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Scale behavior when scanning a order

I found that when scanning a order and the package is already on the scale the weight will not be recognized until you lift it up and put it back on the scale (or scan before placing the package on the scale).Is there a setting that will allow me pla...

yisraeln by First-timer
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Option to Remove HS Codes Listed on Packing Slip

I have recently enabled HS codes to be transferred to Shipstation from my Shopify store which is super helpful BUT now I notice the HS codes are listed on my packing slips under each line item. It looks sloppy and confusing for the customer and is no...

pamela2 by First-timer
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ShipStation Connect - Constant bugs

We've been using Shipstation for 4 years now to ship all of our ecommerce orders. Naturally we use the Shipstation Connect feature to make the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips more efficient. That being said, we encounter connect...

EmilyM by Occasional Contributor
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Reprint label WITH packing slip

I find it to be a huge disadvantage to be unable to reprint a label WITH its pack slip.Yes, you can print them separately but I have multiple orders that didn't print out (due to a printer issue) but because they are considered to be "printed already...

smedina by New Contributor
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UPS-International shipping

It would be very helpful if we were able to print customs forms prior to purchasing a label. We recently had an experience where we tried to print a label for an international shipment, but something kept going wrong and we were getting a general err...

USSF by First-timer
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Pick List showing INVENTORY location

I am not sure what the logic is for the inventory locations on Pick Lists being taken from a seperate location than where the inventory is stored, but I think this should change.We upload specific inventory amounts with the locations of that inventor...

matttty by New Contributor
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Flip 8.5x11" labels

We use sticker paper labels for 8.5x11" format and the only default is the label at the top. For our more common workflow, we use them printed at the bottom, so incorporating ShipStation into our company is causing more work as we have to create the ...

abe117 by First-timer
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UPS from Shipstation setup issues

Hello!After setting up the Carriers from Shipstation, the UPS option wasn't on the list. So I clicked on "Update ShipStation Carrier Services to enable new carriers and service options", which takes me to the setup pop-up to add UPS. BUT even though ...

drinktche by New Contributor
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Scales Constantly Losing Connection

Hello. We have been trying to integrate ShipStation for about two months now, and can't seem to hit a comfortable point. Every day, we have scales losing connection, printers losing connection. Some mornings nothing gets recognized without multiple r...

WSPAdmin by New Contributor
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Scan to Print Scale not Working

I'm posting this here to see if others are having the same issue. Shipstation support has been working on the issue for the past 13 days.When in Scan to Print, the scale is not reading weight properly. First it wasn't showing a correct weight and was...

torivt by Occasional Contributor
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Auto route labels to correct printer

It would be great to configure certain carrier lables to particular printers. I.e. all express service to printer from Printer 1, which has pre-printed express labels. all carrier services to print from printer 2.

ChrisB1 by First-timer
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Sorting orders that have been grouped by criteria

In an effort to optimize picking in our warehouse and minimize multiple trips to the same stock locations, we add grouping to our Orders screen list to group by two levels. First, by Number of Line Items and second by item SKU. The resulting grouped ...

Prioritize User (Scale/ Printer)

Hi, I am asking that is be possible to get a setting to prioritize which user on the accounts printer/ scale is being used. At this point we are taking a lot of time of we have to refresh or if something is not working having tom find our user name, ...

Screenshot 2023-06-19 144743.png
Trex-Lauren by Occasional Contributor
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ShipStation Connect constantly losing connection

We use ShipStation Connect to print our labels to a Jadens thermal printer and almost daily we lose connection. We usually have to manually print by downloading the label and printing the PDF but really like the convenience of SS Connect it's just so...

KimN by First-timer
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Resolved! Printing issues - labels print super small on a 4x6"

Hi fellow users. Does anyone have this issue, and any solutions? We use Shipstation Connect to our Dymo 4XL printer to print 4"x6" lables, and recently it started printing super small. The image print size would fit 9 images on one label, which makes...


Hello all! I have created a custom packing slip with our logo and highlighted quantities above 1. However, when I print the orders out for the day, it only gives me the option to print one per page. It allows me to print two per page only when i sele...

Dustinator by New Contributor
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Scan to Verify and Print

I am running into an issue with Scan to verify and print. The scan process works fine. After the last item is scanned and it switches over to the print function, I have to uncheck and re-check the the use scale box to get the scale to read the weight...

cschlik by New Contributor
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Feature Request (Printing order barcodes sticker)

Hello, I think an important feature to request is to be able to print the barcode that Shipstation generates for each order on a sticker by itself or allowing the creation of custom documents based on shipstation HTML suggestions or just allowing bar...

Ghiath by New Contributor
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WooCommerce Shipment Tracking

Does ShipStation send tracking information back to the WooCommerce website and assign it to the correct order automatically? Is there a way to nicely display the tracking information in the WooCommerce customer account dashboard via a map, or display...