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Custom Template HTML Table Errors


Hey, all. I'm trying to create a custom packing slip for my company with instructions on it that are repeated further down the page. Right now, the text is just a table with stylings to make it look like plaintext. Reusing the table gives me "An error occurred saving the data". Is there something in ShipStation's HTML parser that prevents you from having more than one table in the same div? I'd use some display: flex rules on <p>'s if I could, but flexboxes don't seem to change anything either. Thanks!



Hey there! Thanks for your community post. I have located an article in the Help Center that may help you enter content at the bottom of your packing slip! 


Feel free to look to see if this helps; the article is attached here. Otherwise, our merchants have succeeded in hiring someone with Fiverr to assist with custom HTML. 


Thank you, and Happy Shipping!



Hey, Cara. Thanks for the article. I also figured out how the overall web app is meant to be used. Thanks again!