Carriers sometime UPS is MUCH cheeper t...

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.43.46 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 8.58.58 PM.jpg

USPS international first class package max length 22"

The max length for USPS first class international packages was 24". But when I tried to ship a package yesterday, the message "First-Class packages cannot exceed 22" x 18" x 15"". came up. It would not allow me to ship a 24" long package. I went to t...

KennyW by Occasional Contributor
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Collaborator Access

It doesn't look like there's a built in option, but it would be phenomenal to be able to collaborate with other shipstation accounts. We are bringing in a new item into our shopify store, that will be directly fulfilled by a partner brand. Issue bein...

bflattum by First-timer
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Seeing Tags in New Interface

Hello, I would like to see the tags for all the orders when looking at the Orders Dashboard. The new interface doesn't seem to give me that option or I am looking in the wrong place. I know you can filter by tag but I need to see each tag on the whol...

akgrace by New Contributor
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Allow changes to order lineitems

I've never understood why Shipstation does not let me make changes to order lineitems. I CAN do this for orders created manually, but not to orders pulled in from my store. This would be helpful overall, but especially since Shipstation does such a m...

david_dean by Frequent Contributor
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Problems and reaction time with new version

Hello. Is everyone experiencing huge lag times when processing orders? For example, just toggling through new orders or changing shipping methods? Also, is everyone still getting Amazon and eBay orders downloaded into shipstation with no shipping met...

International tracking

I sent a package internationally and it was first sent to one of those USPS central locations, and was supposed to go to the international destination from there. However, the tracking number shows "Delivered" to this central location a week ago (Jul...

szwanger by New Contributor
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Email about new ShipStation Connect Version Today

Today I received an email that said a new SS connect is out with "new features"... is this trap? Has anyone installed the new version and not lived to regret it? Printing was never an issue for me so I'm surprised to see a new version of connect came...

ARCreef by Contributor
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Amazon Buy Shipping - Splitting Orders (SP-API)

We have to ship each item separately as our items are "oversized" and cannot be combined. Before the SP-API switch, we were able to split our Amazon Prime (Buy Shipping) orders in ShipStation. Not multiple packages, but split orders. This would integ...

How does UPS bill for DDP shipments through shipstation?

There is no clear information. One time I used it, the shipment went through from the US to Canada and I never got a bill or anything. The second time I tried, UPS sent me an email directly once the package was ready for clearance and asked if they w...

KKC by First-timer
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Scan to Verify Reporting

I noticed that this has been brought up before. I do not understand why we can not generate a report for Scan to Verify. All the information is in ShipStation. Please consider adding this feature, I'm very disappointed as we just switched to ShipStat...

dmcgoun by First-timer
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Unable to see shipments done through rate finder

Afternoon all, I sometimes need to create a manual label, I do this by doing the rates finder then going to configure label. This creates the label fine and shows in the notifications area. However it does not appear in any of my order screens at all...

Date by New Contributor
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