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Marketplace Notification Settings......Gone

It seems ShipStation updated their Store Setup and eliminated the Notifications tab. Was told that it was integrated with the Branded tab. However, they seemed to have removed (or forgotten to include) the ability to change how a marketplace is notif...

Wabi by First-timer
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Can't print more than a few packing slips at once

I can't print more than a few packing slips at once. If I try to print 10, it won't let me preview them, print them as normal, print via shipstation connect, or download them. It's just a black screen where the preview usually is. I have to go in and...

12cwest by New Contributor
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Reorder products on packing slip

We ship a selection of products that have common categories - ie the protein they use. We have a wide range of items and our warehouse is ordered by the product categories. I'd like to have my products print on the packing slip not in the order that ...

SanjayB by First-timer
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Products import not working

I need to change the name of all 2700+ items I have in shipstation. I have exported the items, made the changes in the csv file and saved the file. When I try to import the file, I do receive the "product import complete" notice but none of the chang...

Resolved! Adding Order tags to packing slip

I am looking to add a field on the packing slip that displays the order tags. We use order tags for a variety of things but most importantly we use them to notate whether or not a shipment is hazmat. We have the automation rules that tags orders with...

Resolved! Tiny weight input boxes

Starting today, I'm noticing that under Configure Shipment when trying to enter the weight for a shipment, the input boxes are now sized WAY too small to see clearly. I've tried clearing cookies and cache with no luck. I'm zoomed to 100%, monitor is ...

Snag_1a265321.png Snag_1a26c5ff.png

Resolved! May I modify my shipping labels?

I print 4x6 labels on my thermal printer, and yeah, they're okay. Postage in the upper right, return address in the upper left and address in the middle. Boring. I'd like to print my labels as 4x8 so they fit the whole front of an envelope. I'd like ...

Sleestaq by Occasional Contributor
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Adding additional postage

How do I arbitrarily add twenty cents of additional postage to all labels? It might seem silly, but I if wanted to burn twenty cents on every order to ensure I'm not underpostaged due to the post office deciding I'm over an ounce limit, how can I do ...

Sleestaq by Occasional Contributor
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On Weights

I have a number of products. Each one has a SKU. I have created product entries for them and given each a weight. So to this point, everything is good. Coins weight 1.8oz. Pins weight 0.2oz. So given an order with some coins and pins, ShipStation kno...

Sleestaq by Occasional Contributor
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Why is it impossible to speak to a support agent

I have tried and tried for weeks to speak to someone. The chat window only opens up an automated window that is in no way helpful to what I am trying to get help with. My tier is supposed to have live chat and email and I have been unable to get both...

Shipping Method Mapping

I had to revert them back manually, but not until after several orders had gone out. As we sell Haz-Mat products, this is a DOT violation! Very frustrated right now. Has anyone else had this issue? I just had over 2000 orders change from the Mapped U...

Cannot Contact Support

I am trying to reach support. I'm logged in, so I click on Enterprise Chat and the little chat bot does nothing except send me to articles related to my issue. The problem is the articles aren't solving my issue. So I'm trying to chat with support, i...

HearingHelp by Occasional Contributor
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Creating a return label not associated with an order

We sometimes have to send customers return labels not related to orders previously shipped on ShipStation. The existing process is cumbersome and confusing: click on Rate Brower -> start creating a fictive shipment from your location with fictive pac...

Include Time based automation rules

Because not all the selling channels have a "Ship By Date", is there any way to set an automation rule based on order import time? Let's say " if orders imports before 1 pm put the tag "Ship Today" ", or put the order on hold until tomorrow.that woul...

Boris_B by First-timer
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CSS::first-letter Selector Support

I'm trying to display a custom field on our packing slips that has a leading "#". It's preferable in my use case that the "#" not appear on the packing slip. I was looking to use the css:first-letter to change the leading "#" to white or display:none...

Adding tags to orders during Scan and Verify

It would be great to be able to add tags to orders during the scan and verify process. We often have a list of items where one item is out of stock and the scanning cannot be completed. Our despatch team places a tag on the order so that our customer...

Amazon Australia Fulfillment

Hi guys,hope you are wellI notice we have Amazon US and CA fulfillments available but not Amazon AU.. can we please add Amazon Australia to the list? They have recently started their Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) order function on the Australian sit...

alimudar by First-timer
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Inventory Management

Hello, we are looking to track inventory for all our products (over 5,000 SKU), but at the moment, all products are ticked "do not track inventory" and we do not see any ways to "untick" them other than manually one by one. Is there a way to do this ...

Getting help

Does anyone know how to get help? I’ve sent 2 messages earlier this week and have heard nothing. I’ve sent alldocumentation needed. I also want to close my account due to the inability to get help but they aren’t answering that either. Somehow I purc...


Hello, We just started using Shipstation with out Etsy shops and have assigned SKU's to all of our items however some of the items were imported to shipstation before and I was wondering how I could change the SKU number on the product because it doe...

atolye by First-timer
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Tracking Status

Hello ShipStation,I like ShipStation very much. Really! It solved many problems that I had to manage my shipments. Thank you so much for that!But I want to suggest one important feature that will help me a lot too.I use 3 different warehouses to ship...

Screenshot_23.png Screenshot_24.png
Leonardo by Occasional Contributor
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Inventory Mgmt of Packaging Materials?

Hi, we have several types of branded small sleeves, boxes and packaging that go along with each product we ship. One order has 7-8 supporting packaging elements to it. Can Shipstation's Inventory Management or any other functionality help us count do...

Rugiet by New Contributor
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Zencart Connection to ShipStation

New orders are not showing up on ShipStation - Setup was pretty straightforward with a single .php file to upload and connection to my Zen store - All went well with no errors including confirmation of connection with my store. However, all new order...

jcb by New Contributor
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Customer Complaints

Does anyone have a complaint telephone number or email? I think I may close my account. No one should be doing business like this. How can you not speak to someone??? At this point, Shipstation is holding up my business and that I can't have!

MLewis by First-timer
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Why doesn't shipstation have a contact phone number? I get it, during the pandemic it was difficult. Now everyone has adapted to remote service. Forums are for non-urgent discussions. Forums are not for customer service troubleshooting. I ship out do...