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Closing Account


Anyone know how do I go about closing my account?  I could never find the right question so that the robot chatbot would give me direction.  I emailed Shipstation at the only address I had (from the welcome messages) and received a reply that they had received my message, however, today my account was charged for another month.  

The program had stopped importing my ebay sales early this week - although now it has begun again.  I am absolutely frustrated with the customer "support" provided by Shipstation.  



Hi Clark, 


I apologize for the difficulty you had trying to find out how to close your ShipStation account. You can definitely cancel your account at any time. Just go to Settings > Account > Subscription and there is a "Cancel your subscription here" option.


Our Subscription help article also includes details on how to do this and what happens after you cancel, for more details.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

New Contributor

Hello Sarah,

I just signed up with this Shipping Plan.

I'm 78 and all of the things to do are too involved and above my ability to  understand. Your advice to go to  Settings > Account > Subscription and there is a "Cancel your subscription here" option is helpful, but how do I get to Settings ?

I want out before eBay starts billing me for something that I'm not able to use. 8 Nov. 2022. Thank you, Bob Butler - .

Howdy @bobbutler


That "SETTINGS" can be found by clicking on the gray gear icon in the top right hand corner, it should be right next to the printer icon. 


I hope this helps 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hello Moderator,


Thanks for responding to me. In the top right corner are 5 icons and the date but no gear (I do know what it looks like, though), no printer icon is there, either. Perhaps they aren't an iMac. 

As soon as I saw that the eBay Shipping was described as being easy to learn and fabulous to use, but recognized that I wasn't able to understand much of the directions, I knew that I couldn't use it.

My concern now is that I can't get out of it, then in a month Ill start having bills for the trap that I've gotten myself into. Essentially, although I understand most of the words, much of them have current meanings that I really don't know. I'm considered to be fairly intelligent, friendly, kind and decent, but when Geek-Speak is involved, there are so many words and phrases that aren't in my vocabulary, or if I am familiar with the old or traditional meanings, they're still over-my-head, nonetheless. I'm 78, and in short .... I just am not able to understand.


Right now with fuel, food and everything else increasing, and still going to increase more. I've reached the point whereas my disability, and Social Security of mine and my wife's, may soon be more than our funds can cover. On eBay and on Craig's List, I'm offering for sale everything that I can, but offering for sale and actually selling aren't the same.

Most importantly I need to know if I've become obligated to pay eBay monthly payments. I really cannot use the Shipping Program,I can't understand how to use it, nor how to end it.


Please instruct / inform. Thank you.


Sincerely, Robert C. Butler

Hey there @bobbutler,


Totally with you there my friend. We absolutely want to help you out!  


Be on the lookout for additional correspondence from us soon 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!