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ShipStation Bug with Magento 2.4.4 Multi-Source Inventory

New Contributor

We have used ShipStation for several months now to handle all of our order processing and have been relatively happy with it. Up to this point, we have not used the Live Rates feature but now we would like to integrate that in. We started testing it and found that there appears to be a bug.

The bug is that when multi-source inventory is enabled and a customer puts two items into their shopping cart that come from two different suppliers (Let's call this Item A from Supplier A and Item B from Supplier B) then when you get to the checkout and input your address then ShipStation will pull rates for both items from their respective supplier. HOWEVER... instead of combining these two rates for the two packages together into a single selectable option, ShipStation will then present the customer with two radio boxes for the two different shipping rates meaning that the customer may only select one of the two options meaning that they are only paying for shipping for one item.

The module should be combining the rates pulled together so the customer is presented with just a single shipping option for both items. Or, it should be presenting two separate shipping options for each item and allowing the customer to select the shipping option of their choice for each item.

This is of course show stopping behavior and makes the Live Rates feature useless for us. I have filed a ticket previously (#3712112) which was closed with not even a comment from ShipStation. I'm posting here to bring attention to the issue and hopefully to help others.



New Contributor

An update and warning to others. So far my ticket keeps getting closed with no actual effort to fix the issue on ShipStation's part. I've been told "talk to Magento" like that is ever going to result in anything. Not even a response from ShipStation to this comment. I've pointed out two major bugs with ShipStation software and there has been no interest in actually fixing the issue. Just passing the buck on to someone else. I'm at the point of having to hire a developer to investigate and fix the code because I need these features working. What a nightmare this has been!