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Scales Constantly Losing Connection

New Contributor

Hello. We have been trying to integrate ShipStation for about two months now, and can't seem to hit a comfortable point. Every day, we have scales losing connection, printers losing connection. Some mornings nothing gets recognized without multiple restarts and refreshes of the software, browser and sometimes even the whole computer. We do not have these issues when using our old platform ShipExec. Does anyone have any insight or advise on these issues.


Occasional Contributor

Nothing new.  We stopped trying to connect the scales and put them to remote readouts next to the monitors. Shipstation Connect is horrific and stability is not one of it's strong points.  We have to reconnect at minimum 4-5 times a day.....


Like a LOT of users on this forum, we too, have had connection issues. You can check out the thread I started on this, earlier this year. It's only landed on deaf ears at Shipstation. The other issue with our scales is that even when there IS a connection, it often doesn't retrieve the weight from the scales. Instead, we have to resort to manually reading and inputting the weight.

I'm less interested in new screen layouts and more interested in getting the so-called functionality working as it's supposed to. Any thoughts on that, Shipstation?