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Inventory Related

Shipstation needs to be able to email or have a pop-up that tells the person in which is using shipstation that the therehold he or she has set is below that mark. Adding this feature will help multiple companies to never lose track of inventory and ...

Darlene by First-timer
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Split order

Hi guys, i want to split an order with one item SKU: TEST001 and qty = 12 to 12 orders of 1 each inside ship station ?how can i do that?

tran by First-timer
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Orders On Hold

Orders in On Hold status in Shopify still flow into Shipstation immediately and can be shipped. It would be great if there was some sort of stop/hold to these orders flowing into Shipstation or just more guidance on what to do with these orders as we...

"Invalid Product" when scanning order number?

This just started recently, and according to reports from the warehouse crew it seems to only be happening on orders after this past weekend. They normally login on the iPads, go to the Scan+Verify screen, and scan the order number in, then verify th...

scmsteve by Contributor
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Resolved! How to edit the quantity of items on an order

Hello, From time to time I need to remove an item from an order that will no longer be shipped. I can't seem to figure out how to erase that item so that it does not show up anymore. Please let me know if this is possible and how I can do it. Thank y...

RYBB by New Contributor
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Enable Field Replacements for Custom Fields on Orders 308625On this ticket, the User was sending shipments with RRD. RRD automatically uses Custom Field 1, and the User wanted to override this with the SKU on their order. They attempted to do this...

Jessii by Employee
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Can't find chat?

I have the automated help widget but no chat option? My plan includes this but i can not find it anywhere! Can someone please help me out as i need help setting things up.

Pablo396 by New Contributor
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Age not in order within Items

With the new update I want to see my orders by item but within the items, the age is not in order. So if I have 500 orders within an item and can only print 50 at a time I have to scroll through to pick the oldest orders instead of selecting them in ...

Spliting single item orders

Please PUT BACK the feature that allowed us to split single item orders into multiple orders so that we can batch run them all at once. I don't see why you took away functionality for something that was working. We have built many products and shippi...

Alchemist by New Contributor
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Packing Requirements for Insurance Coverage

Hello, I'm looking to send a stack of heavy plates half-way across the US. I was at UPS today and the lady there said that if I bought the label there, they'd need to use a box that gives 2" room on all the sides as well use packing peanuts to fill t...

Packing Slip page number

I have a custom packing slip designed for my needs. I'm printing 100-200 packing slip + labels on a letter size paper at a time. Is there anyway that I can print the page number to the packing slip? For example, if i print 50, there would be 50 pages...

mugur by First-timer
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Item Pricing

About 20% of my orders have to be entered Manually. Currently I have to add all the individual prices for items manually even though that data is available in the customs value for the product. This is not only time consuming but subject to error esp...

Products import not working

I need to change the name of all 2700+ items I have in shipstation. I have exported the items, made the changes in the csv file and saved the file. When I try to import the file, I do receive the "product import complete" notice but none of the chang...

ShipStatoin Connect - Cannot install

I have had this issue with SS for many years - every now and then SS Connect has to be reinstalled and I get the window "Your Administrator has blocked access to this program." - I have always been able to work around and get it to run by unblocking ...

birdsafe by Occasional Contributor
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Missing prefix on files from "Raw Data Exports"

The most recent release of ShipStation has changed the Excel report output of the Insights->Raw Data Exports no longer have the prefix for the type of the files like "Customers", Orders", "ShippedOrders", etc. This makes it difficult to determine whi...

Reporting Dates

Hi All, I am based in Australia and I was wondering if anyone else has issues with the dates and times when running reports....its all in the US format and is under the Austin TX time zone...

Shaun by New Contributor
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Rate estimator options

Could you please include an option on the rate estimator so that we can use the USPS tyvek mailing envelope to ship with....

zeke by New Contributor
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New Layout has Fundamental Flaws

I need to continue with the Legacy layout because of fundamental flaws in the new layout. Chat support recommended I post them here. Here are 2 of my biggest gripes:1--The field is too small for the weight. The fraction of pounds cuts off when using ...

corlyle by First-timer
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Feature Request - Custom Return Portal URL

It would be great to be able to brand the return portal's URL. It can be redirected from a subdomain but still lands on the very long Shipstation address. Keeping it "on brand" would make it seem more seamless for the customer experience and enhance ...

Jhuderis by New Contributor
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Inventory reports - improvement needed

Original post by user Eddie Spencer I like Shipstation. However, I need inventory reports that Shipstation does not provide. I need reports that show: SKU, alias, inventory; SKU, inventory, inventory history for a specific period of time (additions a...

SarahATX by Moderator
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ShipStation Connect keeps trying to install

I wanted to try ShipStation connect but it didn't work out for us. I have uninstalled the program but I keep getting this window every time I restart the computer. I can't find the program that is causing this. I'd love to make it stop. Any advice? I...

bmcnal by New Contributor
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