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Feature Request - Filters and Template Parameters for Batch

New Contributor

Would be extremely helpful if there were Template Parameters and Order Filters for Batches. Once a pack slip has been assigned to a Batch, we should be able to print that Batch # on the PackSlip. Same goes for Pick Slips.

More importantly is the ability to filter out based on Batches. Batch should exist under the "Other" filters so we can hide orders that have already been assigned to a batch.

Our workflow is:

  • Select 10-12 orders
  • Assign them to a Batch
  • Print a Pick List
  • Print the Pack Lists
  • -- repeat-- ^^^
  • Pick a batch
  • Pack a batch
  • Scan to Print each order (our weights vary a ton)

Filtering on batches would hide orders that have already been printed, but not yet scanned and printed.